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Gunman Chronicles

Gunman Chronicles / PC
editor score 5.8
user score 5.8
Release Date




First-Person Shooter




Rewolf Entertainment


Sierra Entertainment, Inc.


A sci-fi themed  first person shooter  from Rewolf Software that pits the player, Major Archer, against his vengeful commanding officer, The General. Despite it's futuristic setting the game also features some not-so-subtle influences from the American civil war and Western genre. 
Gunman chronicles began its life as a mod for Quake.  As it progressed it moved from the Quake engine to the Quake II engine, and eventually on to the GoldSrc (Half-life) engine.  Sierra (Half-life's publisher) took note of the mod and gave it a full release in 2000.


The gameplay of gunman chronicles is similar as the one from Half Life However there is a fully drivable Tank than can be driven during some level sections, sometimes we have to find gasoline cans to make it able to run, the other noticeable gameplay element is the weapon customisation, in fact that's the use of several functions built in the different weapons of the game, the games also manages the temperature on some weapons that forces the player to cease fire to avoid  some annoyances due to the overheating.




The knife is the very first weapon in the game, it can do some damage, open some passages and allow to do some melee combat if we are out of ammo, this weapon isn't recommended for use since most enemies are dangerous at point blank range, but some enemies can be killed with
Alternate mode:
This weapon features an alternate mode which consists to use our fists, the fists are faster than the knife but does less damage


This is the first ranged weapon in the game, it use cells and has some versatility do to this, it can shoot 4 kind of projectiles (the last is acquired through the sniper upgrade) second the selected modes, this weapon is moderately effective, the beams are effective against fast moving targets and the plasma balls more effective against slow moving ones or simply to create a "barrage"
Alternate modes:
The weapon by default features 3 alternate modes
  • Pulse shoot beams (moderate ROF, moderate damage, 3 cells bursts and very accurate)
  • Rapid shoots plasma balls (very fast, powerful and inaccurate)
  • Charge fires an explosive plasma ball (uses 10 cells)
When upgraded it has a fourth mode
  • Sniper (variable second how much time we maintained the fire button)

The sniper mode is the one of the most powerful modes on this weapon which imitates a railgun since we can line up enemies and kill/damage them with a single shot, however it uses 20 ammo when fully charged and to adjust the scope we have to use the scroll to do so.
We need to find one of those boxes shown in the right picture to be able to use the sniper mode of the blaster otherwise only the three firsts modes are available


The shotgun features several modes in two categories like ammo used per shot and the spread, it's a good shotgun, but the ideal is using two shells and if we are good at aiming using the rifle spread, we can hit our targets more efficiently at longer ranges even if the range is limited, this weapon can also create a devastating barrage of pellets since we can use the riot spread and 4 cartridges per shot, but be careful, more shells the gun shoots at once, slower the weapon can fire
Alternate modes
The weapon features 3 kind of spread pattern 
  • Riotgun
  • Shotgun
  • Rifle
The cartridges goes from 1 up to 4 cartridges at once
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
This weapon is mainly a spread gun and second the enemies we fight certain settings are ideal

Mecha Gun

The Mecha Gun is a machine gune that contains two modes, this weapon can do massive damage in a few seconds, the only inconvenient is the fact that it overheats, that overhating can be an advantage, because when the weapon have an high temperature, the bullets does more damage, plus if it enters in malfunction if the gun is overheated, the gun fires faster during some seconds or until the weapon's supply is depleted.
The overheating is truly useful against though enemies since the weapon fire a lot of bullets very fast with full power.
Alternate mode
This weapon have two barrels that can rotate, the rotation allows the weapon to fire faster, but the temperature is gained faster as well
The weapon can be upgraded with a cooling upgrade it adds a ventilation to the barrels to reduces the chances of overheating it's shown on the picture two at right

Polaris Blade (Beam gun)

 This weapon is a lightining gun, it's versatile and flexible, it can fire continous lightning bolts at various ranges and voltages, it has also some functions like firing powerful balls, this weapon can overheat, but unlike the mecha gun, it damages us, and disallow to fire the weapon until it's at reasonable temperature to work again
Alternate modes
Power, the voltage can be set to high, medium or low  and the amount of damage follows the power select, but more the voltage is high more the weapon can be hot quickly also the accuracy decreases when the power is high.
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
Range, the range can be set to touch taser up to long, this also affects the ammo consumption and the heat generated
  • Touch taser
  • Short beam
  • Medium beam
  • Long beam
Lighting, this function can vary between 3 settings
  • Beam (default mode and the most useful
  • Chain (powerful)
  • Ball (dangerous and generates a huge amount of heat)
The ball mode has to be used with extreme precaution, so be careful with it can be devastating, but can return its power against the user 


Chemical gun

The chemical gun is a particular weapon since second how we customize it, it can affect one type of creature more efficiently it can also become a chemical grenade launcher, it share a few similarities with the Unreal 1 Ges Biorifle, but overall it's a different weapon.
The projectiles can explode upon impact, stick against walls, bounce, this weapon is dangerous at short range and second the amount basic or acid solution, the weapon is more effective against mechs or Xenomes, the Neutral is here to "stabilize" the mixture
Weapon configurations, they are all stepped in 4 levels
  • Basic
  • Neutral
  • Acid 
  • Pressure
The pressure allows to throw the projectile further or at closer range, also a lot of pressure reduces the rate of fire and generates more recoil

MULE Multiple Unit Launch Engine

The Mule is a rocket launcher, it can fire one or two rockets at once, it posses also a lot of functions compared to the other weapons, and second the modes we can set traps, launch laser guided missiles, heat seeking missiles, grenades even if that's more bouncing rockets (the rockets when they hit something, they act like grenades, they doesn't make ricochets) the weapon does a lot of damage and allow several tactics, but beware, if the weapon is totally empty, you should pop the weapon up to make it reloads the rockets to be able to take more rockets, the weapon has 2 rockets loaded 6 in the storage
Alternate modes 
Fired modes
  • when targeted (allow to launch the rockets only when having a target locked
  • when fired
Flightpath modes
  • Guided(uses a laser to guide the rocket)
  • Homing
  • Spiral
Fuse modes
  • Impact
  • Timed
  • Proximity
  • When Tripped
  • Explosive
  • Cluster


Grenades (MULE) rockets

The grenades are rocket core warheads, they can be used as grenades or mines it's a versatile explosive grenade, but not very useful when we have the MULE, but ideal to shot around corners
Alternate modes
Fuse modes
  • Timed
  • Impact
  • When Tripped (laser mine mode)
  • Explosive
  • Cluster
The laser Trigger allow us to use the grenade as a laser triggered mine, we need to be close to a wall to be able to set up the mine, also never leave the grenade with this mode, because if we want to fight with the grenade is unusable the best setting is impact with your favorite payload, the timed mode is useful to shoot around corners.


In gunman chronicles we can drive one vehicle, this is a Tank, it has several functions second we use the crouch button and the two fire buttons
 It has a mortar, a rocket and two machineguns