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Tales from Candlekeep - Dragonbait's Dungeoneer Pack (DLC)

Tales from Candlekeep - Dragonbait's Dungeoneer Pack (DLC) / PC
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Dare to venture deeper into the deadly jungles of Chult with Dragonbait’s Dungeoneer Pack.

Get a legendary armor, additional gold pieces, as well as crafting materials to help you in your perilous adventure.


But that’s not all! The pack also includes an exclusive permanent +1 to your total Healing Surges*, and a wallpaper of Dragonbait in super high resolution, 2560x1440 pixels, and lower!

This pack includes:

Dragonbait Wallpaper

Legendary Radiant Vest of Heroism (+5 Armor Class and Hit Points)

Additional Permanent Bonus: +1 Additional Healing Surge*

5,000 Gold Pieces

Reinforced Legendary Chest: 40x Diamond, 40x Dragon Hide, 40x Adamantine, 40x Weirwood


* Can be toggled on and off in game if desired.


When purchased and downloaded, the wallpaper artwork will appear at \Steam\steamapps\common\TalesfromCandlekeep\Wallpapers.