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Kick Master

Kick Master / Nintendo Entertainment System
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Martial Arts


KID Corp.


Taito Corporation

Knight Macren's Last Words

The Land of Lowrel is in Chaos as the wicked witch Belzed has finally made her move to take over the land.  The King and Queen are slain and the last remaining heir, Princess Silphee, has been kidnapped.  Belzed's minions and monsters have destroyed everything in their path, including all but one of the King's Knights, Macren.  He and is younger brother Thonolan, a martial artist, begin the long journey to the witch's castle only to be struck by an early tragedy.  Macren, having suffered a mortal wound from a skeleton soldier, pleads with Thonolan to continue in their quest, for he is the last hope for Lowrel, the only man able to stop the world from falling into chaos.

Opening Screen


Similar to many of the other action/platformers released by Taito in the early 90s, the player controles Thonolan, the younger brother of one of the King's Knights in his quest to take down the evil witch Belzed.  The camera movement is simple left/right side scrolling, with the "B" button used for jumping and the "A" button reserved for attacks.  Using his feet where others with swords have failed, Thonolan earns experience throughout the game wich allows you to upgrade your kicks; from a simple straight kick, to a powerful roudhouse and eventually to kicks so extreme (one is called the Butterfly... yes... that's hardcore) no monster is able to block his way.