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Game missing

Problems with your trade? We can help. Just follow these three simple steps.

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    Contact the user

    Mistakes can happen. Send the user a message and see if they can help resolve the issue.

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    Still not resolved?

    Contact us at we'll work quickly to make things right.

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    We'll fix the problem

    Don't worry, we'll make it right. We'll refund you the full credit value of the game. We've got you covered.

Why Leaptrade provides protection for all trades.

LeapTrade is a trading community created by the individual contributions of all. We take great pride in the honesty and fairness of our users. That being said, we realize that sometimes trades can go wrong and our users should never have to worry about losing out on a trade.

That’s why all trades made on LeapTrade are protected by our Trade Guarantee. If you don’t receive the game you were promised or the game is broken, we will refund you the full credit value of the trade.

Leaptrade guarantee

We've got you covered

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Customer Service

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