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Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 / PlayStation 3
editor score 8.5
user score 9.0
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First-Person Shooter






Gearbox Software LLC


2K Games


The game's new protagonists engaged in combat.
The game's new protagonists engaged in combat.

Borderlands 2 is a sequel to 2009's Borderlands. Like its predecessor, the game may be played solo or cooperatively with up to four players.

Borderlands 2 contains new characters, skills, environments, enemies, weapons, and equipment. The new set of characters are tasked with killing Handsome Jack and removing his influence on Pandora. The original cast of Mordecai, Lilith, Roland, and Brick make cameos as quest-giving NPCs.

The combat and gameplay remain similar to the original, although many improvements have been added.


The game includes a variety of NPCs.
The game includes a variety of NPCs.

Borderlands 2 takes place five years after the events of the original game and retains the setting of Pandora. Handsome Jack, the primary antagonist, has taken over the Hyperion Corporation and has ambitions to rule over all of Pandora. He is also claiming credit for discovering the vault and defeating the Destroyer.

The game starts off with four new vault hunters who are hired by Handsome Jack to discover a vault. Unfortunately Jack betrays them while they were traveling by train. The vault hunter manages to escape to a frozen part of Pandora where he encounters the last Claptrap. Claptrap, with help from the Guardian Angel, eventually leads the hunter to Sanctuary, the last free city on Pandora that bitterly opposes Jack and Hyperion.

The city of Sanctuary is controlled by Crimson Raiders, a group that originated from the Crimson Lance. They are led by Roland who asks the vault hunter to help him defeat Jack. As it happens, Roland was captured by the Bloodshot bandit clan before the hunter could meet him in person, and so he was tasked with rescuing him. Along the way the vault hunter meets Firehawk - Lilith who has joined the fight against Jack, she reveals Roland's location but before he could be rescued Jack sends an army of robots capture Roland from the bandits. Eventually he is rescued from both the Bloodshot bandits and Hyperion robots. Once back in Sanctuary Roland shares the information he obtained on Jack's plan. While the Crimson Raiders knew that Jack plans on finding a vault, they didn't know he planned to control it. This particular vault isn't loaded with priceless resources, advanced alien weapons and it's not an alien prison. Rather the vault is a living thing simply known as The Warrior. Whomever awakens it will control it, unfortunately Jack has the key. But the key is useless unless charged. It charges itself once in every two hundred years, but Jack can't wait that long. He needs a siren that can charge the key with eridium.

The next step in the fight against Hyperion leads the hunter to the best sniper, spy and scout in the Crimson Raiders, Mordecai. He has information on the location of Jack's vault key, and the hunter's next objective is to ambush the train that holds it and take it. Explosives were needed for the job, and it leads him to the most skilled and deadly explosives expert on Pandora, a 13 year old girl named Tiny Tina. The vault hunter proceeds to attack the train en route and attempt to take the key. As it turns out the train was simply a trap, and the key wasn't there. Instead the hunter encounters Wilhelm, a ruthless robot and one of Jack's most powerful weapons. After dealing with the robot they take his power core, an advanced piece of Hyperion technology that can help Sanctuary's energy defense stay online indefinitely. Unfortunately the power core itself is yet another trap, and the Guardian Angel betrays everyone by helping Jack shut down the city's energy defenses. This leads to the bombardment of the city by Jack's H shaped space station that orbits Pandora. With the help of Lilith and her siren abilities, Scooter and the vault hunter, the city is teleported to another location. But due to Lilith's consumption of large amounts of eridium (which was needed for the process) the hunter was accidentally left behind, and he had to make his way towards the new location of Sanctuary.

As the hunter makes his way to the new location, Angel attempts to explain herself to him. Once the vault hunter reaches Sanctuary, Angel informs everyone that the vault key is actually with her, but to get to it and thus prevent Jack from reaching the vault, resistance forces would have to pass a very difficult series of defenses set by Jack to secure the key. The first is a "death wall" entrance that leads to the bunker where the key is held. Only Hyperion personnel can pass through that entrance, for this task Claptrap had to be upgraded. The upgrade was actually supposed to be delivered by Bloodwing, but she got captured and it was up to the hunter to rescue her. Unfortunately Bloodwing was turned into a hideous giant monster through slag experimentation. Bloodwing could shapeshift into different elemental forms. The hunter weakened her and Mordecai attempted to tranquilize her, but Jack had explosives planted on her that he detonated as soon as the hunters took claptrap's upgrade located in Bloodwing's collar. The next challenge were Hyperion combat personnel and robots outfitted by the best equipment created by the same company, here Brick and his bandit clan, the Slabs, would help. Brick had a falling out with Roland 2 years after opening up the vault, Roland thought his methods to be too ruthless and bloodthirsty. So some convincing was needed to get Brick and his bandits to help. The last challenge was a door that only opens for Handsome Jack, for this the hunter had to kill Jack's double in Opportunity and record several examples of his voice in order to activate the door.

After all preparations for this difficult undertaking were made, the hunter set out to the bunker. Finally after fighting many enemies with the help of Brick and his bandits, they made their way to the top of the bunker where they found out that it is not a simple building but that it is actually a giant flying robot (who Jack claims he designed himself). After defeating the robot the hunters make their way to Angel's inner chamber, there they see that Angel isn't just an AI but a Siren and Jack's daughter. She was trapped in her state and was fed eridium by Jack in the effort to find the vault. She tells the hunter that in order to defeat Jack, taking the key wouldn't be enough, he had to kill her. After a long battle with Hyperion robots and with the help of Roland and Lilith the hunter manages to destroy the eridium injectors, with many objections from Jack. Without those injectors Angel could not survive. As they succeed in their objective Jack teleports to them, kills Roland and captures Lilith.

In light of these events the hunter returns to Sanctuary where he receives orders from Mordecai. Mordecai suggests that in order to defeat Jack once and for all, they'd have to find the vault In order to do so. However the vault hunter would have to access a Hyperion info stockade to get the location of the vault, and in order to get to the stockade he'd need very high grade explosives to breach the way. The info stockade is located in Fyrestone, now occupied by Hyperion forces. Once there the hunter learn that Jack has been transporting very large amounts of eridium to Hero's Pass. He leaves for Hero's Pass where, alongside Mordecai and Brick, fights a very large amount of Hyperion soldiers and robots. Brick and Mordecai are eventually overwhelmed and fall into lava. The vault hunter reachs The Vault of the Warrior, where he sees Jack for the second time in person. Before The Warrior is summoned the hunter fights Jack and defeats him. As he's about to land the killing blow The Warrior is summoned and is under Jack's command. After a very long and difficult battle The Warrior is bested by the hunter. Mordecai and Brick appear while Lilith takes the key and tries to destroy it but as she does a map showing several galaxies and planets with vaults appears.



The Gunzerker, and one of his skill trees.
The Gunzerker, and one of his skill trees.

Gameplay is similar to the original, although with many enhancements. Players start by picking a character class and then progress through quests, earning money, experience, and equipment in the process. Unlike the original, weapon proficiency is not based on class. Defeating enemies earns experience points and loot in the form of weapons, ammunition, grenade mods, shields, etc. Loot is also available in a variety of chests, safes, cabinets, lockers, and refuse piles. Borderlands 2 uses a randomization system to generate loot.

Characters have separate health and shield values; should the player's shield deplete and health reach zero, he or she will enter "Fight for your Life" mode. In this mode, players are given a short period of time to kill an enemy and gain a "second wind." In solo play, players must kill an enemy to continue; in co-op play, they must kill someone or must be revived by a teammate. Co-op players get more time to survive/be revived. Without a kill or help from a teammate, the character dies and respawns at the last save point. Hyperion Corporation also charges the player a percentage of their money for the privilege of respawning, with an occasionally snarky voiceover. If the player is very low on funds the fee will be waived.

As players gain experience and level up, they can distribute skill points to the current character. Each class has a unique action skill and three skill trees loosely organized around a particular style of play. Each increase in level also brings an increase to health and damage dealt, and a decrease to damage received. The level cap is currently set at 50 but, as with the original game, the cap may be raised later by Downloadable Content. Once players complete the first playthrough with a characters, they have the option of using the character in True Vault Hunter mode, basically a new playthrough with tougher enemies and better loot. After completing the second playthrough, a third, or playthrough 2.5 is entered, where enemies and loot scale up to level 50.

Badass Ranks

Yet another new addition to Borderlands 2 is a system called badass ranks. The player may complete ingame challenges, like killing a certain amount of enemies with a shotgun, or scoring critical hits with a sniper rifle or finding vault symbols at given locations and many other challenges. The challenges are grouped into several tiers. The 1st tier gives 1 badass rank, the 2nd 5, the 3rd 10, 4th 50, and the 5th 100. Once enough badass ranks are attained the player gains a token that can be used on improving various statistics, like critical hit damage, gun damage, shield capacity, maximum health and so on. These improvements are rather small, with diminishing returns on several upgrades, but the badass rank system has infinite levels. The badass rank (along with the improvements) are carried out to all characters. And every new character created by the player starts with all the challenges reset, thus allowing the player to acquire an infinite number of badass ranks and therefor badass tokens. Due to a player being able to theoretically gain a huge advantage with improvements from tokens, Gearbox added the option of turning off the improved statistics so that the game wouldn't be too easy.

Players can buy new equipment and sell unwanted equipment at the numerous vending machines located throughout Pandora. The items on offer will depend on the location of the vending machine, not character level, with the exception of vending machines in Sanctuary, which do scale by level. Each type of vending machine sells certain types of equipment, as follows:

  • Weapon Vending Machines - sells only weapons;
  • Ammunition Vending Machines - sells ammo and grenade mods;
  • Medical Vending Machines - sells shields, class mods, artifacts, and health regenerating items.

A new addition to Borderlands 2 is the Black Market run by Crazy Earl. There the player can buy upgrades (backpack slots, bank slots, maximum ammo limits) in exchange for refined eridium.

Borderlands 2 offers vastly improved character customization options. In the first game, players could only choose basic clothing colors and character names. Borderlands 2 features a wider variety of color schemes, as well as distinctive head wear that can be found in shops, loot drops, slot machines, and by completing quests. Unlocked color schemes and specific headwear apply only to the active character, although a character may find skins and headwear for other classes. Vehicles also have distinct skins and collectable customization mods.

Borderlands 2 features split-screen for all platforms. Local and online co-op may be combined, so that two players can play split-screen locally with two other online friends. However, only two players may play in split-screen at any given time, as the game requires one person to be the host. The host cannot play split-screen due to the CPU burden.


Borderlands 2 features an open world with main and side missions provided by various NPCs and bounty boards. Some missions include an optional objective, such as killing a certain NPC with a certain weapon, or killing x number of bandits. The completion of side missions and optional objectives leads to the completion of challenges.


Much like the original, the game features vehicular combat.
Much like the original, the game features vehicular combat.

The player can use vehicles or fast travel or a combination of both in order to traverse the world in a speedy manner. Like the original there is a fast travel system as well as vehicles. Vehicles have a turbo boost, that increases the speed at which the vehicle travels. Unlike the first game, vehicles no longer have shields, but just a general amount of hit points, and once depleted the vehicle will explode leading to all characters who were garrisoned inside to go through second wind. In the first game the only vehicle available was the Runner, it has 2 seats, one for the driver and one for the gunner. In Borderlands 2, there will be several "families" of vehicles, for example Bandit Technical, or a Light Runner. There is a new feature that allows players to equip relics that improve a vehicles performance, thus increasing various statistics. Another feature is a more robust customization option, featuring many color schemes for different vehicles. As in the previous game players can access their vehicles through " Catch-A-Ride" that is run by Scooter along with his sister Ellie.

There is a new type of flying vehicle, that is unfortunately only available to enemies.


Weapons played a big role in the original game, this is true for Borderlands 2 as well. Weapons, like enemies and characters, have a level, this determines their stats. As the players gain levels they will find better, higher level weapons. Weapons dropped or found as loot are always random, in their appearance, quality and stats. However, there are certain unique weapons that are given to the player after certain quests, and legendary weapons that can drop from loot-able objects or defeated enemies. Weapons in Borderlands 2 have more variety, both in terms of their mechanics and appearance, when compared to the first game. An example would be a rocket launching assault rifle or a sniper rifle with 3 barrels that spin once fired for a faster fire rate. Weapons have several stats, and some even have a chance of inflicting elemental damage.

The player using a scoped weapon to fight off a pack of enemies.
The player using a scoped weapon to fight off a pack of enemies.

Weapon stats include:

  • Damage
  • Rate of Fire
  • Magazine Size
  • Reload Speed
  • Chance for Elemental Effects on Hit
  • Elemental Damage per Second
  • Value
  • Rarity

Loot, weapons, and equipment have colored names to help identify their rarity - a feature seen in many other RPG titles:

  • White - average or common.
  • Green - a little above average.
  • Blue - uncommon.
  • Purple - rare.
  • Orange/Gold - legendary.

Unique weapons that are given as quest rewards can never be white, legendary weapons can only be orange/gold.

The "pearlescent" quality weapons added to the first game by the Secret Armory Of General Knoxx won't be making a return in the base game.

Apart from that, weapons can have certain abilities such as increasing damage, or firing speed, or magazine size etc. Weapons can also have an elemental modifier, that deal fire, shock, acid, or explosive damage. A new elemental modifier is slag, which covers an enemy in a purple goo-like substance that directly increases the damage other elemental modifiers do. Some items also have extra bonuses for equipping other items, or having multiple players equipping the same item.

The players can choose from shotguns, semi automatic pistols (revolvers are no longer separated into a different category), assault rifles, rocket launchers, SMGs, and sniper rifles. Eridian Weapons do not reappear, although there's a new weapon type known as E-Tech that utilizes eridium. Each class has a specific melee attack (Zer0 has a sword), which cannot be changed but can be upgraded through the bloodshed skill tree. The damage done also increases with higher levels. A good way of finding weapons is to loot weapon chests, finding a weapon is guaranteed, but the type of weapon as well as its stats, appearance and level are random. One new addition to gameplay allows Tediore weapons to be thrown as explosives once used, instead of reloaded, with damage done corresponding to the amount of ammo left in the clip when thrown/reloaded. The gun re-digistructs in the players hand so they can continue to use that weapon.

Multiplayer options

Like the previous version Borderlands 2 will have options for co-op play. This can be done on using a LAN or online using an internet connection. The drop-in\drop-out option is again available for players to join a running game instantly. You can play with up to three friends in a co-op game. You can also challenge your friends to a duel.

Trading equipment between players is now friendlier than ever. When both players want to exchange stuff, they both need to press the exchange buttons and can then offer weapons, ammo and other equipment to each other. You pay with another weapon or equipment and can add extra money if needed. When both parties agree, the deal is done.

Weapon Manufacturers

The weapons of Borderlands 2 have distinct visual characteristics, allowing the player to recognize a gun's maker through sight alone. The game will feature different weapon manufacturers that design and produce all kinds of weapons, ranging from semi automatic pistols and revolvers to rocket launchers and heavy machine-guns.

Bandit weapon concept art.
Bandit weapon concept art.
  • Bandit - In the five years after the first game, bandits have taken to making their own weapons. Bandit weapons have a makeshift look, Instead of iron sights, for example, a Bandit weapon might have a bolt screwed into the top of the gun. Bandit weapons have the largest magazines, replacing S&S Munitions from the first game.
  • Dahl - " Dahl's guns absorb a lot of recoil, allowing you to stay accurate throughout the fight!" Dahl weapons stick more closely to the weapons seen in modern military shooters. Dahl weapons have the lowest recoil and seem to be marketed as mercenary weapons.
  • Hyperion - "Hyperion asks, what good is a gun that doesn't shoot where you point? Get a gun that's as accurate as you are!" Hyperion weapons will have a similar aesthetic to the Claptrap robots from the first game (which are also manufactured by the same company). Hyperion tends to focus on accuracy, making the most accurate guns on Pandora. These guns are different to most because the longer that you shoot the higher the accuracy goes, becoming more accurate at the end of the clip.
  • Vladof - "Want to shoot a lot of bullets really fast? Vladof has your needs covered!" Vladof weapons have the highest firing rate of any other firearms manufacturer, and their weapons tend to have very large clips. It would appear that Vladof is a Russian manufacturer, judging by the name of their weapons.
  • Tediore - "Cheap, reliable, lightweight, and incredibly fast reload speeds. Tediore makes an easy-to-use gun!" These weapons are disposable. After fully unloading a clip, the gun can be used as a thrown explosive. The more ammo left in the clip when you throw it, the more powerful the explosion. The gun will then be reconstructed out of your Digistruct module. In the first game Tediore weapons regenerated ammo. Tediore guns (for Borderlands 2) have been described as "Cheap, plastic pieces of crap" and "Wal-Mart guns" by Randy Pitchford.
  • Torgue - " Torgue combines good damage, high fire rate, and recoil reduction into one lethal weapon." Heavy duty and high powered guns. Torgue weapons aren't exceptional in any one area, but are balanced.
  • Maliwan - "Is shooting bullets just not cool enough for you? Get a Maliwan, and light some people on fire!" All of Maliwan guns have an elemental modifier, fire, shock, explosion, acid or slag. Slag being the new elemental modifier, it increases the damage from all other sources.
  • Jakobs - "If it took more than one shot, you weren't using a Jakobs!" These weapons are a cross between wild west guns and WW2 era guns that have high damage stats. As a trade off they have a rather low reload speed and firing as fast areb you can pull the trigger

Atlas, S&S Munitions, and Eridian weapons will not reappear in Borderlands 2. As a replacement for Eridian weapons is 'E-tech', a modification that can be used to augment weapons from all manufacturers.

Playable characters

The four main protagonists (clockwise from top): Axton, Salvador, Maya, and Zer0.
The four main protagonists (clockwise from top): Axton, Salvador, Maya, and Zer0.

The game will once again feature four protagonists - Axton, Salvador, Maya, and Zer0. Another character, Gaige the Mechromancer, was added via DLC, with the possibility of more DLC characters being announced in the future. Each of these playable characters embodies their own class.

As the player defeats enemies or completes quests, his or her character will gain experience, eventually gaining a new level. After level 5 the player will get his first action skill, then on each new level a player gets a skill point which can be distributed among the class skills. Each class has a unique skill set and the skills are made up of 3 skill trees (for each class).

As in the first game, the players will be able to modify their chosen character (such as the color scheme of their clothes), as well as modify the character's name. Players will be able to unlock different "skins" and facial aesthetics for their character as they go through the game by finding them in loot or farming bosses that drop them. No class is restricted to a certain weapon although each classes skills favor boosts to certain weapon types, Axton has skill buffs for Machineguns and rocket launchers, Zer0 has a Sniper rifle tree and so on.

Axton - The Commando

Axton, the Commando.
Axton, the Commando.

The Commando is similar to Roland, the Soldier from the first game. Like Roland, Axton can deploy a turret that will rain a hail of bullets upon his enemies. It is yet unknown whether or not Axton is or was a member of the Crimson Lance. In Borderlands 2, Axton's signature skill, Deploy Turret is similar to Roland's, but the player will be able to customize it more, it will even change its look depending on the customization.

The ECHO Communication Device Axton brought to Pandora details his life as a soldier. Axton used to be married to a soldier named Sarah, she was his CO. But due to his desire for glory and disobeying orders she exiled him from the company. He was supposed to face a firing squad but Sarah suggested that he deserts, as she does she gives him her wedding ring. Axton seemed to not be effected by this event, given the circumstances.

Axton can be a great defensive/support character while still being able to dish out a large amount of damage with his weapons and turret. Naturally, as a soldier he favors assault rifles, rocket launchers and grenades. His guerrilla skill tree focuses on Sabre Turret upgrades, gunpowder focuses on improving weapon use while the survival tree, as the name suggests, improves his ability to withstand large amounts of damage.

Axton's Skills

Action Skill - Sabre Turret

Axton, like Roland in the first game, can place a irremovable turret that shoots at his enemies. With upgrades it can fire larger bursts, fire rockets, be placed at longer distances, be placed on walls and ceilings, sets off a nuke when placed and being able to place two turrets instead of one.

  • Sentry - Increases the number of shots that sabre turret fires in bursts.
  • Ready - Increases reload speed.
  • Impact - Increases gun damage and melee damage.
  • Expertise - Increases weapon swap speed, aim speed, movement speed while aiming.
  • Healthy - Increases your maximum health.
  • Preperation - Increases shield capacity, when shield is full regenerates health.
  • Laser Sight - Increases turret accuracy.
  • Willing - Improves shield recharge and delay rate.
  • Overload - Increases assault rifle magazine capacity.
  • Metal Storm - Killing an enemy increases fire rate and reduces recoil for a short time.
  • Last Ditch Effort - Gun damage and movement speed increased during Fight For Your Life.
  • Pressure - Reload speed and shield recharge rate improved depending on health.
  • Onslaught - Gun damage and movement speed increased when an enemy is killed.
  • Scorched Earth - Adds multiple rocket pods to turret.
  • Able - Damaging an enemy regenerates health for a short time. Does not stack
  • Steady - Recoil with all weapons reduced, damage dealt with grenades and launchers increased.
  • Longbow Turret - Allows placing the turret at longer ranges, increases turret health.
  • Battlefront - While the sabre turret is deployed you deal increased damage.
  • Forbearance - Status effects duration decreased, increased health.
  • Phalanx Shield - Adds a shield to your turret
  • Quick Charge - Killing an enemy regenerates shields at a quicker rate for a short time.
  • Grenadier - Increases grenade carrying capacity.
  • Duty Calls - Damage and fire rate of non-elemental guns increased.
  • Do or Die - Able to throw grenades during Fight For Your Life, grenade and launcher damage increased.
  • Resourceful - Cooldown rate for sabre turret increased.
  • Mag Lock - Sabre turret can be placed on walls and ceilings.
  • Crisis Management - When shields are depleted gun and melee damage increased.
  • Ranger - Increases a large number of stats by a small amount.
  • Grit - Gain a chance to ignore damage from a shot that would kill you, when this happens +50 health.
  • Double Up - Adds another gun to the turret, turret deals slag damage.
  • Nuke - Placing your turret sets off a small nuclear blast.
  • Gemini - Allows you to deploy two turrets.

Zer0 - The Assassin

Zer0, the Assassin.
Zer0, the Assassin.

The Assassin is very similar to Mordecai from the first game. Zer0's unique skill is Deception, which allows him to turn invisible, dealing increased damage while using a holographic projection of himself as a decoy. Also, while using Deception, critical hit areas are highlighted in blue. Like Mordecai, Zer0 favors the sniper rifle. Zer0 also has a dedicated Sw0rd for melee attacks, and can alternate between ranged and melee strikes to string together combos with an increased damage multiplier. It is not known if he is male, female or even human.

Zer0 apparently speaks in Haiku and he has devoted his life to perfection of his combat abilities and seeking challenging opponents.

Zer0's Skills

Action Skill - Decepti0n

Deploys a holographic decoy and turns Zer0 invisible. Enemies will engage the decoy while obviously ignoring the hidden assassin. Deception lasts 5 seconds and any successful attack made during this time will deal increased damage - 650% melee damage, 200% gun damage, 250% gun critical damage. Awesome.

  • Headshot - Increases critical damage.
  • Optics - Zoom with all weapons improved, aim not as effected by taking damage.
  • Fast Hands - Reload speed and weapon swap speed increased.
  • C0unter Strike - After getting hit melee damage on the next strike is increased.
  • Killing Bl0w - Massively increases melee damage against enemies with low health.
  • Ir0n Hand - Melee damage and maximum health increased.
  • Killer - Killing an enemy improves critical hit damage and reload speed.
  • Precision - Improves accuracy with all gun types.
  • Fearless - When your shield is depleted gun damage and fire rate are increased.
  • Ambush - Increases damage when attacking someone from behind or someone not targeting you.
  • Grim - Killing an enemy increases action skill cooldown rate and recharge shields at a quicker rate.
  • Be Like Water - Shooting an enemy improves next melee attack, melee attacks improve next ranged attack.
  • One Sh0t One Kill - The first shot from a loaded magazine causes bonus damage.
  • B0re - Bullets can pierce through enemies and hit anyone standing behind with greater damage. Highlights critical hit spots on enemies.
  • Vel0city - Increases bullet speed, critical damage and gun damage.
  • Rising Sh0t - Successful ranged or melee attacks give a damage bonus for a short time.
  • Death Mark - Dealing melee damage marks a target for a short duration. Marked targets take additional damage from all sources.
  • Unf0rseen - Your decoy explodes when you become visible.
  • F0ll0wthr0ough - Killing an enemy improves movement speed, melee damage and gun damage for a few seconds.
  • Execute - Allows you to dash forward towards the target during Deception.
  • Backstab - Deal bonus melee damage when hitting an enemy in the back.
  • Kill C0nfirmed - Aiming down sights grants a bonus to critical damage. The longer you aim the greater the bonus.
  • Innervate - While Deception is active increased gun damage, health regeneration and movement speed.
  • Resurgence - Killing enemies with melee attacks restores health. The lower the health the more is received.
  • At One With The Gun - Increases sniper rifle accuracy when shooting from the hip. Also increases reload speed and magazine capacity of sniper rifles.
  • Tw0 Fang - When firing a gun you have a chance to fire twice.
  • Like the Wind - While moving melee damage and gun damage are increased.
  • Critical Ascensi0n - Scoring a critical hit increases damage and critical damage with sniper rifles.
  • Death Bl0ss0m - Throw a kunai during Deception. Kunai will explode dealing random elemental damage. Kunai do not receive bonuses from Deception but don't end it either.
  • Many Must Fall - Killing an enemy with a melee attack during Deception deploys another decoy, enables re-stealth and adds time to Deception duration. Can be done multiple times.

Salvador - The Gunzerker

Salvador, the Gunzeker.
Salvador, the Gunzeker.

The Gunzerker class is represented by a character named Salvador who, as the class name suggests, is a berzerker that uses guns. Salvador has an active skill that allows him to dual wield any two guns in the game. The Gunzerker class and Salvador replace the Berserker class and Brick from the original game. Salvador is rather short, it was revealed that Salvador's stunted growth is due to steroid abuse.

Salvador was sentenced to hanging for killing a group of bandits by a seemingly corrupt judge in the village of Ovejas. As his sentence is to be carried out a Hyperion occupation force appears demanding the surrender of the village. Judge Hector tries to convince them that they have the wrong village which leads to him being killed. At that point Salvador flies into a rage killing all the members of the occupation force leaving only one alive, after breaking his arm and leg. The surviving member told Salvador of Pandora and the vault, which led Salvador to the planet.

Salvador's Skills

Action Skill - Gunzerking

Salvador can dual wield weapons! The weapons in the first two slots will make up the first set of dual wielding weapons while the last two the second set. While Gunzerking Savlador regenerates health and ammo.

  • Locked and Loaded - Reloading a gun gives bonus fire rate for a short time.
  • Quick Draw - Weapon swap speed and critical hit damage increased with all gun.
  • Inconceivable - Shots have a chance to not consume ammo. The lower the health and shields the greater the chance.
  • Filled to the Brim - Magazine size and ammo carrying capacity increased.
  • Hard To Kill - Maximum health increased, allows for health regeneration.
  • Incite - Taking damage increases movement speed and reload speed.
  • I'm Your Huckleberry - Increases damage and reload speed with pistols.
  • All I Need is One - Swapping weapons causes your next shot fired to deal bonus damage.
  • All in the Reflexes - Reload speed and melee damage increased.
  • Last Longer - Increases Gunzerking duration.
  • Asbestos - Reduces duration of status effects.
  • I'm the Juggernaut - Killing an enemy reduces damage you take for a few seconds.
  • Divergent Likeness - Gunzerking with weapons of the same type increases damage, while two different types increase accuracy.
  • Auto-Load - Killing an enemy instantly reloads weapons you're not currently holding.
  • Money Shot - The last round fired from your magazine gains massive bonus damage. Damage added depends on the size of the weapon's magazine.
  • I'm Ready Already - Cooldown rate of Gunzerking improved.
  • Steady as She Goes - Reduces recoil with all guns while Gunzerking. Each shot that hits an enemy has a chance to improve accuracy with both guns.
  • 5 Shots or 6 - Killing an enemy causes every shot fired to have a chance to add ammunition into the magazine, instead of expending ammo.
  • Ain't Got Time to Bleed - While Gunzerking you regenerate health. The lower your current health the more you regenerate.
  • Fistful of Hurt - Melee attack causes massive damage and knocks back the enemy. Has a cooldown of 15 seconds.
  • Out of Bublegum - Fire rate with all guns increased while shields are down.
  • Lay Waste - Killing an enemy improves fire rate and critical hit damage with all guns for a short time.
  • Down not Out - You can Gunzerk while in Fight For Your Life.
  • Yippee Ki Yay - Killing an enemy while Gunzerking increases Gunzerking duration.
  • Double Your Fun - Throwing a grenade while Gunzerking throws 2. The second one doesn't cost ammo.
  • Bus That Can't Slow Down - Movement speed while Gunzerking increased.
  • Just Got Real - Increases the damage you deal with all gun types. The lower your health the greater the damage bonus.
  • Keep It Piping Hot - While Gunzerking is cooling down you gain bonus gun damage, melee damage and grenade damage.
  • Get Some - Shooting an enemy decreases cooldown on Gunzerking. This effect can only occur once every 3 seconds.
  • Sexual Tyrannosaurus - Taking damage gives health regeneration for 5 seconds. Doesn't stack.
  • No Kill Like Overkill - When you kill an enemy you gain a bonus to gun damage equal to the amount of excess damage you dealt.
  • Keep Firing... - While Gunzerking, the longer you hold down the trigger the faster your guns will fire and the faster you reload.
  • Come At Me Bro - While Gunzerking you can taunt enemies to gain full health. Taunted enemies are more likely to attack you, but you gain a large amount of damage resistance.

Maya - The Siren

Maya, the Siren.
Maya, the Siren.

Maya replaces Lilith from the original game as the siren in Borderlands 2. She has an ability called 'phaselock', as well as skills that allow her to drain health from enemies, revive allies, increase bullet speed and damage, and reflect enemy bullets. Like Lilith, Maya is a Siren, a powerful female being capable of incredible powers.

Maya was raised by The Order of the Impending Storm that rule the planet of Athenes, her parents fate is unknown. Once it was discovered that she is a siren she was trained since childhood to protect the order and people of Athenes. Once Maya reached adulthood brother Sophis, the head of the order, brought a terrorist before her for punishment. Having seen the siren the prisoner begins to beg for his life in fear of her powers, saying that he'll pay the tithe. Once Maya hears this she becomes enraged to learn that the order had used to her to keep the people docile, she kills brother Sophis and goes to Pandora to learn more of her siren heritage.

Maya's Skills

Action Skill - Phaselock

  • Ward - Shield capacity and shield recharge delay are improved.
  • Accelerate - Damage and bullet speed with all guns improved.
  • Mind's Eye - Critical hit damage and melee damage is improved.
  • Sweet Release - When an enemy dies due to Phaselock regenerative life orbs appear that seek out you and your party and heal you.
  • Flicker - Chance to cause status effects is increased.
  • Foresight - Increases magazine size and reload speed.
  • Suspension - Duration of Phaselock is increased.
  • Kinetic Reflection - Killing an enemy allows you to deflect bullets and redirect them towards hostiles. You take reduced damage from bullets. This effect lasts for a short time.
  • Restoration - Shooting players heals them, increases maximum health.
  • Wreck - While an enemy is Phaselocked you gain increased fire rate and damage with all guns.
  • Immolate - Adds fire damage to all shots made during Fight For Your Life.
  • Helios - Phaselocking causes fire damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Fleet - Movement speed is increased when shields are down.
  • Converge - Enemies nearby the target of the Phaselock are pulled in and receive damage.
  • Inertia - Killing an enemy quickly regenerates shields and improves reload speed for a few seconds.
  • Elated - While an enemy is phaselocked you and your party regenerate health.
  • Res - Instantly revive a party member with Phaselock.
  • Recompense - When taking health damage there is a chance that the enemy will also receive an equal amount of damage.
  • Chain Reaction - While an enemy is phaselocked your bullets have a chance to ricochet off an enemy and hit another enemy. Only works with bullets.
  • Cloud Kill - Shooting an enemy creates a corrosive cloud that damages all nearby enemies.
  • Backdraft - Melee attacks deal bonus fire damage. When your shield becomes depleted it releases a fiery explosion.
  • Quicken - Increases the cooldown rate of Phaselock.
  • Sustenance - Constantly regenerate health. The lower your health the more powerful the regeneration.
  • Reaper - Bonus damage to any enemy that has more than 50% of health.
  • Sub-Sequence - When the target of your Phaselock dies, there is a chance that Phaselock will seek out a new target.
  • Life Tap - Killing an enemy causes you to steal health from any enemy you damage. This effect lasts for a couple of seconds.
  • Blight Phoenix - Killing an enemy causes you to deal fire and corrosive damage to all nearby enemies for a short time.
  • Thoughtlock - Enemies turn on each other instead of being locked down. Phaselock's duration is increased, but so is its cooldown.
  • Scorn - Melee override skill. Throw an orb of slag that constantly damages enemies near it. Cooldown 18 seconds, during which you normally preform melee attacks.
  • Ruin - Phaselock now slags, electrocutes and corrodes all nearby enemies.

Gaige - The Mechromancer

Gaige, the Mechromancer.
Gaige, the Mechromancer.

Gaige, the Mechromancer is the fifth playable class. Described as almost a "Pet Class" (somewhat similar to Mordecai). She was added to the game post release via DLC. Those who pre-ordered the game received the DLC for free, otherwise a small fee is required. Gaige has the ability to control a mech known as "DeathTrap".

One of her skill trees titled "Best Friends Forever" is dedicated to helping new players be more useful in co-op, granting ricochet chances to shots fired while lowering weapon damage, another skill tree is stated as being "high risk, high reward" for more hardcore players. Making her a great choice for either type of player.

She was released October 9th, 2012.

Non-Playable Characters

Handsome Jack

Handsome Jack
Handsome Jack

Handsome Jack is the main antagonist of Borderalnds 2. He has taken over Pandora through his extremely wealthy company, Hyperion. He wants to rule the planet and destroy any and all who oppose him. Jack has sacked Fyrestone, Old Heaven and plans on destroying Sanctuary, labeling anyone who has lived in these settlements as a bandit.

Before becoming the CEO of Hyperion and a ruthless dictator Jack was a "code monkey" serving the head of Hyperion whom he would later strangle. Jack's and Hyperion's wealth comes from his interest in Pandora, where he using his daughter - Angel tricked the original vault hunters into opening the vault, after which Eridium started appearing all over Pandora. This very valuable resource made Jack hundreds of times wealthier almost over night. Jack has managed to defeat the resistance on many occasions, forcing them to retreat to their last refuge an old mining city created by Dahl - Sanctuary.

Jack is vain, arrogant, egotistical, delusional and megalomaniacal. He has imprisoned his daughter, Angel for most of her life after finding out that she was a siren.


Wub Wub DROP [pause] Wub Wub
Wub Wub DROP [pause] Wub Wub

CL4P-TP is a robot model designed for various tasks and purposes. They are more commonly known as Claptraps (plural), and are seen throughout Pandora in Borderlands. In Borderlands 2 there is only one Claptrap left in existence. Most Claptraps were destroyed by the order of Handsome Jack. Now, the original Claptrap is seeking revenge, mostly through insults and petty vandalism. The last claptrap unit in existence is 7 years old.He is a terrifying foe and he has only one weakness known to mankind STAIRS.

Marcus Kincaid

No refunds!
No refunds!

Marcus Kincaid is an arms dealer. He has only three interests in life, selling weapons, making a profit and his ex-wife, Moxxi. Marcus is an unscrupulous dealer, as shown by the fact that he offered to sell his merchandise to both the Bloodshot bandits and the Crimson Raiders at the time of their war. Eventually only the Bloodshots accepted his offer and due to the quality of his arms they began worshiping him as a God. They even built him a large shrine on the dam that is located near the Bloodshot stronghold.

Marcus is very greedy and stingy, he even sent the vault hunter to acquire 9$ that he accidentally gave to a customer when giving him back the change. There's only one occasion where Marcus decided to give out refunds. He got drunk one night and started thinking about all of his unhappy customers, after which he started mailing out refunds. As soon as he became sober he hired the vault hunter to get the refunds back, he swore to never drink Rakk ale again. Any other time should a customer come back demanding one Marcus will test the weapon, usually by shooting the unhappy customer.


You'll never take him alive you robotic sons of b****es!
You'll never take him alive you robotic sons of b****es!

Scooter is a savant mechanic. He, along with his sister Ellie, was born in the Hodunk clan. The clan is established in The Dust and is led by Papa Hodunk. Scooter is Moxxi's son, he owns and operates a system of machines - Catch-a-Rides that can digitally construct a vehicle for the user. Scooter despises anyone who attempts to hack one of his catch-a-ride machines, even hiring the vault hunter to kill a bandit that attempted it. He was also planing to kill the hunter for the same offense. Apart from his day to day job of owning and maintaining catch-a-ride, Scooter also maintains the city of Sanctuary, and eventually helps get it airborne. He also has an interest in getting to and finding out what second base is. Scooter throughout the game has interest in Laney (who joined a group of mutated bandits to get away from Scooter) and Daisy (who shoots herself after hearing Scooter's poem). It's also suggested that Scooter had a romantic interest in his sister, Ellie.

Scooter also appeared in the first game, where he also operated the catch-a-ride system.

Dr. Zed

I may not have a Med school degree.
I may not have a Med school degree.

Dr. Zed is an unlicensed doctor who operates out of Sanctuary. He first remained in Fyrestone, vowing to die in the place he was born in until Hyperion robots came to kill him. Zed has an unethical practice, to say the least. He doesn't operate on people anymore, unless they're Hyperion spies, in which case they rarely leave the operating table alive. Other than that, Zed is involved in some questionable endeavors, like buying severed arms from an arms dealer and creating a horrific creature from the body parts of skags, spireants and rakks.

Crazy Earl

What'ch you Want
What'ch you Want

Earl is a returning character from the original Borderlands. He is the "face" of the black market and acts a means for players to upgrade their ammo capacity, backpack capacity, and storage space in their bank. He is voiced by Randy Pitchford and is known for eating an entire car, as well as being a reclusive and lonely individual.


SWF looking 4 STR
SWF looking 4 STR

Moxxi is another returning character, although she is not in the main game of Borderlands, she is in the DLC / add-on of Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot. In Borderlands 2 she is in sanctuary and runs the bar moxxxi, where she has a tip jar that if you put certain amounts of money into you will get rewards such as guns and achievements. She was stolen from Mordecai by Handsome Jack and at one point was married to Marcus. She is the mother of Scooter and Ellie, she also has 3 more children though it is unknown who they are.

Special Editions

Deluxe Vault Hunter's Collectors Edition

This special edition of Borderlands 2 retails for $99.99 (US) and includes the game, a Marcus Kincaid bobblehead, a hardcover art book, a cloth map of Pandora, a download code for a digital comic book, and a set of four stickers.

Ultimate Loot Chest Limited Edition

This special edition of Borderlands 2 retails for $149.99 (US) and includes everything from the Deluxe Vault Hunter's Collectors Edition plus a SteelBook case for the game, a numbered certificate of authenticity, a chart/poster of the creatures of Pandora, four lithograph post cards, and it's all bundled within a replica of the famous loot chests from the game.

Premier Club Edition

This extra edition is available during pre-order and includes the following extra digital goodies:

  • Gearbox Gold Gun Pack - A package of unique Gearbox Golden Guns to help you start your journey on Pandora.
  • Golden Key - Unlock a rare item in the mysterious Sanctuary Loot Chest.
  • Vault Hunter’s Relic - Play solo or team up with friends and boost your gear-hunting fortune with the Vault Hunter’s Relic.
  • New Character Class - Receive a free download of the all-new Mechromancer character class as soon as she’s available.

Players who buy either the Loot Chest or Vault Hunters edition will receive a set of bonus skins for each class.

Players who have a save from the original Borderlands on their platform will unlock a set of skins as a Save File Unlockable

Downloadable Content

2K Games has announced Borderlands 2 will have a season pass for upcoming DLC which will grant access to four upcoming DLC expansions for the game. The season pass will be 2400 MSP / $29.99.

Each individual add-on will be 800 MSP / $9.99 without the season pass. Add-ons will be released through June 2013.

There is a GameStop exclusive pre-order bonus called The Creature Slaughter Dome, Slaughter Dome is a horde-like mode where players will be pit against the creatures of Pandora. It will a