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How to trade-in a game

"Get the most for your games by trading them in directly to other users on Leaptrade."

Step 1

Use the search bar to look for a specific title or browse the game library by platform.







Click the Trade-In Button.

Find Your Game

Step 2

You can trade-in your game one of two ways

  • Trade for Leaptrade credit
  • Trade for another game













*Game prices are calculated using used game prices from amazon, gamestop,, and ebay.

Select Your Trade

Step 3

When your trade-in has been successfully matched with another user, we'll notify you to ship your game. Only $3.49 to ship, tracked, insured, guaranteed. Print the shipping label right from your computer. Attach it to your packaged game, and drop it in the mail.





You trade it. We protect it. Feel safe that all trade are 100% backed by the Leaptrade Guarantee.



*If you are exchanging your game for the game you want, you ship your game, they ship their game, it's just that easy.

Ship Your Game

Helpful Hints

  • Confirm and ship your trade-ins as soon as they are matched. Everyone likes to get their games as quick as possible.
  • Trade in your games as soon as you are done playing to get the best value from them.
  • When you see “Available Now” it means someone is already requesting the game and you can trade it in and get matched immediately.
  • Adding all your games to “My Collection” makes it much easier to keep track of them and trade them in later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find games that I am requesting and offering?

You can find all your request and offers on your “My Trades” page. From your LeapTrade mini dashboard, click on the “My Trades” link. By clicking on the tabs at the top of the page, you can view all your requests, offers and trade history.

Where can I find my trading history?

You can find your trading history on the "History" tab of your My Trades page.

What is “My Collection”?

"My Collection" is the page that shows all the games you currently own that you have added in our system. Your collection may be seen by other users (depending on your privacy settings). By clicking the “Edit” button you can change the condition and indicate if you're playing the game. You can also offer games for trade or remove games from your collection.

It's a good idea to add all the games you own to “My Collection” so you can quickly and easily offer them up for trade when you want to. Having all your games in your collection also allows your friends to checkout your games and make trades with you.

How are game prices calculated on LeapTrade?

On LeapTrade, our game prices are simply based on the FAIR VALUE of the game. That's right – fair value. Our game prices are determined by taking into account prices on auction and used-game sites from around the Web. This ensures our game values are always fair and competitive.

Who pays for shipping on LeapTrade?

Shipping costs are always paid for by the user trading in the game, and free for the user receiving the game. So if you are receiving a game, you can kick back and relax. LeapTrade will notify you when the game has shipped and provide delivery confirmation.

If you are the user trading in a game, you are responsible for paying the shipping costs and sending it out. Don't worry, LeapTrade makes shipping games easy. You can print a shipping label right from the LeapTrade site for $3.49. Just place your game in a protective bubble mailer, slap on the shipping label, and drop it in the mail.

Do I send my games directly to LeapTrade?

No. Users ship games directly to one another. This speeds up the trading process so you get your games faster. When a member requests one of your games, LeapTrade will notify you. If you accept the trade, LeapTrade will provide you the recipient's address and the ability to print a shipping label. Just place the game in a protective bubble mailer, slap on the shipping label, and drop it in the mail. BAM – trade complete!

What am I required to include when I mail my games?

What you need to include with your game depends on the condition you listed your game in when you offered it for trade. There are three condition options for games offered on LeapTrade (Full Package, Disc + Case, Disc Only). Here's what should be included for each condition:

  • Full Package: Includes EVERYTHING that came in the original game package: disc, case, and manual. Game disc plays perfectly (may have minor scratches). Case has no more than a few minor scratches.
  • Disc & Case: This includes only the game disc and case, no manual or inserts. Game plays perfectly (may have minor scratches).
  • Disc Only: This includes the original game disc only, no case or manual. Game plays perfectly (may have minor scratches).

How many trades can I make?

Once you sign up to become a member of LeapTrade you can make as many trades as you want. There is NO LIMIT to the amount of trades a member can make. So trade away!

When will my account get credited for a trade-in?

You will receive credit from your trade when the game you have shipped is marked as received by the requesting user and they leave feedback.

How do I contact a person I am trading with?

You can contact anyone you are currently trading with by using LeapTrade's private messaging system. To send a message to the user you are trading with, click on the “send message” button beneath their name on the My Trades page.