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Cyber-Lip / Neo Geo
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Cyber-Lip was published and developed by SNK Corporation for the Neo Geo on July 1, 1991. The game was later ported to the Neo Geo CD, but the only difference is some added cutscenes to better explain the story. Cyber-Lip is a traditional shooter, taking inspiration from Konami's Contra franchise. Cyber-Lip was also one of the first shooters that SNK created, well before the creation of their popular Metal Slug franchise. Many of the bosses in Cyber-Lip took inspiration from Contra, and the plot was heavily inspired by that of The Terminator. Of note is the fact that many developers on this game went on to create the Metal Slug franchise.

GameplayMany of the bosses are very similar to Contra bosses.

Taking inspiration from the Contra franchise, Cyber-Lip is a 2D side-scrolling shooter (with many platforming aspects as well). The game can be played with two players in a cooperative mode, but that does not differ much besides the added player. Each level consists of the main level, and then a boss at the end. To help along the way are many power-ups that affect rate of fire, type of bullets, power, etc. Unlike Contra, the weapons can be stored and cycled through.

There are other power-ups as well, including the shield (which is a rotating shield protecting the player from any enemy fire). One notable difference from other popular shooters of the time is the platform-like bot that the player rides on after dying. From there, the player can fly anywhere in the stage (albeit at the same or only slightly faster speed as walking). From this little platform, the player can shoot as well. The catch to this bot is that it is only triggered when the player respawns from death.

The President gives orders throughout the game, but is later revealed to be an alien.


The plot of Cyber-Lip takes place in 2020. The plot is typical science fiction fare; Earth has created a colony in space and has overestimated the abilities of the androids they left there to guard it from aliens. The Cyber-Lip Master Defense Computer, a large supercomputer that basically runs the entire network, malfunctions and all of said androids begin attacking their human creators. Rick and Brook, two very skilled soldiers who have become renowned for their work in previous wars and battles, are sent by the President himself to deal with this threat. Cyber-Lip became known for its twist ending. When the Cyber-Lip is destroyed, it says, "I am not insain [sic], I have just been evilly reprogrammed." Then, the President congratulates the player and says, "There are no more obstacles in our way. The Earth is ours," as his eyes turn red. The game ends there, leaving the fate of Earth and the player a mystery.