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Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action

Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action / Xbox 360
editor score 7.5
user score 7.5
Release Date




Trivia/Board Game


WXP, Inc.


Microsoft Studios

Unlike the DVD-based games, the Xbox 360 version has no board to move pieces around on, and is based completely on points gained and lost from trivia questions posed to all players. There are multiple types of questions posed to players, including:
  • Pop culture trivia
  • Questions related to a provided movie clip
    Scene It&squot;s "Big Button Buzzers"
    Scene It's "Big Button Buzzers"
  • Movie title anagrams
  • Guessing the title of a movie from a picture-based clue
  • What's missing from a captured movie frame

The game comes with four "Big Button Buzzers", which make answering questions easier for less gaming-inclined individuals.The buzzers run off of 2 AA batteries, and the buzzer portion of the controller also acts as a directional pad which allows the user to navigate through the XBox dashboard without using a normal controller.