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Breakers / Neo Geo
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Visco Corporation


Visco Corporation

Like many SNK fighters the game uses four buttons that correspond to four different attacks, a light kick and light punch, and a hard kick and hard punch. The player can mix and match these moves to create combo's. Interestingly the player can also “cancel” normal attacks into special moves and cancel special moves into super moves. Each character also has their own forward and back dash moves, which can be vital in order to control the space of the screen.

Sho Kamui

The game's figure head character. He is a Karate exponent from Japan who travels the globe to any place where other martial artists claim superiority in their art. In his past he fought Dao Long in a brutal fight that cumulates in his loss and a scar on his cheek. He enters the tournament to prove his worth and defeat his rival.

Lee Dao Long

A young Kung Fu master from Korea who practices a style called “The empty Fist” His father was Killed by Bai Hu, and he enters the tournament to seek revenge.


Tia Langray

A martial artist renowned for her kicking prowess. Her brother (a martial arts master) was captured by Bai Hu, and so she enters the tournament to find him.


Pielle Montario

A noble French swordsman who uses a fencing style. He lives a life of luxury with a butler and a nameless valet.


Condor Heads

A native American martial artist who uses a brutal wrestling style of combat. He seeks to destroy the evil spirit that has taken control of Bai Hu.


Shiek Maherl

An Arabian man who uses a scimitar sword and has the uncanny ability to breath fire. He can also inflate himself and bounce around to attack his foe's. He enters the tournament to find his comrade, unaware that he was killed by Bai Hu.


Rila Estansia

A vicious fighter who fiercely protects the wilderness of the amazon, using her claws and a violent fighting technique.


Alsion III

A strange Egyptian who has the ability to stretch his arms and legs, as well as conjure poison fog. He was sealed away in a tomb for over 4000 years by the demon that possessed Bai Hu.

Bai Hu

The games final boss character. He is known as the worlds most deadly and most powerful martial artist. He is in reality the evil specter who killed Dao Long's father and who most characters are connected to.