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Medal of Honor: Rising Sun

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun / Xbox
editor score 6.4
user score 6.4
Release Date




First-Person Shooter


World War II


EA Los Angeles


Electronic Arts


The attack of Pearl Harbor sets up the game
The attack of Pearl Harbor sets up the game

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun is another game in the popular World War 2 franchise. As the title suggests, the game doesn't take place in Europe, like several other games in the franchise, but in Asia against the Japanese forces.

You play as Cpl. Joseph Griffin of the US Marine Corps. The game starts off with the attacks on Pearl Harbour and to help out, you man anti-aircraft guns and shoot planes down. From there, you ship out over to Asia after War is declared on Japan. You will then find yourself in several different locations in Asia as the game progresses. The environments are tropical and not at all like what you may be used to seeing in World War 2 games, but there is a standard gray aircraft carrier and an office building level at the end of the single-player game.

New to the Medal of Honor franchise are jungle based levels
New to the Medal of Honor franchise are jungle based levels

Rising Sun plays like previous titles in the series and you can expect much of the same kind of gameplay that Medal of Honor has offered in the past, just in a different environment and fighting a different enemy. Like all early Medal of Honor games, the "aim" button simply zooms in slightly, unlike Call of Duty and similar games that have the player look down the iron sights.


  • Mission 1: Day of Infamy
  • Mission 2: Pearl Harbor
  • Mission 3: Fall of the Philippines
  • Mission 4: Midnight Raid on Guadalcanal
  • Mission 5: Pistol Pete Showdown
  • Mission 6: Singapore Sling
  • Mission 7: In search of Yamashita's Gold
  • Mission 8: A Bridge over the River Kwai
  • Mission9: Super carrier Sabotage


Medal of Honor: Rising Sun had both online and offline multiplayer and featured 2 online modes, Deathmatch, a free for all, and Team Deathmatch, where two teams face off against each other to see which team can get the most kills. The offline multiplayer includes 8 maps for Deathmatch with 4 people using a Multitap. You could fill in the match with AI's to have up to 8 players. The matches allowed you to play by yourself to train against AI opponents. The Gamecube however only has local multiplayer.


The Soundtrack for Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, was composed by Christopher Lennertz. After the game's release, promotional CD's with the soundtrack were handed out. Even later, the Soundtrack was released in online music stores such as the iTunes Music Store.

The track list is as follows:

  • 1 Main Titles
  • 2 Taiko Brigade
  • 3 PT Attack
  • 4 Deep in Guadal Canal
  • 5 Stalking the Caves
  • 6 We're Hit!
  • 7 Engine Trouble
  • 8 Requiem for the California
  • 9 Saving Pearl Harbor
  • 10 Singapore Docks
  • 11 Passing the Nevada
  • 12 Burma
  • 13 Elephant Battle
  • 14 March on the Temple
  • 15 A Prisoner's Eulogy
  • 16 Nazi Disguise - Shima's Speech
  • 17 Natives Are Restless
  • 18 Carrier Deck
  • 19 Tanaka's Death - The Hanger
  • 20 Tank March
  • 21 Philiippines - Zero Attack
  • 22 Courtyard Strike
  • 22 Yamashita's Gold
  • 23 Imcoming - Aftermath
  • 24 Jungle Swarm
  • 25 They Got Donnie
  • 26 Shell Shock
  • 27 The Sewers
  • 28 Shima Escapes
  • 29 Take Off - Finale