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Industry Giant II

Industry Giant II / Xbox One
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JoWood Ebensee


JoWooD Productions Software AG

A game for management buffs

Industry Giant 2 is a business simulation game where you have to decide what goods to manufacture according to the needs of the villages, towns and cities around you and then distribute those goods to the target population as best as you can. In order to do this you have to decide which of the transportation methods offered by the game are the most efficient.

Cities will slowly grow or decrease, based on a number of factors. Cities will slowly grow or decrease, based on a number of factors.

You can use a variety of trucks, boats, airplanes and trains to get your merchandise to your warehouses, which are then carried to your stores and sold. This is trickier than it might seem, since each of these transport methods have different speeds, maintenance costs and cargo capacities.


Your decision to supply one town instead of another may influence population growth and consequentially the future demand for your products. However, that's where your influence on the scenario stops. This isn't a city building game, and if you're looking for a wider range of influence on the cities, or more gameplay variety, this may not be the best game for you.


Industry Giant 2 built upon its predecessor with clearer, pleasing graphics and improved gameplay mechanics. An expansion was also released, Industry Giant II: 1980-2020, adding several new products and methods of transportation. The base game and expansion were later packaged together and released as the Gold Edition in 2003.