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EyeToy: AntiGrav

EyeToy: AntiGrav / PlayStation 2
editor score 7.3
user score 7.3
Release Date






Harmonix Music Systems, Inc.


Sony Computer Entertainment America


Eye Toy: Antigrav is an airboarding game made by Harmonix for the Playstation 2 Computer Entertainment System. By using the Eye Toy camera players are able to race in a variety of tracks and vistas to rack up points. Since you do not use a controller the players hand movements determine what types of trick you do.  

To steer your character you must move your body from left to right. If you want your character to jump then you must jump yourself.
To get the highest score you will need to learn how to navigate the tracks as well as combining trick motions. Obviously the more practice the better you will become. 


Style Mode - This is the trick attack mode of Antigrav. As you start your selected track you will be asked to beat a specified score by the end of your run. But don't just worry about tricking, you will also be going up against the clock so you must get to the finish line before time ends or you will have to start your whole run over.
Speed Mode - In speed mode you will be racing for 1st place agaist other computer opponents. To gain more speed in this mode you will have to do tricks, target combos, and go through rings. There are also a multitude of different paths to choose from, so make sure you find the fastest path along with going at insane speeds. 
Multiplayer - You and up to four friends can battle it out in EyeToy: Antigrav in a series of Ghost Battles of either Style or Speed mode. The ghost of the top score or time will always stay on the screen and you will have to beat it in order to have your ghost show up. The person with the most points or fastest time wins.


There are a multitude of characters in Eye Toy: Antigrav and they all belong to specific clans. The characters and their respective clans are as listed below:
Clan: Sonar
  • Nomad
  • Luna

Clan: Talon
  • Jett
  • Skye
Clan: Scarab
  • Compound
  • Mika
Clan: Stinger
  • Tetsuo
  • Tantrum
In addition to these characters there are also an abundance of unlockable characters in the game which you can find by going on hidden paths in each track. The game mentions that "You'll really need to be a pro to discover and unlock them". 


There are a total of five tracks in EyeToy: Antigrav and they are as follows:
  • The Falls - This track is featured around a big metropolis that is built by a seires of waterfalls. According to the game those waterfalls have become such an integral part of the city that everyone just calls them The Falls.
  • Waterfront - An old section of the city that has taken a lot of abuse. Years of construction has been done to these building that are above an old wharf. The ending point of this track is the dock at the edge of the city.
  • Skyway - Roads built in the sky will serve as your track. While high above the city you will be able to pull off big air tricks, but you have to watch out for traffic.
  • Aerodome - Welcome to the Aerodome. This track brings all of the standard Mario world types in one level. You have man made Ice, Lava and Jungle sections to go through on your way to taking the number one spot.
  • Black Rock Ridge - To be the master of Antigrav you will have to face Black Rock Ridge. This track will put your skills to the limit and will be the final test of your airboarding ablilites.


Through the game there are many powerups or pickups in the tracks. These will do a variety of things to help you gain more points or move faster through races.
  • Turbo - Picking this up will refill your turbo meter. This will help you a lot in the Speed Mode.
  • Points - There will be free points just hanging around the track. Pick these up to add to your points total without even having to do a trick.
  • Point Multipliers - By picking one of these babies up all of your tricks total points score will be multiplied by the number indicated for a limited amount of time.
  • Tricks - This power up will let you pull off your tricks at lighting fast speeds for a limited amount of time.
  • "Antigrav" Wings - There will be 6 of these wings on each track in Style Mode only. Try to collect them all to unlock hidden items.