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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 / Xbox One
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Bungie officially confirmed the existence of Destiny 2 in March 2017. It will be released on Playstation 4 and Xbox One on September 6, 2017. The PC version on October 24, 2017. Characters, as well as their armor, weapons, and inventory will not carry over from the first game, although some cosmetic features may be transferrable.

The first full-length trailer showed two characters from the first installment, Cayde-6 and Commander Zavala, delivering speeches to crowds of Guardians following the destruction of the Last City and the Tower by the Cabal. This seemingly justifies the loss of progress from the previous game.

The leader of the Cabal attack is Dominus Ghaul, commander of the Red Legion.

New locations include the European Dead Zone on Earth, Saturn's moon Titan, Nessus, a machine world taken over by the Vex, and IO, Jupiter's moon.

At least two expansions have been planned for release.

A console beta was available beginning July 18, 2017 for PS4 pre-orders, July 19 for Xbox One pre-orders, and was available for all gamers on both platforms from July 21. The console beta ended on July 25, 2017 (it was originally scheduled to conclude on July 23).

The PC beta will be available on August 28, 2017 for those who have pre-ordered, and will be opened to the public on August 29. The PC beta is scheduled to conclude on August 31.

New Subclasses

  • Dawnblade: Warlock subclass that uses a solar sword to throw fire.
  • Sentinel: Titan subclass that uses a void shield to hit or throw at enemies like Captain America.
  • Arcstrider: Hunter subclass that wields an arc staff.

Returning Subclasses

Not all subclasses have been confirmed to be returning to Destiny 2 but here are the ones that we know about.

  • Voidwalker: Warlock subclass that use the Void element to throw a Nova Bomb onto opponents.
  • Striker: Titan subclass that has since changed from a single smash attack super ability to a roaming ability that features multiple smash attacks and even quick melees.
  • Gunslinger: Hunter subclass that showcases the return of Golden Gun. Now a super that can yield up to 6 shots versus the 3 found in the original Destiny.

New Character Specific Abilities

  • Warlock: Ability to create a Rift. Either an Empowering Rift or Healing Rift; the Warlock is able to create this area of energy that benefits both themselves and their teammates.
  • Hunter: Ability to use a dodge roll style ability to quickly evade attackers. The ability has the added benefit of reloading the Hunter's weapon whenever dodge is used.
  • Titan: Ability to generate a small Ice Shield directly in front of the Titan. The player can also decide whether to create a full size shield or place a smaller half size that can be used as covered and fired over.


All PvP multiplayer modes will be 4v4. Destiny 2 will separate matchmaking playlists into 'Quickplay' and 'Competitive' options.

  • Quickplay will be tuned to provide shorter matchmaking times that are less focused on skill, and will include game types such as Control.
  • Competitive will have slightly longer matchmaking times but will have a higher emphasis on skill, and will include game types such as Countdown. Countdown is a new gametype that is similar to Counterstrike with no respawns and an attack and defend mechanic.