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G-Force / Xbox 360
editor score 7.5
user score 7.5
Release Date







Eurocom Entertainment Software


Disney Interactive Studios


A team of guinea pigs who have secret lives as spies are trying to prevent a billionaire with too much power and money, trying to take over the world by turning household appliances into killer robots.

IN 3D!

Weapon Arsenal

  • Plasma Gun - The first weapon in the game, the Plasma Gun shoots a slow firing stream of green energy.  Some what more powerful than the cluster rifle.
  • Electro Whip - An electric whip that provide 360 degree area of effect damage to nearby enemies.  Only weapon with no ammo and is quite effective at destroying numerous enemies that close in rapidly.  A second v2 version is available with an even stronger secondary whip attack.
  • Saberlizer - Another part of your arsenal available from the start, this isn't really a weapon per se, but more of a tool used to activate and deactivate the various machines in the game.  It also identifies items and enemies in the room.
  • Cluster Rfile - The Cluster Rifle is a fast firing stream of electric current.  After upgrading this weapon to v2 it has a secondary shock weapon that is quite devastating to multiple enemies in range.
  • Shot Bolter - The Shot Bolter is the shotgun of this game.  It fires multiple projectiles at once and is good at clearing a room of many enemies at once.
  • NanoHacker - The NanoHacker disrupts the Saber chips inside the various enemies of the game and will reprogram them briefly to fight along side you.  If you damage an enemy in this state, they immediately return to their original evil ways.
  • Magnetic Grapple - Given to you at the end of one of the earlier missions, the Magnetic Grapple allows you to cling to the metal speakers in the game, reaching areas otherwise blocked.
  • Freeze Gun - The Freeze Gun will stop enemies in their tracks, turning enemies to ice.  The amount of time required to freeze the enemy depends on their size and strength.
  • Flame Thrower - The counter to the Freeze Gun, the Flame Thrower will melt ice in the game and make quick work of the various enemies.  It's found late in the game.
  • Grenades - Red grenades found at dispensers throughout the game or from converting certain enemies inside the Saber Microwave, these grenades do area of effect damage to enemies and thaw ice found in your path.

RDV - Rapid Deployment Vehicle  

The RDV is found on several levels of the game and is the G-Force team's primary means of transport into and out of mission areas.  It is effectively three hamster balls connected together with the latest technology and is able to reach highway getaway speeds. 

RDV Arsenal

  • RDV Homing Missles - The RDV is able to fire rockets and anything in front of it once the homing missles lock on to their target.
  • RDV Pulse Cannon - The projectile weapon of the RDV, it fires pulse energy much like the Cluster Rifle.  It's very powerful and contains unlimited ammunition.