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Philly Flasher/Cathouse Blues

Philly Flasher/Cathouse Blues / Atari 2600
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When adult-game company Mystique went out of business, PlayAround bought the rights to their games. Along with the original Mystique titles, PlayAround also released a number of their own adult-themed games. These games were released in pairs on special "double-end" cartridges.


The two games contained in this release are, obviously enough, Philly Flasher and Cathouse Blues.

Philly Flasher

Philly Flasher is a re-working of the earlier Mystique game Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em. It features a naked witch at the top of the screen constantly lactating a yellow milk; the player controls a pair of men trying to catch the witch's foul milk in their gaping mouths. In this version, the gender roles are reversed from the original; in Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em, it was a constantly ejaculating man at the top of the screen and two naked women at the bottom trying to catch his falling sperm. After a certain amount of points are collected, the two males turn to the screen and masturbate, akin to the ladies in Beat 'Em and Eat 'Em licking their lips.

Cathouse Blues

Cathouse Blues is a re-working of Gigolo, another original game created by PlayAround (only with gender roles reversed). Instead of a woman, it features a man who must search the houses around town for a "good time". While that sounds easy enough, the player also has to deal with police, muggers, and houses that are wired with alarms.