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Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Dragon Ball Xenoverse / PlayStation 4
editor score 7.4
user score 10.0
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Dimps Corporation


Bandai Namco Entertainment


Dragon Ball XenoVerse was initially announced in the July 2014 issue of V-Jump as "Dragon Ball New Project". Scant information was released about the game, but images seemed to revolve around a mysterious, red-haired man with a scouter, cape, and a Capsule Corp. logo on his shoulder. At E3 2014, the game's actual title, Dragon Ball XenoVerse was revealed. Gamescom 2014 saw the reveal of the mysterious young man's importance - he was a created character chosen to showcase the game's Create-A-Character mode.


Time Patrol officer Trunks has charged the player with visiting key events in the Dragon Ball universe.

Connection to Other Games

Dragon Ball Xenoverse borrows extensively from Dragon Ball Online, the Japan and South Korea-only MMORPG. Time Patrol Trunks' design and designation is lifted directly from that game, as is the game's plot of traveling throughout the series' history. A great number of the sample Create-A-Characters shown in officially released screenshots also closely resemble the sample Create-A-Characters used to promote Dragon Ball Online.

At Tokyo Game Show 2014, it was revealed that Towa and Mira, the main antagonists of Dragon Ball Online, would appear in XenoVerse, as well as the Supreme Kai of Time, a character briefly mentioned in DB Online.



Developed by Dimps Corporation, Dragon Ball XenoVerse, like many other Dragon Ball games, is a fighting game where players face off against an AI or human opponent(s). Players can control one of the many iconic Dragon Ball Z characters, or use their own creations thanks to the games character creation system.


Character Creation

Dragon Ball XenoVerse features an extensive character creation system, with five different races and tons of customization options available. Players can create up to eight different created characters, which would allow you to create one of every race and gender. (Namekians and Frieza Clan have only one gender.)

Each Race has different stats and benefits. The races are:

Earthlings: Balanced offense and defense. Their ki recharges automatically, and when maxed out, Earthlings gain a boost to their attack stat.

Saiyans: Low health, but high attack. If the players health is 25% or less, Saiyans gain a boost to their attack. If a Saiyan is knocked out in battle and then revived, the Saiyan will gain boosts in all of his or her stats. Male Saiyans have a higher attack power, but suffer weaker special skills. Female Saiyans have faster ki and stamina recovery, but suffer from lower health.

Namekians: Health stat is high, while attack is low. Health and stamina recovery is faster, and items used by Namekians are 1.5 times more effective than the other races.

Majin: High defense, but stamina recovery is low.The higher the stamina, the less damage is received. Male Majins have higher health, but are generally slower. Vice versa, females have lower health but are faster.

Frieza Clan: High speed, low attack. Speed increases when health drops below 50%. They have a special ability that allows them to paralyze their opponents with an energy beam.



Each race in the game will have their own transformation ability, which has to be manually applied to your characters moveset. These transformations will offer your character various stat boosts. Saiyans are the only race with a transformation that alters the characters appearance.

Saiyans can transform into a Super Saiyan, and an Ascended Super Saiyan (Commonly referred to as Super Saiyan 2). While Dimps and Bandai Namco were trying to get Super Saiyan 3 for created characters, the idea was eventually scrapped, likely due to balancing and cosmetic issues. Characters such as Goku and Gotenks remain unaffected by this, however.

Interestingly, XenoVerse allows female Saiyans to transform into Super Saiyans (and by extension, Super Saiyan 2) which were never featured in the anime or manga.



Dragon Ball XenoVerse will receive three downloadable content packs after the game launches. The packs can be purchased individually for $9.99 each, or bundled together in a season pass for $24.99.

DLC Pack 1 - Adds three playable characters (GT Goku, Pan, GT Trunks), four Time Patrol quests, 12 quests, 15 new special moves for created characters, and five new costumes. This pack will launch in March of 2015.

DLC Pack 2 - New characters, quests, special moves, and costumes. This pack does not currently have a release date.

DLC Pack 3 - Adds Turtle Hermit Set, Jaco, and other exclusive content. This pack does not currently have a release date.

Additionally, those who pre-order the game will receive a one time use code to redeem which contains an exclusive playable character (Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta) and special Gold and Crystal versions of the Frieza battle suits.