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Major League Baseball 2K11

Major League Baseball 2K11 / Xbox 360
editor score 7.5
user score 7.5
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Visual Concepts


2K Sports

Noteworthy Additions


Dynamic Player Rating System

The all new Dynamic Player Rating system adjusts player ratings in MLB Today mode based on real-world performance in the previous four weeks and adjusts ratings in Franchise mode based on play in Franchise mode in the previous four weeks. The Dynamic Player Rating system will display whether the player in use is on a hot or cold streak and will allow players having a real-world breakout season to be reflected in the game. 

Revamped Fielding Engine

Major League Baseball 2K11 improves the fielding from previous iterations by changing to a two circle system. When a fly ball is hit, a large white circle will appear showing a broad range of where the ball will land and as the ball approaches the ground, a yellow circle will appear showing the final landing location of the ball. How soon the yellow circle appears is ratings-dependent as an elite fielder will have the yellow circle appear almost immediately and a poor fielder will have to wait until it closes in on the turf. 

Improved Graphics and Animations

Major League Baseball 2K11 also has improved the graphics from 2K10. Player models have been improved to better reflect the range of player sizes ranging from a wiry player like Ichiro to a mass of humanity like CC Sabathia. Lighting has also been improved and the color saturation of stadiums has been vastly improved from 2K10. New fielding animations have been added to include bobbled balls and errors. Also featured is a fielding animation caste system that allows only the best fielders to make highlight reel plays. 


  • Corroded - "Come On In"
  • Double0zero - "The Hi Hi's"
  • Five Finger Death Punch - "Hard to See"
  • Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - "Bad Reputation"
  • Pearl Jam - "Rearviewmirror"
  • Shout Out Louds - "Please Please Please"
  • Tab The Band - "Bought And Sold"
  • Trenchtown - "Pourin Rain"
  • Trenchtown - "UNPAID HOLIDAY"
  • USS - "Anti Venom"
  • We Are Scientists - "You Should Learn"
  • The Willowz - "Repitition"
  • The Wolfmen - "Better Days"