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Buyer and Seller Communication


When you’re buying or selling games with another user on LeapTrade, the key to a smooth transaction is communication.


Here are a few things you need to know:


  • LeapTrade provides a number of ways for buyers and sellers to communicate—including public forums and private messaging.

  • We don’t allow the public exchange of private contact information (email, phone numbers, etc.). Please don’t post your personal contact info in the forums.

  • Game sellers are responsible for providing support to buyers for any issues related to the items sold. Be helpful to your fellow gamers.




Buying games from users on LeapTrade saves you up to 90% off retail prices. That’s just smart gaming! On LeapTrade, trading directly with other gamers benefits both buyers and sellers alike. And we’ve got your back all the way through the process…


Buyer Protection


While most transactions on LeapTrade go off without a hitch, sometimes buyers receive items that don’t meet their expectations. It happens. That’s why we use PayPal for payments because they provide extensive buyer and seller protection. Get what was advertised or get a refund. Period.


But before we get to the point of refunds and returns, we always prefer to work things out within the LeapTrade community. Many times problems can be resolved with just a little extra communication. So we always try to hash things out that way first.


If you ever have any issues with a purchase, simply contact or leave negative feedback in the My Trades page of your LeapTrade account. Once negative feedback is left, a claim is automatically filed with our support team. We make every effort to respond to claims within 24 hours.  


Examples of items covered by PayPal Purchase Protection


I never received my game

I received an empty package

I received an item very different from the way it was listed

I received a damaged game

I received the wrong item

I purchased a game described as authentic, but received a knockoff instead

*See PayPal Purchase Protection for complete list.


Returns and Refunds

In gaming and in trading, sometimes things just don’t go according to plan. While the majority of our games change hands without any glitches, sometimes returns and refunds are in order.


If you have any problems with an item you purchased and you want to request a refund, simply contact Make sure to let us know the item you’re requesting a refund for. We’ll review your request and get back to you as soon as possible.  


Some quick info about returns and refunds:


  • If an item is not delivered as it was described by the seller, the buyer is entitled to a refund

  • Sellers should promptly refund buyers for returned items once they are received

  • If a buyer receives a game that is “as described”, but wants to return it anyway (AKA "buyer's remorse"), the seller does not have to accept the return. The seller can choose to do so, but they’re not obligated to. Any refund in buyer's remorse situations will not include fees already paid by the seller or LeapTrade sales fees.

  • All refunds are subject to PayPal's refund policies and limitations


Shipping Costs on Returned Items


Who’s responsible for paying shipping costs on returns? Well, that depends on the situation…


  • When a game is returned, either the buyer or seller will pay return shipping costs.

  • If a game is received in poor condition, or it’s not as described, the seller is responsible for reimbursing return shipping costs to the buyer to remain in good standing on LeapTrade.

  • If an item is returned due to a disagreement in the condition of a game (e.g. excellent vs. good), the buyer is typically responsible for covering return shipping costs.

  • Returned items should be shipped with proper tracking and insurance for both the buyer’s and seller’s protection.


Lost Items


Fear not, game buyers, our system is set up to prevent games from getting lost in the mail. All trades are tracked through USPS so you’ll know where your item is every step of the way.


Lost items are extremely rare, but if your item is lost in transit we'll make sure you don't pay for anything you didn't receive. If you ever have a problem with a lost item, email us at and let us know what happened.


Make sure to provide the relevant trade details in your email so we can properly research the claim. Our support team will respond to your claim within 24 hours.  


Trade details to include your email:

·       Your LeapTrade username

·       Name of the game(s)

·       The seller's LeapTrade username


Cancellation Policy for Buyers


Ever make a move in a game you wish you could take back? While we can’t help you out there, we can help you out if you buy a game on LeapTrade and quickly change your mind.


We understand game buyer’s regret, that’s why LeapTrade purchases can be canceled at any time before the seller ships the game. To cancel a purchase before the item has shipped, go to your My Trades page and click the cancel button next to that purchase.


If need further help, contact Cancellations may not be possible if your game has already shipped or we’re unable to reach the seller before the item goes in the mail.





Why sell your games on LeapTrade? It’s simple—you’ll get more money than you will from game retailers. Selling your games on LeapTrade is safe and easy. We use PayPal for all sales and provide sellers a free shipping label with USPS tracking for each and every trade. You’re covered under PayPal Seller Protection and LeapTrade closely monitors all trading activity.  


Getting Paid


Sell your games, get money. It’s as easy as that. Once you package your item and print your LeapTrade shipping label, the sale proceeds will be deposited directly into your PayPal account. Sellers are expected to ship all items within 48 hours of a sale.


Sale Fulfillment


To keep our game trading community thriving, buyers and sellers alike must do their parts. As a seller, you’re obligated to fulfill sale with a buyer in a prompt and effective manner. Make it a point to package your items with care and get your games in the mail quickly.  


If you're unable to ship a game after it’s sold, please cancel your sale right away by visiting your My Trades page at and clicking “Cancel”.  A cancellation fee of up to $2 may apply if your LeapTrade shipping label has already been processed.


If you know you won't be sending your item for any reason, please don't leave us or your buyer in the dark. A buyer protection fee of up to $5 will apply for sales that go unshipped without being promptly canceled.




What’s it cost to list your game for sale on LeapTrade? Nothing. Listing your games is free. LeapTrade only charges a fee after an item is sold.


When your item sells, we deduct 6.5% from the sale price as a sales fee with a minimum of $0.50. 


When listing an item for sale, the amount quoted on the "you will get" line is the amount paid to your PayPal account.  PayPal will also collect some fees on their own, see them here.


Here are a couple examples of what typical seller fees will look like:


$20 Game Example

Sales fee = $1.30

Paid to your PayPal acount = $18.70


$10 Game Example

Sales fee = $0.65

Paid to your PayPal acount = $9.35




What happens if there’s an issue with your sale (for example, if the buyer is unhappy or claims they didn’t receive the game)? In cases where there’s a disputed or unsuccessful transaction, LeapTrade will use our Transaction Policies to reach a resolution. Possible resolutions may include the cancellation of a sale or the purchase of additional shipping fees.


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