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Introducing Trade Protection

Leaptrade initiates a resolution process when users claim that their game was not received or the game they received was different from what was described in the trade details. Leaptrade’s goal is to resolve disputes quickly and accurately. We'll take an active role to ensure trade problems are resolved fairly.

What is the Leaptrade Trader Protection Policy?

We make every effort to provide you with the best possible trading experience. This means that items you trade should be delivered to you and should be usable when they arrive. There are times however when a trade doesn't work out as it should. To protect our Traders, we offer the Trader Protection Policy. Every Leaptrade trader is covered under the Trader Protection Policy, subject to the guidelines below.

What should I do if I have a problem?

One thing that we require is that you attempt to resolve your problem with another user first. While there occasionally may be problems, most problems are simple misunderstandings or minor miscommunications. To take advantage of the Trader Protection Policy, Traders should first contact each other and attempt to resolve the issue. If the User doesn't hear from the trading party or can't resolve the issue with the trader, they can file a claim under the Leaptrade Trader Protection Policy.

Traders must attempt to first contact the other traders if one or more of the following conditions exist:

  • Item was never received – An item that should have arrived has not. You did not receive the game 10 days after trade was confirmed. Please note that is not responsible for items which are returned or lost due to an error in the shipping address listed at provided by the accepting trader, including being returned for undeliverable as addressed, refused, unclaimed, etc.
  • An item is "materially different" from the way it was listed – An item is materially different if it does not work, is damaged, or varies significantly in quality from the way it is listed. You received an item that was different from the one described in the trade details (ex. you received disc only when the trade was for full package). Items listed at are previously-owned, so some wear and tear is to be expected. However, there are several clear cases of material difference that should not occur. Games should not be to a point where the disc is unreadable or unusable
  • An incorrect item is shipped to you – For example, you traded for one game and receive another.
  • I received an empty package – If Packaging arrives with no contents, usually opened and accompanied by a notice from the shipping carrier.
  • I received a damaged game – You received an item that was damaged during shipping.

After you have attempted to contact the other user and no resolution could be reached, you may file a claim through the Trader Protection Policy.

All trades by eligible Users that meet the below conditions are covered by the Leaptrade Trader Protection Policy. Please note that the Leaptrade Trader Protection Policy applies only to the trade transaction, it is not a product warranty of any kind or a solution for Trader’s remorse. The Leaptrade Trader Protection Policy is subject to all of the {Terms and Conditions} of

Conditions under which a case can be filed

As a User, you can file a case under the Leaptrade Trader Protection Policy when All the following are true:

  • You are an eligible Trader.
  • You completed a trade of an eligible game on and submitted a case within 45 days from the date of the trade.
  • The item is not excluded from the Leaptrade Trader Protection Policy.
  • There is a good faith dispute between you and the other trading party regarding the item. A good faith dispute does not exist if you improperly claim that the trader has not fulfilled the transaction, if you claim you never received the game or games when in fact you did, if you refuse to accept shipment of the game, or if you claim the game was not as described but the trader can prove otherwise. Moreover, a good faith dispute does not include Trader's remorse (that is, the game delivered was as described, but you no longer want the game regardless of the reason).

When you trade on, please note arrival times may vary, estimated arrival dates are just that an estimate. The vast majority of the items traded will arrive within that timeframe. In rare instances, items will take somewhat longer to arrive due to shipping carrier delays and other factors beyond the other traders control. Because of this, we encourage all traders to contact their trading party through the Messages outlet. Most issues can be resolved amicably via messages between traders.

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Users have a maximum of 45 days from the date of the trade to file a Trade Protection Claim.

Traders are not limited to the number of filings one can submit but each claim will be investigated fully and a response may be sent requesting additional information to support your claim. For this reason we will review each claim on a case by case basis.

There is a maximum entitled refund of the total point value of the game or games at the time the trade was initial transacted.

Claims for "not received" may not be reviewed until 10 days from the trade date to allow the item ample time to arrive. A claim may take over 30 days to fully investigate and come to a complete resolution. Please note that an investigation does not guarantee that a refund of the equivalent point’s value will be issued for the transaction. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time. Users permit us to make a final decision, in our sole discretion, on any case that a User files with under the Leaptrade Trade Protection Policy.

Case Resolution

Users who have been unsuccessful in resolving a problem directly with another User can contact Leaptrade via the Dispute Center. We will review the case, run a fraud check, and confirm when necessary that the Users have already attempted to work with each other. If the Traders are in good standing and the case meets the requirements of the Leaptrade Trader Protection Policy, we will review additional information to determine if the case is ready for resolution. For example, we may review the messages sent between the users through Leaptrade Messages. Depending upon the nature of the case, resolution may not be proper at that time. For example, if the game is still in transit, we may ask the user’s to wait.

If we don't hear back from the User entering the claim within an appropriate time, we won't side in their favor or hold the other trading party accountable for the transaction. If the user’s inform Leaptrade that no resolution has been reached amongst one another, Leaptrade will review the case. There may be times when Leaptrade in its sole discretion chooses to reimburse the User filing the claim without any impact on the other party.

How Traders may protect themselves from losing a case:

For item not as described cases, Traders sending their games may protect themselves from losing a case if they provide clear documentation that the item was sent as described accurately and consistently. For example, providing documentation that:

  1. The game was properly described, but the accepting User didn't want it after they received it, or
  2. The game was properly described but did not meet the accepting user’s expectations.
What happens after I submit my Trader Protection Claim to

Once a claim has been submitted, it is sent to our Quality Assurance team for review. They may need to contact one or both of the trading parties for more information. If the problem can't be resolved, a refund of the total point’s used in the trade may be issued at the discretion of, and may debit a trader's account. reserves the right to make adjustments to a user's account balance in the event of a member dispute, fraud or trader non-performance.

Fraud never pays at

Attempts to abuse the Trader Protection Policy will be investigated very seriously. reserves the right to suspend the membership of any User we feel has attempted to commit fraud by misusing this policy for his or her own personal gain. Fraud in this case can include, but is not limited to, making claims that are not backed by a good faith dispute, making claims in addition to attempting to receive reimbursement from another source (ex. US postal service), or any other means by which one can unjustly benefit from Leaptrade Trader Protection. Users who abuse are subject to our remedies as described in the User Agreement. In addition, we reserve the right to temporarily, indefinitely, or permanently suspend your account and coverage under the Leaptrade Trader Protection Policy, immediately and without prior notice, if you are suspended from using the Leaptrade dispute process or if we suspect abuse; excessive cases; tampering; colluding with other Users to have traders fictitiously declare a claim. also reserves the right to reduce account point balance, In addition, abuse of this policy is a criminal offense and violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

This revision of the Trade Protection Policy is effective as of Nov 13, 2013