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Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 / PlayStation 3
editor score 8.5
user score 9.0
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First-Person Shooter

Vehicular Combat


Modern Military

Alternate Historical


EA Digital Illusions CE




Battlefield 3 is the successor to DICE's award-winning Battlefield 2. Like its predecessor, Battlefield 3 is a modern military first person shooter published by Electronic Arts, that features large scale vehicular military combat with land, sea, and air vehicles. The game has a single player campaign, a separate co-op campaign, and an extensive multiplayer component. Battlefield 3 was released for Origin exclusively, not on Steam due to the service "restricting" their ability to "directly support" players.


Battlefield 3 was confirmed to be in development by EA's chief operating officer, John Pleasants, at a Stock meeting in June, 2009.

I have had the luxury of looking at Battlefield 3 over at DICE in Sweden and was highly impressed by the way the team is working on the product. Of course, that's not [coming out] in the fiscal year, but that is a product that is looking very good.

Battlefield 3 was officially teased on February 4th, 2011. A 30-second teaser trailer was included, as well as some basic details regarding the highly anticipated sequel. In addition, Game Informer ran an exclusive Battlefield 3 preview in its March issue. It has been stated that the PC is the "lead platform" for development; with multiplayer matches featuring up to 64-players on PC, and 24 players on the PS3 & Xbox 360. EA also announced an iOS mobile port.

The game was in development using the new in-house engine Frostbite 2.0 for three years. According to senior multiplayer designer Alan Kertz, the design direction, gameplay balance, and choices for Battlefield 3 were very similar to those of Battlefield 2142; a result of the senior designers' experience working primarily on that title. This is the first non- EA Sports game to utilize the ANT animation system for the character models.

47 E3 Awards Won
47 E3 Awards Won

According to DICE, it took them several years to create Battlefield 3 simply because they didn't have the technology and assets to create the game they wanted to create; therefore they have worked on the Frostbite 2 engine from scratch for years, experimenting with their technology in the spin-off series Bad Company (using Frostbite versions 1.0 and 1.5), until they reached the level of technology needed to create Battlefield 3.

During E3 2011, Battlefield 3 received 80 nominations for different awards, with 47 wins, including the Game Critics Awards for "Best Action Game" and "Best Multiplayer."

Single Player

Marine SSgt Henry "Black" Blackburn
Marine SSgt Henry "Black" Blackburn

Set in 2014, U.S. coalition troops are engaged by the opposition force known as the People's Liberation and Resistance (PLR) as they patrol the Iran/ Iraq border to maintain security to the area. The storyline is revealed through a series of flashbacks as Marine Staff Sergeant Henry "Black" Blackburn races to prevent an attack on New York City by the PLR.

As Blackburn recalls key events leading up to the attack, the player will take control of several characters in a variety of missions across land, sea and air in many locations around the world, including Paris, New York, Rome and Tehran, which will empower the game's theme of an all-out war and a worldwide conflict. The playable soldier characters will be from various world factions, mainly Marine SSgt Henry Blackburn (1st Recon), as well as Corporal Jonathan "Jono" Miller (1st Marine Tank Battalion) and RU Special Forces operator Dmitri "Dima" Mayakovsky among others.

Singleplayer levels:

Semper Fidelis  
Operation Swordbreaker Operation Swordbreaker takes place during the Global War of 2014, US Marines undergo "pacification" operations in the Iran-Iraq region and try to restore stability to the region. Arriving at Sulaymaniyah to locate a missing unit you must face the PLR and take on the countries most devastating asset.
Uprising Operation Uprising has you replay the area previously covered in Operation Swordbreaker. Sulaymaniyah has been devastated by an earthquake and the PLR have decided to use this event to push deep in to the area and take up temporary holds.
Going Hunting Operation Gone Hunting places you in the role of Lieutenant Coleby Hawkins a gunner pilot in an F/A-18F Shark. After the events in Sulaymaniyah, the US has sent 50,000 marines to Iran and is launching air raids on high value PLR targets. You're after PLR top dog Faruh Al-Bashir, launching an airstrike on Mehrabad International Airport.
Operation Guillotine Operation Guillotine takes place at night, with the player assaulting from the surrounding hills and making their way into the inner city of Tehran.
Comrades Playing as Dmitri Makayovsky, or 'Dima' as he is known, a specialist Russian team attacks the stock exchange to prevent a nuclear attack being carried out by Solomon's forces.
Thunder Run  
Fear No Evil  
Night Shift  
Rock And A Hard Place  
Kaffarov Kaffarov is the final mission of Blackburn's military career, and takes place during an assault upon the mysterious arms dealer's house. Kaffarov has funded and supplied the PLR. This is also the mission in which Dima and Blackburn meet each other face-to-face.
The Great Destroyer Playing as Blackburn, the game prologue is finally explained. Solomon is aboard a train, intending to deliver an explosive payload in the city of New York. The continuation of this mission is also seen, and it provides the finale for the overall story.

Co-op Mode

2-player co-op
2-player co-op

Battlefield 3 features a co-operative mode campaign.

The co-op campaign consists of 6 long missions, featuring a full range of Battlefield gameplay, including land and air vehicle missions as well as tight urban warfare. The missions are separate from the single player campaign but will tie in to its story. This mode supports 2 players only, unlike Bad Company 2's co-op "Onslaught" which featured up to 4.

The missions:

Operation Exodus A number of high valued POWs are being detained at a US camp. A recent earthquake has weakened the camp's defensive perimeter and made it vulnerable to PLR attacks. An evacuate order of camp has been given. You and a handful of marines are assigned to defend the camp until all personnel have pulled out.
Fire From The Sky An American convoy escorting a general privy to classified intel has been ambushed on their way back to base. The general is being held captive in a remote mountain village. You will be providing close air support for a strike team sent in to rescue him.
Exfiltration Thanks to extensive intelligence work, we’ve been able to locate El Zakir. He was not expected to give himself up, but when local agents located and captured his immediate family, he agreed to negotiate his surrender. El Zakir is awaiting extraction in an apartment complex in the outskirts of Baghdad. You need to secure him and bring him back to the Green Zone.
Hit and Run The company El Zakir referenced is Levin Cooperative. It’s located in central Paris. You need to go in and retrieve everything you can from their offices. A private security team has been alerted to your presence and is headed to the offices to stop you. You need to secure and extract whatever evidence there may be.
Drop 'Em Like Liquid A hostage situation has developed in Paris. It’s confirmed that Abu Muhammad is on site orchestrating the operation. French police have requested our help. We are sending you in to assist. You need to provide sniper support, free the hostages and neutralize Abu Muhammad.
The Eleventh Hour The attack has started. We’re confident this is the main attack referred to by El Zakir. Witnesses claim bomb like devices have been left in the metro and the Paris Stock Exchange. If Abdul Rahman is behind this attack, we expect it to be similar to the one that took place in London several years ago. You will be assisting the French police to locate and disarm the bombs and neutralize Rahman if the opportunity presents itself.

There are also seven weapons which can be unlocked for multiplayer kits by earning co-op points (points needed to unlock weapons were significantly reduced following a patch):

KitWeaponPoints (after patch)Points (pre-patch)
Assault KH2002 17,000 126,000
Assault G3A3 160,000 441,000
Engineer SG553 120,000 378,000
Recon M39 EMR 58,000 252,000
ALL 93R 86,000 315,000
ALL MP7 34,000 189,000
ALL MP412 REX 5,000 63,000


Operation Metro screenshot
Operation Metro screenshot

Battlefield 3 features the franchise's trademark all-out-war vehicular warfare multiplayer experience that the series is known for. The game features a similar persistent multiplayer model seen in recent Battlefield games, while bringing back the overall essence and gameplay aspects of the older games of the franchise. The multiplayer's persistence system consists of gaining experience points by killing enemies, performing supporting actions for the team and accomplishing objectives. As the player gains more XP, they go up in rank (top rank is 145), earn ribbons and medals that award them for specific actions on the battlefield, as well as unlocking better weaponry for the various kits and unlocking several weapon attachments, player gadgets/tools, performance-enhancing perks and vehicle specializations.

The multiplayer component features 9 maps on the disc, and five different game modes for each map (with different pacing, objectives and player count for each mode). DLC adds even more maps and game modes.

Health regeneration has been significantly tweaked. In Battlefield 3, where after taking damage, health regeneration is delayed for up to 20 seconds before it kicks in, and it takes a good while before reaching 100%. Furthermore, when the player is under enemy suppression, health regeneration is paused. The ability to go prone also makes a return, but is balanced by making the action a slow process, and also slowing the movement in prone position.

DICE's executive producer Patrick Bach stated in an interview that they slowed down the pace of leveling up after the studio underestimated the popularity of Bad Company 2. Unlike BC2, the top ranks become an incentive and carry bonuses.

Game Modes

The game modes from previous Battlefield games return, including classic Conquest and Rush and Squad Deathmatch which were introduced in the Bad Company series, with additional modes and options to choose from. Hardcore Mode returns from Bad Company 2, which is an alternative version to the "normal mode" of regular servers. Any game mode can be toggled to be Hardcore Mode, which removes a lot of the HUD elements and raises bullet damage, and any map can be selected to be infantry-only, with no attack vehicles (transport vehicles will still spawn in):

  • Conquest (Maximum of 32 players on PC, 24 on consoles) - The classic Battlefield game mode in which two teams scramble to maintain control of flags scattered around parts of the map. Killing enemies depletes the enemy ticket count, and controlling a majority of the flags on the map causes the enemy team to bleed tickets over time. Teams win by depleting the enemy team's ticket count.
  • Conquest Large (Maximum of 64 players on PC, 24 on consoles) - Conquest mode with "Large" variants of maps, built with more flags and for more players in mind.
  • Rush (Maximum of 32 players on PC, 24 on consoles) - An attack and defend game mode in which one team must defend three sets of two M-COM crates from being destroyed by the attacking team. As each set of M-COM is destroyed, the defending team is pushed further back into the map. Attacks win when all M-COMs are destroyed, and defenders win when the attacking team's ticket amount is depleted.
  • Squad Rush (8 players) - A variant of Rush in which there is only one M-COM crate per map phase, and significantly less tickets, encouraging more careful gameplay and shots that count.
  • Team Deathmatch (Maximum of 32 players on PC, 24 on consoles) - Standard deathmatch mode in which two teams fight to reach a specified kill count.
  • Squad Deathmatch (Maximum of 16 players across all platforms) - Up to four teams of four go against each other to see who can reach the maximum kill count first. An Infantry Fighting Vehicle will spawn at random intervals during the match to shake up the battle.


Battlefield 3 has four player classes (kits) to choose from in the multiplayer, which are similar to those found in Battlefield 2142. Each class gets its own exclusive special equipment and gear, which consist of the Commander mode's assets from Battlefield 2 (i.e. UAV, artillery), in addition to brand new equipment to the franchise.

Class Lineup
Class Lineup
  • Assault - The normal Battlefield assault class (carrying assault rifles) has been combined with the medic class and is able to heal & revive teammates with medic kits & defibrillators. Should the player choose to play as assault, they can replace the med-pack with an underslung grenade launcher on their assault rifle. According to senior multiplayer designer Lars Gustavsson,

"The reason for this class fusion is because the assault class serves at the frontlines, so it only makes sense to give those frontline players the ability to revive downed teammates".

  • Engineer - This class carries carbines & anti-vehicle rocket launchers. They are able to repair vehicles with a repair torch, or can remotely arm and disarm MCOMs with a Explosive Ordinance Disposal robot (EOD bot). Anti-tank mines can replace the repair torch.
  • Support - This class carries light machine guns (LMG), and has the ability to mount their LMG using the bipod on the front of the gun for better accuracy. They have the ability to throw out ammo packs to resupply teammates, and also have access to explosives such as C4, Claymores, and mortars. An effective support player can help drive the Assault players forward with more ammunition and mortar fire to suppress the enemy.
  • Recon - This class is equipped with long range sniper rifles, in addition to other reconnaissance equipment such as motion sensors and Micro Air Vehicles (MAV). Rifle sway has been added to the game, forcing snipers to actively hold their breath before taking a shot for the best accuracy, and can be augmented with bipods. Quick scoping will be much more inaccurate. An addition to this class is a radio beacon that the player can drop and acts as an additional spawn point for their squadmates to use. In order to counter snipers who lay down in the grass (prone position), a new feature has been added where if the player lays in the grass for too long, a glint will appear on their sniper rifle scope (sun reflection), giving away their position. This forces them to not camp but rather stay on the move.


Though DICE decided to remove the chain of command from the game's multiplayer (used in Battlefield 2- A commander and squad leaders), in order to achieve their new design philosophy "Lowering the threshold, making the game easy to play, hard to master", the squad leader position has returned to the game. Every squad consists of four players max (as seen in Bad Company 2), one of whom is the squad leader (the person who created the squad). All squad members can spawn on each other. The squad leader has a star by his name and over his head in-game, indicating that he's a squad leader. Squad leaders are able to set attack/defend orders on objectives which give bonus points to squad members who follow these orders.

Dog Tags


Dog Tags return in BF3, though their usage has changed slightly. The tags are collectable by stabbing another player, but can be customized with a variety of different pieces of information, such as a player's total number of kills with assault rifles and so on. Some collectables are also limited in their availability, due to pre-order offers or other promotional items. Certain tags were limited only to certain retailers, such as Amazon, and some tags are given only to those who have registered on the Battlefield Veteran program and verified they have played previous games in the series.

New Additions

Suppressive Fire

Battlefield 3 features a new multiplayer combat mechanic called Suppressive Fire. When someone takes heavy fire, their vision will become blurred and their accuracy will decrease. A single shot from a sniper rifle will instantly suppress an enemy as it whizzes by their head, due to its size and power.


Another new mechanic in Battlefield 3 is the ability to use bipods on weapons. This provides added stability for the gun, decreasing kick and recoil, and increasing accuracy. Deploying a sniper rifle on a bipod eliminates scope sway. Bipods can be deployed anywhere while the player is prone or when in front of certain objects, such as a window sill or cement barricade. The Bipod is available for all weapons except for PDWs and shotguns.


The game launched with a social networking website called Battlelog, which will serve as the game's only menu and server browser, featuring extensive stat tracking, instant messaging, and an activity feed. Everything you do on the battlefield is shared on your wall amongst your friends, and (like most current social network apps) players can "like", comment, and post messages.

Game Servers

Much like past Battlefield titles, Battlefield 3 has strong dedicated server support, where anyone can rent and operate their own server. According to KM Troedsson, Battlefield 3 did not ship with LAN support for security reasons.

Battlefield 3 supports both ranked and unranked servers. Renting a ranked server gives you the restricted freedom to set the game map/mode etc. since Ranked servers will track player progression EAs master servers (much like in past Battlefield games). Whereas renting an unranked server gives the owners/administrators a lot more freedom to do as they will with their servers, allowing them to select specific things such as which weapons are available to players etc. The unranked server option is suited for tournaments because everyone has a level playing field (no ranks/unlocks). You cannot rank up or unlock new weapons on unranked servers.

According to DICE's Mikael Kalms, renting servers is not be available in every country in the world, because the servers will be provided by select Ranked Server Providers (RSPs) around the world. Since Battlefield 3 requires more processor power per player than Bad Company 2, the pricing for server rental is higher for Battlefield 3. Unlike Battlefield 2, players aren't able to create their own servers running on their own machines.

Battlefield Premium


As of early June 2012, Battlefield Premium has become available for purchase for all owners of Battlefield 3. For a single one-time fee, players gain access to all of the existing and scheduled-to-launch DLC expansions with a 2 week early access period. In addition, Premium members gain access to exclusive cosmetic in-game items such as unique dogtags, gun and soldier camouflages, and a new type of knife. DICE also announced additional perks for Premium players in which more details will be revealed as time goes on. Exclusive strategy guides, videos and Battlefield-themed events such as Double XP Weekends are scheduled for Battlefield Premium members.

Multiplayer Maps

Battlefield 3 launched with 9 multiplayer maps, taken from settings in the single player campaign, which are set in France and Iran. All of the game modes are playable on all of the maps.

Map NameDescriptionImage
Operation Métro Operation Metro is set in downtown Paris. The battlefields range from spacious parks to the Paris metro station, finally moving up to the streets of Paris.
Seine Crossing Seine Crossing is a fairly large map with open roads and tight spaces in between buildings.
Caspian Border Caspian Border is a large map littered with plains, hills, and small towns. This map features all the vehicles in Battlefield 3. Caspian Border appeared in the PC beta of the game but was not available on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 version at the time. The map is presumably set in Iran, with four points to capture in Conquest.
Operation Firestorm (Iran)
Grand Bazaar (Iran)
Tehran Highway Tehran Highway is the only night map in the core game, taking place along a stretch of the highway in the Iranian capital of Tehran. The map focuses on blending infantry and vehicular combat. The map is well known due to the relatively easy nature of 'spawn trapping' in Conquest, since the linearity of points A and C to their initial spawns make player movements highly predictable.
Kharg Island (Iran)
Damavand Peak (Iran)
Noshahr Canals Noshahr Canal begins with the American team on an aircraft carrier, and the Russian team at a gas station during Conquest. Each area of the map is varied in its design, with the teams having to make their way to each of the different points using a variety of vehicles. Jets appear on this map along with the AA gun on the aircraft carrier supposedly only spawning on the PC version of the game. An area of shipping containers makes a shotgun's paradise, with enemies rushing to the next flag becoming prime targets in the urban jungle of the crates.

Weapons, Items & Customization


In Battlefield 3, the weapons are divided into 3 groups:

  • Class & team exclusive weapons: Weapon exclusivity for the default primary in each class is only fixed until a certain amount of XP is earned using that class. When that amount is earned the other team's initial primary for that class will be available.
  • Class-bound weapons: The unlockable primary weapons of each kit can be used for said kit on both teams, and only those.
  • Universal weapons: The sidearms in the game, as well as a number of unlockable primary weapons, can be used by any team and any kit.
M16A3 Assault USMC Default - Primary
M16A4 Assault USMC Unlockable - Primary
AK-74M Assault RUS Default - Primary
G3 Assault Universal Unlockable - Primary
M416 Assault Universal Unlockable - Primary
AN94 Assault Universal  
KH2002 Assault Universal Unlockable - Primary
AEK971 Assault Universal Unlockable - Primary
F2000 Assault    
M27 IAR Support USMC Default - Primary
RPK-74M Support RUS Default - Primary
M249 Support Universal Unlockable - Primary
M240 Support Universal Unlockable - Primary
Type 88 Support Universal Unlockable - Primary
PKP Pecheneg Support Universal Unlockable - Primary
PKM Support Universal Unlockable - Primary
M60 Support Universal Unlockable - Primary
M4A1 Carbine Engineer USMC Default - Primary
AKS-74u Engineer RUS Default - Primary
G36C Engineer Universal Unlockable - Primary
Scar-H CQB Engineer Universal Unlockable - Primary
A-91 Engineer Universal Unlockable - Primary
SG553LB Engineer Universal Unlockable - Primary
MK11 Recon USMC Default - Primary
SVD Recon RUS Default - Primary
SV-98 Recon Universal Unlockable - Primary
M98B Recon Universal Unlockable - Primary
M40A5 Recon Universal Unlockable - Primary
M82A3 - Single-player only Recon N/A N/A
M39 Recon Universal Unlockable - Primary
SKS Recon   Physical Warfare DLC
M67 Grenade Universal Universal Frag Grenade
M9 Universal Universal Sidearm
M1911 - Unlocked via EA Gun Club, Battlefield Veteranship or Physical Warfare Universal Universal Sidearm
.44 Magnum (a scoped version is available to DICE employees) Universal Universal Sidearm
Glock 18 Universal Universal Sidearm
M93R Universal Universal Sidearm
Glock 17 Universal Universal Sidearm
Mp-443 Grach Universal Universal Sidearm
Sig P226 Universal Universal Sidearm
MP7 Universal Universal Unlockable - Primary
M1014 Universal Universal Unlockable - Primary
870MCS Universal Universal Unlockable - Primary
USAS-12 Universal Universal Unlockable - Primary
Saiga 20k Universal Universal Unlockable - Primary
DAO-12 Universal Universal Unlockable - Primary
AS VAL Universal Universal Unlockable - Primary
P90 Universal Universal Unlockable - Primary
UMP .45 Universal Universal Unlockable - Primary
PP2000 Universal Universal Unlockable - Primary

Weapon Accessories

Every primary weapon of every class gets 3 different unlockable add-on slots: Optics, Primary (grip or bipods), Secondary (barrel). After getting a sufficient number of kills with a gun it becomes possible to mount the other team sights upon it. For example, the Russian Kobra Red Dot Sight can be mounted on an American M16A3 rifle and so on.

Add-onSlotInitial TeamWeapons
Red Dot Sight #1 Optics USMC All (unlock)
ACOG 4X #1 Optics USMC All (unlock)
PK-AS (Holo) #1 Optics RUS All (unlock)
M145 (3.4x) #1 Optics USMC All (unlock)
PKS-07 (6x) #1 Optics RUS All (unlock)
PSO-1 (4x) #1 Optics RUS All (unlock)
12x Ballistic #1 Optics Both  
RDS Reflex #1 Optics RUS All (unlock)
Kobra #1 Optics RUS All (unlock)
Holographic #1 Optics USMC All (unlock)
PK - A #1 Optics RUS All (unlock)
IRNV #1 Optics Both All (unlock)
Rifle Scope (8x) #1 Optics Both  
Foregrip #2 Primary Both  
Bipod #2 Primary Both  
Heavy Barrel #3 Secondary Both  
Target Pointer #3 Secondary Both  
Extended Mag #3 Secondary Both  
Flash Suppressor #3 Secondary Both  
Tactical Light #3 Secondary Both  
Straight Pull Bolt #3 Secondary Both  


Gadgets are the soldier equipment (secondary weapons and/or tools that each class carries)

Universal Combat Knife The main melee weapon, used for frontal stabbing + stealth takedowns
Universal M67 Hand Grenade The game's frag hand grenade
N/A M18 Smoke Grenade (single-player only) Thrown smoke grenade
Assault (Combat) M320 Grenade Launcher: 40mm Grenades Underslung frag grenades
  (Combat) M320 Grenade Launcher: DART Large sized shots, fires flechette rounds
  (Combat) M320 Grenade Launcher: Smoke Grenade Underslung smoke grenades
  (Medic) Defibrillators The medic apparatus used to revive downed teammates
  (Medic) Medic Kit Thrown medical kits which accelerate teammate's health regeneration
Support Ammo Box Thrown box that replenishes teammates' ammo
  C4 Explosive Remotely-triggered explosive pack
  M18 Claymore Mines A motion-triggered anti-infantry land mine
  60mm Mortars A deployed artillery mortar
Engineer SMAW Anti-tank rocket launcher
  RPG-7V2 Anti-tank rocket launcher
  M136 AT4 Anti-tank rocket launcher
  Javelin Anti-air rocket launcher
  FIM-92 Stinger Anti-air rocket launcher
  SA - 18 IGLA Anti-air rocket launcher
  Welding Tool The tool used by the engineer class to repair friendly vehicles
  M15 Anti-Tank Mine Thrown AT mine that blows up land vehicles
  EOD Bot A remotely-controlled military robot that repairs friendly vehicles, arms/disarms M-COMS
Recon UG Sensors Deployed motion sensor
  SOFLAM Laser target designator
  Radio Beacon Deployable squad spawn point
  MAV Micro Air Vehicle used as a surveillance device

Player Specialization

Player specializations are performance-enhancing perks a player can equip. Players can equip one specialization at a time (no multiple perks equipped at the same time). Each specialization has a Squad variant unlocked at later ranks in which the effects from the specialization applies to both you and your squad.

Sprint (SPRNT) Increases sprint speed
[Unlocked at Rank 2, Squad unlock at Rank 23]
Extra Ammo (AMMO) Increases the total amount of spare clips
[Unlocked at Rank 5, Squad unlock at Rank 26]
Flak Vest (FLAK) Reduces splash damage taken from explosives
[Unlocked at Rank 8, Squad unlock at Rank 29]
Extra Explosives (EXPL) Increases the total number of explosives carried
[Unlocked at Rank 11, Squad unlock at Rank 31]
Suppression Reduction (COVR) Reduces the effect of incoming suppression (Cancels against SUPR)
[Unlocked at Rank 14, Squad unlock at Rank 33]
Suppression (SUPR) Increases the suppressive effect of your weapons (Cancels against COVR)
[Unlocked at Rank 17, Squad unlock at Rank 35]
Extra Grenades (FRAG) Increases the total number of grenades carried
[Unlocked at Rank 20, Squad unlock at Rank 37]


Vehicle customization screen
Vehicle customization screen

Battlefield 3 features a large variety of usable vehicles, from tanks to buggies and helicopters to jets. Damage to vehicles has changed; this time the point of impact can decide what passenger(s) has been killed. Vehicle health has also been changed; they can now be immobilized with turrets intact.

This new "vehicle disablement" feature delays the explosion of vehicles, allowing passengers to exit the vehicle and have a chance to fight back. When a vehicle is disabled, it catches fire and its speed is dramatically reduced. The vehicle can still be repaired by an Engineer at this point.

Vehicle perks and points are based on the new vehicles classes. Vehicles will have secondary weapon slots, gadget slots, and upgrade slots. The player can use the vehicle specializations to customize the vehicle to their specifications.


VehicleFactionClass Type
M1 Abrams U.S. Main Battle Tank
T-90 Russian Main Battle Tank


VehicleFactionClass Type
LAV 25 U.S. Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)
BMP-2M Russian Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)


VehicleFactionClass Type
Humvee U.S. Light Armored Transport
GAZ-3937 Russian Light Armored Transport
Growler ITV U.S. Light Utility Transport
VDV Buggy Russian Light Utility Transport

Mobile Anti-Air

VehicleFactionClass Type
LAV-AD U.S. Mobile Anti-Air (AA)
Tunguska 9K22 Russian Mobile Anti-Air (AA)


Helicopters in the game will not have auto-stabilization like those in Bad Company 2 (hover mode that disallows maneuvers and agile piloting)

VehicleFactionClass Type
AH-6J U.S. Light Observation Helicopter
Z-11W Russian Light Observation Helicopter
AH-1Z SuperCobra U.S. Attack Helicopter
Mi-28 Havoc Russian Attack Helicopter
UH-1Y Venom U.S. Transport/Utility Helicopter
Ka-60 Kasatka Russian Transport/Utility Helicopter


Jets have returned to Battlefield 3 after being taken out in the Bad Company series.

VehicleFactionClass Type
F/A-18E Super Hornet U.S. Fighter Jet
Sukhoi Su-35BM Flanker Russian Fighter Jet
A-10 Thunderbolt II U.S. Close Air Support
Sukhoi Su-25TM (Su-39) Russian Close Air Support


VehicleFactionClass Type
Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boat (RHIB) Universal Amphibious Personnel Carrier
Assault Amphibious Vehicle AAV-7A1 Universal Amphibious Armored Personnel Carrier

Vehicle Specializations

The game features 80 unlockable vehicle customizations, where players unlock customizations based on the vehicle class they play. Players can have 3 active vehicle perks.

Scout Helicopters

IR Flares Launches flares that deter incoming missiles.
Heat Seekers Heatseeking missiles that lock onto enemy aircraft.
Stealth Passively increases locking times and reduces spotting duration.
Belt Speed Decreases time between bursts of the main weapon.
Proximity Scan Shows nearby enemies on the minimap.
Air Radar Increases minimap size and shows all aircraft.
Extinguisher Extinguishes fires, saving the vehicle from destruction/disablement.
Maintenance Improves vehicle self repair time.
Guided Missile A missile that locks onto land vehicles.
Below Radar Hides the aircraft from enemy anti-air and radar when flying at low altitudes.
Laser Painter Automatically laser designates targets in line of sight.
ECM Jammer Temporarily protects the aircraft from being locked onto.

Attack Helicopters

IR Flares Launches flares that deter incoming missiles.
Heat Seekers Heatseeking missiles that lock onto enemy aircraft.
Stealth Passively increases locking times and reduces spotting duration.
Belt Speed Decreases time between bursts of the main weapon.
Zoom Optics Adds zoom capability.
Proximity Scan Shows nearby enemies on the minimap.
Air Radar Increases minimap size and shows all aircraft.
Guided Missile A missile that locks onto land vehicles.
Extinguisher Extinguishes fires, saving the vehicle from destruction/disablement.
Maintenance Improves vehicle self repair time.
Thermal Optics Adds thermal view capability.
Laser Painter Automatically laser designates targets in line of sight.
Below Radar Hides the aircraft from enemy anti-air and radar when flying at low altitudes.
ECM Jammer Temporarily protects the aircraft from being locked onto.
Guided Rocket Increases accuracy and range of the pilot's missiles.
TV Missile Adds a missile which, once fired, must be player controlled.


IR Flares Launches flares that deter incoming missiles.
Heat Seekers Heatseeking missiles that lock onto enemy aircraft.
Stealth Passively increases locking times and reduces spotting duration.
Belt Speed Decreases time between bursts of the main weapon.
Proximity Scan Shows nearby enemies on the minimap.
Rocket Pods Adds rockets.
Air Radar Increases minimap size and shows all aircraft.
Extinguisher Extinguishes fires, saving the vehicle from destruction/disablement.
Below Radar Hides the aircraft from enemy anti-air and radar when flying at low altitudes.
Maintenance Improves vehicle self repair time.
Guided Missile A missile that locks onto land vehicles.
Beam Scanning Lock on now happens faster when using heatseeker or guided missiles.
ECM Jammer Temporarily protects the aircraft from being locked onto.


IR Smoke Launches a smoke screen that removes locks and spots.
Anti-Air Missile Adds anti-air missiles.
Belt Speed Decreases time between bursts of the main weapon.
Zoom Optics Adds zoom capability.
Proximity Scan Shows nearby enemies on the minimap.
Thermal Optics Adds thermal view capability.
Air Radar Increases minimap size and shows all aircraft.
Maintenance Improves vehicle self repair time.
Thermal Camo Passively increases locking times and reduces spotting duration.
Reactive Armor Adds special armor which decreases damage taken once.


IR Smoke Launches a smoke screen that removes locks and spots.
Coaxial LMG Adds a light machine gun.
Auto-loader Decreases time between main weapon shots.
Zoom Optics Adds zoom capability.
Maintenance Improves vehicle self repair time.
Coaxial HMG Adds a heavy machine gun.
Proximity Scan Shows nearby enemies on the minimap.
Guided Shell Tank shells now lock onto targets.
Thermal Optics Adds thermal view capability.
Thermal Camo Passively increases locking times and reduces spotting duration.
Canister Shell Main cannon now fires thousands of pellets rather than one shell.
Reactive Armor Adds special armor which decreases damage taken once.
CITV Station Adds a 3rd position to the tank which laser designates and proximity scans.

Infantry Vehicles

IR Smoke Launches a smoke screen that removes locks and spots.
ATGM Launcher Adds guided anti-tank missiles.
Belt Speed Decreases time between bursts of the main weapon.
Coaxial LMG Adds a light machine gun.
Thermal Optics Adds thermal view capability.
Proximity Scan Shows nearby enemies on the minimap.
Zoom Optics Adds zoom capability.
Maintenance Improves vehicle self repair time.
APFSDS-T Shell Armor piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot (with tracer) shell deals direct damage with no explosion.
Thermal Camo Passively increases locking times and reduces spotting duration.
Guided Missile A missile that locks onto land vehicles.
Reactive Armor Adds special armor which decreases damage taken once.

Player Awards

Ribbons & Medals
Ribbons & Medals

Real military ranks, ribbons and medals returned from Battlefield 2.

As players progress in the game and unlock new weapons and customization items, they also rank up, receive ribbons rewarding them for the different tasks a soldier performs on the battlefield (both weapon usage/combat performance, and helping/supporting their team with teamwork actions), and also giving prestigious medals to the best achievers.


The game featurse a large amount of military ranks, achieved by players as they progress in the game by gaining XP for teamwork and kills, and unlocking weapons and gadgets.

InsigniaRankUnlocksPoints RequiredTotal Points Required
0 Recruit N/A 0 0
1 Private First Class 870MCS 1,000 1,000
2 Private First Class 1 Star Sprint Specialization 7,000 8,000
3 Private First Class 2 Star Woodland Pattern Camouflage 10,000 18,000
4 Private First Class 3 Star G17C 11,000 29,000
5 Lance Corporal Ammo Specialization 12,000 41,000
6 Lance Corporal 1 Star Ranger Camouflage 13,000 54,000
7 Lance Corporal 2 Star PP-2000 13,000 67,000
8 Lance Corporal 3 Star Flak Specialization 14,000 81,000
9 Corporal Army Green Camouflage 15,000 96,000
10 Corporal 1 Star M9 Tactical 15,000 111,000
11 Corporal 2 Star Explosives Specialization 19,000 130,000
12 Corporal 3 Star Expeditionary Force Camouflage 20,000 150,000
13 Sergeant MP433 Tactical 20,000 170,000
14 Sergeant 1 Star Cover Specialization 20,000 190,000
15 Sergeant 2 Star Paratrooper Camouflage 30,000 220,000
16 Sergeant 3 Star UMP-45 30,000 250,000
17 Staff Sergeant Suppressive Specialization 30,000 280,000
18 Staff Sergeant 1 Star Navy Blue Camouflage 30,000 310,000
19 Staff Sergeant 2 Star G17C Suppressed 30,000 340,000
20 Gunnery Sergeant Frag Specialization 30,000 370,000
21 Gunnery Sergeant 1 Star Jungle Pattern Camouflage 30,000 400,000
22 Gunnery Sergeant 2 Star M1014 30,000 430,000
23 Master Sergeant Squad Sprint Specialization 40,000 470,000
24 Master Sergeant 1 Star Desert Khaki Camouflage 40,000 510,000
25 Master Sergeant 2 Star M9 Suppressed 40,000 550,000
26 First Sergeant Squad Ammo Specialization 40,000 590,000
27 First Sergeant 1 Star Urban Pa