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Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain

Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain / PlayStation 2
editor score 6.5
user score 6.5
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Modern Military


Buzz Monkey Software, LLC


Sony Computer Entertainment America

Syphon Filter: The Omega Stran is a PS2 game released in 2004. Besides a PSP port of Dark Mirror, it and Logan's Shadow are the only Syphon Filter games for the system. Unlike traditional Syphon Filter games this one has a strong multiplayer component. (In fact, the publisher Sony Computer Entertainment had the single player added on late in the development process to appeal to more people).

Character Customization

Your agent is your own
Your agent is your own

Customizing your character is one of the biggest aspects of The Omega Strain. At the start of the game you choose what you want your character to look like from several available options. As players complete missions and get further in the game, they unlock more clothing options and appearance options.

Unlocking Weapons

The game also allows player to earn badges from using certain weapons. They can pin these badges on their clothes, and the badges also unlock more weapons. Completing certain tasks throughout the game can also reward players with more guns and equipment.


At some point in the development of the game, there was a level featuring Québécois terrorists seizing control of a Toronto subway station. The terrorist organization was named Le Front de libération du Québec, after its real-world counterpart. This caused an uproar in Canada, after which Sony apologized and decided to cut the level from the game.