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Pac-Man 256

Pac-Man 256 / PC
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Hipster Whale


Bandai Namco Entertainment


Like a number of other arcade games the original Pac-Man featured a kill screen on level 256 in which the game would experience severe graphical glitches and become unplayable due to an integer overflow glitch. Pac-Man 256 makes reference back to the famous kill screen and uses it as a central part of its imagery and gameplay.

In Pac-Man 256 the player moves Pac-Man up an endless maze of pellets, ghosts, cherries and other key parts of the original game, all of which function as they did in the arcade game. Constantly chasing the player up the screen is a mass of glitching sprites representing the kill screen from the original game. The intended goal of the game is for the player to reach as high a score as possible before they reach a "Game Over". The game employs standard free-to-play techniques like an energy system for credits and a purchasable coin doubler.


The game features the four ghosts from the original Pac-Man as well as a number of new ones, each of which exhibits its own behavior pattern.

  • Blinky - Follows Pac-Man and attempts to take shortcuts.
  • Pinky - Charges at Pac-Man after crossing its path.
  • Clyde - Travels downward.
  • Inky - Circles a small area.
  • Spunky - Follows Pac-Man for a short while after getting close.
  • Funky - Move in a pack from left and right.
  • Sue - Move in a pack left and right toward Pac-Man.
  • Glitchy - Creates pools of glitch that are impassible.


Power-Ups give Pac-Man new abilities to kill ghosts and gain extra points. Power-Ups take the place of dots on the play field. New power-ups are unlocked by eating dots over multiple games.

  • Laser - Shoots a laser that toasts ghosts
  • Freeze - Slows all ghost movement
  • Bomb - Touch a ghost to trigger an explosion
  • Giant - Pac-Man grows and can squish ghosts
  • Tornado - Summons a tornado that chases ghosts
  • Stealth - Ghosts cannot see or harm Pac-Man
  • Fire - Pac-Man will leave a fiery trail
  • Trap - Lays traps that catch ghosts
  • Magnet - Nearby items are attracted to Pac-Man
  • Pac-Men - Summons clones of Pac-Man that hunt ghosts
  • Shatter - Summons stalacmites. Smash them for points.
  • Pyro - Fire Spreads in all directions
  • Twinado - Summons two tornadoes that chase ghosts
  • Optics - Lasers bend around corners
  • Boom - Touching ghosts triggers mini-explosions
  • Regen - Pac-Dots will regenerate