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Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts / PlayStation 2
editor score 8.2
user score 9.2
Release Date









Disney Interactive Studios


Sony Computer Entertainment Europe


Kingdom Hearts is an action RPG published and developed by Squaresoft, and produced with the cooperation of the Walt Disney Company. The game incorporates many characters from Disney's animated works and several of Square Enix's Final Fantasy games. Kingdom Hearts sold 5.6 million copies worldwide (It was Square's highest selling PS2 game in North America) and was critically acclaimed for incorporating the two distinct worlds of Disney and Final Fantasy into one entertaining game.



The game's story revolves around a young boy named Sora, who lives on an island with his friends, Kairi and Riku. Their ordinary lives are interrupted when dark creatures called the Heartless attack their island. Though his own home is destroyed, Sora soon learns that he has been chosen to wield the keyblade, the only weapon that can prevent the Heartless from consuming entire worlds. Sora ends up in Traverse Town, where he joins forces with Disney representatives Goofy and Donald Duck in an effort to stop the Heartless from exerting their wrath upon o ther worlds.


The gameplay in Kingdom Hearts combines Final Fantasy-style RPG elements with action-oriented combat that lets you take direct control of Sora while two CPU-controlled characters attack based on specific behaviors set by the player. Donald and Goofy usually fill out the party, but they can be swapped out for o ther characters from the world Sora is currently visiting, such as Jack Skellington, The Beast, or o ther Disney/Square-Enix characters.


The game is largely considered a button-masher since most of the combat is based on physical attacks ei ther in the air or on the ground. The three playable main protagonists, Sora, Donald and Goofy can be divided into three "Jobs"; Sora as the all-rounder with a focus on physical attacks, Donald as the mage and Goofy as the knight or tank with his high defence and HP.

You also have two o ther staples of the Final Fantasy series -- magic and summons -- at your disposal. Instead of summoning the classic mythological monsters of Final Fantasy, though, you can call in characters from the Disney films such as Genie, from Aladdin, and Simba, from The Lion King. Kingdom Hearts also served as a who's-who of latter day Final Fantasy games, with heroes like Cloud, Squall, and Yuffie making notable appearances.

Side note

The secret boss Kurt Zisa was named by a contest held by Square in the US to promote the game.

There are 4 secret bosses: Sephiroth, Kurt Zisa, Phantom, and the Ice Titan.



"Main character. Age 14. As a teenager he has his share of concern, but he manages to keep a upbeat attitude. He may seem simple-minded at times, but he has a strong sense of justice."


"Captain of the royal knights, a solider who dispises weapons. Under the king's orders, he accompanies Donald on the quest to find the key. An easygoing, clumsy knight."

Donald Duck

"Court wizard and loyal servant to the king. He embarks on a journey to carry out the missing king's orders to find a mysterious "key" and its owner. A feisty, impatient magician."


"Age 15. He may seem cool and collected for his age, but he is far from the quiet type. Always curious about the unknown, he begins to question the small, closed world in which he lives."


"Age 14. She moved to Sora and Riku's island a few years ago. Though she may appear delicate, she possesses a strong, unyielding will."

The King

"A mysterious character who sends Donald and Goofy on their mission."

Final Mix (Japan Only)

Box Art (Front)
Box Art (Front)

Also called 'International version', this game features the original Kingdom Hearts game along with the updates the countries outside of Japan got (including English voiceovers). But also has more content added exclusively for the patient Japanese players.

So in short this game adds new cutscenes, new enemies, new keyblades and abilities for your character, and new aspects to the game including the Ansem reports.


The story is the same as Kingdom Hearts but has a few more cutscenes, extra items, and bosses you could fight. As shown in the bottom there is new Enemies, Keyblades, Abilities and cut scenes.

New Enemies

Japan gets to fight new bosses but also the ones that weren't included in the original Japanese version but that was in the American one (like the Ice Titan, Kurt Zisa and Sephiroth). The new boss is "Unknown" or the "Enigmatic Man" who we find out to be Xemnas is Kingdom Hearts II. The fight can be accessed in Hollow Bastion at the end of the game, and is considered one of the hardest, if not the hardest boss fight in the game. He comes to test Sora's power, and remarks that he looks just like "him" (who the player learns to be a reference to Roxas).

The game also has some new features concerning enemies in common like Heartless with different colors and higher stats like their health or their magic points. This works for every enemy in the game and does increase the level of difficulty.

A lot of people have been asking for the Heartless that were appearing in the video at the end of Kingdom Hearts and the fans (in Japan or worldwide with import) will be pleased to know that the Neo-shadows are available to fight in the last level of the game.

New Cut Scenes

The game adds new cutscenes including a new secret ending for all to enjoy!. The secret ending we all know now shows Riku and Roxas fighting in the World that never Was and the other cutscenes concern Cloud and Sephiroth as you see them fight and Riku in the two others in which he is in a flashback along with Sora and another talking to King Mickey. Some conversations have been added to the game including one in which Aeris explains to Sora what Cloud is looking for.

New Keyblades

You can obtain 2 new keyblades to fight with. They are obtained by defeating Sephiroth (One-Winged-Angel Keyblade) and the other for defeating the Ice Titan (Diamond Dust).

New Ansem Reports

There is 2 new Ansem Reports which can be unlocked for more information on Ansem and the way he saw the world. Those reports are greatly appreciated by fans as they give a good explanation on the story and give you enough facts to start speculating about a next Kingdom Hearts.

New Abilities

  • Finally but not the least, Sora now has several new abilites, which are:
  • Slap Shot [AP: 1] [Interrupts enemy attacks]
  • Slide Dash [AP: 1] [Use keyblade to slide to closen in on enemys]
  • Stun Impact [AP: 1] [A finishing combo which stuns enemys with lightning]
  • Gravity Break [AP: 1] [A finishing combo, throws a black orb]
  • Ripple Drive [AP: 1] [An uppercut attack which distances an enemy]
  • Hurricane Period [AP: 1] [An aerial finishing attack that works quite fast]
  • Zantetsuken [AP: 1] [finishing combo which can auto-defeat an enemy]
  • Leaf Veil [AP: 5] [Enemys cannot hurt you when trying to heal]
  • Tech Plus [AP: 2] [Tech points x2, x3 etc. depends on how many equiped]
  • Encounter Up [AP: 1] [More heartless will appear]

HD Version

The Final Mix Version of Kingdom Hearts is the basis for the HD Version included in Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix (Along with Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories and cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days) for Playstation 3. Aside from the HD conversion, this version also features several small tweaks to game as well, that are based off of later entries in the series. HD Version tweaks that are confirmed are:

  • Unlike the original Final Mix, which used English voiceovers, this version (at least in Japan) will use the original Japanese voiceovers.
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D's models are used for certain characters including Sora.
  • Abilities that were in the fourth menu option are now used via the triangle button akin to the reaction commands in Kingdom Hearts II.
  • It will use Kingdom Hearts II's camera which is on the right thumbstick. (The original version was heavily criticized for its L2/R2 camera.)
  • It has been hinted that completing the game will unlock new content but at this time it is unknown what it will be, though it has been confirmed will not be a new secret ending.

Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack

Soundtrack Cover
Soundtrack Cover
Disc 1
1."Dearly Beloved"1:13
2."" Hikari ( ? )-KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version"3:42
3.""Hikari ( ? )" -PLANITb Remix- (Short Edit)"2:31
4."Dive into the Heart -Destati-"4:57
5."Destiny Islands"1:49
6."Bustin' Up on the Beach"2:01
7."Mickey Mouse Club March"1:02
8."Treasured Memories"1:45
9."Strange Whispers"0:55
10."Kairi I"1:19
11."It Began with a Letter"1:32
12."A Walk in Andante"1:18
13."Night of Fate"2:06
14."Destiny's Force"2:50
15."Where Is This?"1:42
16."Traverse Town"1:21
17." The Heartless Has Come"0:54
18."Shrouding Dark Cloud"2:15
19."Blast Away! -Gummi Ship I-"1:50
20."Tricksy Clock"0:38
21."Welcome to Wonderland"1:53
22."To Our Surprise"2:14
23."Turning the Key"0:16
24."Olympus Coliseum"2:08
25."Road to a Hero"1:30
26."Go for It!"2:05
27."No Time to Think"0:33
28."Deep Jungle"3:00
29."Having a Wild Time"2:25
30."Holy Bananas!"2:16
31."Squirming Evil"1:54
32."Hand in Hand"2:26
33."Kairi II"1:02
34."Merlin's Magical House"1:46
35."Winnie the Pooh"2:28
37."Just an Itty Bitty Too Much"0:40
38."Once Upon a Time"0:21
39."Shipmeisters' Humoresque"2:11
40."Precious Stars in the Sky"1:08
41."Blast Away! -Gummi Ship II-""1:50
Total length:1:14:28
Disc 2
1."A Day in Agrabah"2:23
2."Arabian Dream"2:04
3."Villains of a Sort"1:32
4."A Very Small Wish"2:16
5."Monstrous Monstro"1:56
6."Friends in My Heart"1:30
7."Under the Sea"1:54
8."An Adventure in Atlantica"2:03
9."A Piece of Peace"1:00
10."An Intense Situation"0:48
11." The Deep End"2:14
12."This is Halloween"2:22
13."Spooks of Halloween Town"2:14
15."Captain Hook's Pirate Ship"2:06
16."Pirate's Gigue"1:45
17."Never Land Sky"1:26
18."Kairi III"1:35
19."Blast Away! -Gummi Ship III-"1:51
20."Hollow Bastion"2:26
21."Scherzo Di Notte"1:49
22."Forze Del Male"3:38
23."HIKARI - KINGDOM HEARTS Instrumental Version"1:09
25."End of the World"3:14
26."Fragments of Sorrow"2:18
27."Guardando Nel Buio"4:24
28."Beyond the Door"1:08
29."Always on My Mind"1:47
30.""Hikari ( ? )"5:03
31."March Caprice for Piano and Orchestra"5:13
32."Hand in Hand -Reprise-"0:55
33."Dearly Beloved -Reprise-"1:20
34."Having a Wild Time -Previous Version-"1:11
Total length:1:12:25
Final Mix Disc
1."One-Winged Angel"3:52
2."A Night on the Bare Mountain"4:07
4."Another Side"2:42
Total length:14:37