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Army of Two: The 40th Day

Army of Two: The 40th Day / Xbox 360
editor score 7.5
user score 7.5
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Modern Military


Buzz Monkey Software, LLC


Electronic Arts


Army of Two the 40th day was developed by EA Montreal and is the sequel to the original Army Of Two. Like its predecessor, T.F.D. focuses heavily on co-op play either with a human or an A.I. controlled partner. Following Salem and Rios again, this time they are working for their own private military corporation, Trans World Operations (TWO). 40th day is set solely in Shanghai rather than the globe-trotting of the first game to create a more believable experience and it puts players in the middle of an ongoing catastrophe and conflict.


The game added a new feature called "two-man tactics" to give players a greater amount of choice as to how they will tackle each challenge in the game. Other new features are an overhauled A.I. system, new co-op partner controls, a realistic materials system that allows shooting through walls.  Also the weapon customization has been upgraded; now you can put any part of a weapon onto another weapon, which changes both the look and stats.


At the end of the first game, Salem and Rios took down the SCC corporation, thus making them start their own private military organization called TWO (Trans World Operations). There is a cutscene with Rios and Salem in a  helicopter along with Cha Min Soo and Viktor Roshanko, weapon and armor dealers,  and their investors. They ask Alice to be their contract filer and she agrees.  In this second installment in the series, Rios and Salem travel to Shanghai for a reason that is "yet unknown". As the two are there, the city turns to chaos and an unknown army has attacked for an unknown reason.  It is the choice of Rios and Salem to fight their way out, or to discover the mystery of the 40th Day and save the city. 


The soundtrack is composed by Tyler Bates:

  1. Introduction                 
  2. What Else Could Go Wrong?        
  3. Highrise                    
  4. Embassy                    
  5. Descent                    
  6. Bossa China (Interlude)        
  7. Vertigo            
  8. Can Your Contact Hear Me?        
  9. Highway                
  10. Free Murray                
  11. Get To Ground        
  12. A Few Extra Bullets        
  13. Zoo                    
  14. Cages            
  15. Hospital Streets            
  16. Auditorium                
  17. Breznev                
  18. Back To Back        
  19. Bund

Downloadable Content

So far they have released one DLC add-on named Chapters of Deceit which adds 2 new campaign levels: The Assassination and Collateral Damage. It is $9.99 on PSN and 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live Arcade. 

Xbox 360 Game

Installation on the Xbox 360 hard drive takes up 6.0GB of space. It is currently unknown whether this results in increased performance or a decrease in load times for the game.