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Loading Human: Chapter 1

Loading Human: Chapter 1 / PlayStation 4
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Loading Human is the adventure game of the future. Your dying father, an esteemed scientist, has summoned you to his Antarctic base to undergo an intensive interstellar quest: retrieve the Quintessence, an elusive energy source that will help reverse the aging process.


Built exclusively for Virtual Reality, Loading Human creates a completely immersive experience. With unparalleled freedom to move and explore as you wish, placing you directly in an emotionally charged story that makes you feel like you are truly living the game. Along your journey through Loading Human, you will make difficult decisions and interact with other characters.


By raising the stakes of your actions through emotional connectivity, moral choices, and real consequences, Loading Human isn’t just a game you play it’s a game you experience.


VR games may cause some players to experience motion sickness.

PlayStation®Camera Required

Enhanced play with 2 PS Move controllers