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Lethal Enforcers

Lethal Enforcers / Sega Genesis
editor score 5.5
user score 5.5
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Light-Gun Shooter




Konami Corporation


Lethal Enforcers was first released into American arcades by Konami on Oct. 14, 1992. Considered to be the first in the police simulator sub-genre of light-gun shooters, it, along with Mad Dog McCree and Terminator 2: Judgement Day, became wildly popular in arcades and ushered in a Golden Age for light-gun shooters. The success of Lethal Enforcers led to the development of franchises such as Virtua Cop and Time Crisis, both of which borrow heavily from the game's core design and concepts.

You play the role of a poilce officer from Chicago named Don Marshall, who battles a major crime syndicate that has invaded the city (with a "partner" if played with 2 players) through 5 levels. The stages, in order, are "The Bank Robbery", "Chinatown Assault", "The Hijackers", "Drug Dealers", and "Chemical Plant". In each stage, you would have to shoot criminals that pop out of the scenery before they shot you. Occasionally an innocent civilian would appear instead, and by shooting them you would lose health and penalize your final score. You can collect additional weapons throughout the level that are more powerful than your standard gun, such as a magnum or shotgun, but they can be lost by getting hit.

In the arcades, players would use a plastic revolver-like light-gun to play the game, called the "Konami Justifier". The gun was colored blue for Player 1 and pink for Player 2. The standard gun in the game had 6 shots, and to reload the gun players would have to fire the trigger off-screen. On home versions of the game, players could use a gun that was bundled with the game, or use a standard controller.