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  • We Are LeapTrade...

    Created by gamers specifically for gamers, LeapTrade aims to provide the best game trading experience on the Web. That means more value and more choice; no fees and no hassles. Welcome to game trading without limits.
  • Origin

    The idea for LeapTrade was born in the brains of gamers just like you. People who were looking for a way to play more, save more and just generally get more out of their games. Disillusioned with the other game trading options available on the Web, these visionaries set off on a quest to develop their own gaming trading utopia. Many days, dollars and development hours later, LeapTrade emerged to provide the world with a better way to trade games.

  • Mission

    Despite the massive number of gamers who connect and interact online, the Internet still lacks a central hub for trading games. LeapTrade aims to fill that void by providing the best game trading experience on the Web. We put a lot of mental muscle into developing the framework, design and functionality of LeapTrade to make it quick and easy for you to trade games without a lot of hassle. Our goal is to make trading games fast, fun and free.

  • Rewards

    Chances are you visited this page not to learn more about us, but to find out: What’s in it for me? Here’s a quick rundown of the rewards you’ll reap as a member of the LeapTrade community…

    Free Trading – This is a big one. LeapTrade charges no listing or subscription fees. That means you pay only for shipping. That’s an advantage you won’t find anywhere else.


    Trade Protection – You’re not on your own out there. We make sure you have the protection you need. LeapTrade backs every trade made on the site. We cover all games not received or not as described.


    Trade Your Way – We believe in freedom of trade. LeapTrade lets you trade your games your way. Choose to trade for points, or trade game directly for another game.

  • Community

    Sure, there are other sites out there where you can trade games. But none of them are true communities for the gaming world. LeapTrade was created by gamers specifically for gamers. We wanted a platform where gamers can talk and trade; engage and exchange. As LeapTrade grows and evolves, we see it becoming not only the ultimate game trading destination – but your source for all things gaming (news, reviews, discussions, debates and more).