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Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Video Game

Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Video Game / PC
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Greater Than Games

The video game adaptation of the popular superhero-based card/board game, Sentinels of the Multiverse, produced by Handelabra Games and published by Greater than Games. SOTM: The Video Game is a co-op video game where you and/or friends assemble a team of 3-5 heroes to combat a supervillain. Every hero and villain has their own unique cards and strategies, and even the environment the fight takes place in will play its own special deck of curveballs that can make the fight easier or worse for the forces of good or evil. The videogame version is praised for automating the complex calculations of the card game and allowing the player to focus on tactics and strategy, simplifying the experience without lessening it.



Drawing similarities to comic book heroes such as Superman, The Sentry, and Captain America. Legacy is your generic American superhero, though how his powers are derived is fairly intresting. Legacy's (Paul Parsons) powers are derived from a genetic source which is carried down to their children. All iterations of Legacy have the same powers, though each successive generations brings along with it a new ability. For example Paul Parson's Legacy had the ability to adapt and endure to changing environmental conditions, while his daughter (Beacon) is capable of that and emitting an atomic beam from her eyes.

Legacy the founder/leader of The Freedom Five, the multiverse's analog to the Justice League/Avengers. This leader aspect is especially amplified in Legacy's card deck, which utilizes many cards focused on amplifying his teammates powers and preventing damage to them.

Character Card Variants

America's Finest Legacy

HP: 32

Power: Galvanize - Until the start of your next turn, increase damage dealt by heroes by 1.

Incapacitated Powers:

  • One hero may use a power now
  • One hero may draw a card now
  • Reduce damage dealt by Environment Cards by 2 until the start of Legacy's next turn.






America's Greatest Legacy

HP: 30

Power: Gung-Ho - 1 hero regains 1 HP and may use a power now

Unlock Condition: Defeat Ambuscade in Silver Gulch with no hero character cards over 9 HP and Legacy not on your team.

Unlock Code: Q6P95GMD

Incapacitated Powers:

  • One hero may draw 1 card now
  • One hero may use 1 power now
  • Discard the top card of 1 deck



America's Newest Legacy (Beacon)

No Caption Provided

HP: 30

Power: Atomic Glare -Legacy deals 1 target 3 energy damage.

Unlock Condition: Baron Blade himself deals damage that incapacitates Legacy in Wagner Mars Base

Unlock Code: G9VG64WF

Incapacitated Powers:

  • Select a hero. That hero may use a power now.
  • Select a hero. That hero may draw a card now.
  • Until the start of your next turn, increase damage dealt by Heroes by 1.

General Strategy

Legacy should be used as a Tank/Support type of character. His deck typically consists of cards that will redirect/reduce damage to himself, prevent damage to others, increase damage dealt, and mildly heal party members. Legacy does have a few damage dealing attacks of his own, however is primary use should be as a support so that his partners can focus more on attacking and less on defending. One of the best combos to use if using the America's Finest Legacy variant is to combine play of the ongoing card "Inspirational Presence", which increase all hero damage by 1 for as long as it is in play, along with Legacy's power Galvinize. This combo will add two damage to the attack of the other party members, making quick work of many enemies, environmental, and villain character cards, however any friendly fire could make this combo very painful.

The biggest drawback with Legacy however is his lack of consistent direct damage and inability to destroy ongoing and environment cards. This makes Legacy especially difficult to use in a single-hero playthrough, instead Legacy should be used in conjunction with other heroes to get the most out of him. This means that those who play with Legacy should focus more on supporting the party and reducing damage occurring; and less on being the highest damage dealer.

Good Teamups

High Damage Output: Haka, Tempest, Ra, Fanatic, Wrath, Mr. Fixer, and Ex-Patriette

Damage Evasion: Visionary and Wrath


No Caption Provided

Marvel has War Machine and in Sentinels of the Multiverse you have Bunker. Bunker (AKA Tyler Vance) is a current US Army Lieutenant, who dedication and valor distinguished him among his peer and his commanding officers have promoted him to be part of the Freedom Five Initiative. With this promotion Bunker was given a highly modifiable piece of piece of armor (Personal Armament Exo-Chassis YS-1300t) and has become the right hand man to Legacy and the strategic commander for the Freedom Five.

Bunker is a walking piece of modifiable armor, constantly being upgraded with more and bigger weaponry to combat against villainy.

Character Card Variants

The Indestructible Bunker

HP: 28

Power: Initialize - Draw a card.

Incapacitated Powers:

  • One hero may play a card now.
  • Select a hero. Prevent the next 2 damage dealt to that hero.
  • One hero may take a card from their trash into their hand


GI: Bunker

No Caption Provided

HP: 27

Power: Panzer-buster - Select a target. Damage dealt to that target is irreducible until the start of your turn.

Incapacitated Powers:

  • One Hero may use 1 Power now.
  • Destroy 1 Environment Card.
  • Destroy a Target with 1 HP.

Unlock Conditions: Play all three mode cards in the same game.

Unlock Code: RC3AFV6N













General Strategy

In a general sense, Bunker is a all-out attacker (both single enemy and crowd-control) with a small amount of defensive and self-healing capabilities to utilize. The uniqueness of him however comes with his three mode cards, which completely transform how Bunker is played and knowing when to use them properly is key to playing as Bunker.

Turret Mode is the most easy to understand. When Bunker has at least a few equipment cards with powers in play, and you need somebody to deal damage play Turret Mode. This transforms Bunker into a Turret which is able to do two powers in one turn, this however sacrifices Bunker's ability to play or draw cards, until Turret Mode is destroyed by the player.

Upgrade Mode is good for when you have a lot of equipment cards in your hand. This mode transforms Bunker into a modifying machine. He is now able to equip two cards each turn, instead of one. This mode however sacrifices any ability of using powers, and thus should only really need to be used after a villain/environment attack that destroys many of Bunker's already equipped cards.

Lastly is Recharge Mode. This mode is a "hibernation" type of card in which you are able to draw 3 cards and take 1 less damage, in exchange for now playing cards of using powers. This is a great cards if you have it and nothing else you can do or if you are wanting to charge up your Omni-Cannon without sacrificing all the cards in your hand.

In general however the best way to use Bunker is equip him with as many different equipment cards as you can, and then play Turret Mode and utilize the powers of those cards to do damage depending on what is needed. This strategy can be really hurt by environments or villains that destroy equipment or do damage based on the amount of equipment cards out, and if you are going to play with Bunker be sure to be aware of that. One of the best strategies to do is to equip his Omni-Cannon and then utilize Mode cards to charge and shoot Omni-Cannon for up to six points of damage.

Bunker can be strong however he is relies an incredible amount on his equipment cards and a large amount of cards in his hand. If you are playing in an environment or against a villain who destroy or do damage based on the number of equipment cards out, Bunker can turn out to be the most devastating thing in the game. Bunker also requires a bit of time and a large hand in order to be used properly, with proper use of his mode cards this can almost be non-existent, but if you are playing with Bunker for the first time it may seem like it takes 4 or 5 rounds before Bunker is even doing any proper damage. However once Bunker is set he can be a strong attacker.

Good Teamups

Unity-Bunker Robot Parasite - Use Unity's power to destroy Bunker's equipment for many Robots

Damage Boost: Legacy

Mode Workaround: America's Greatest Legacy, The Super Scientific Tachyon