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Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition / Nintendo Switch
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Reveal trailer shot of the Reveal trailer shot of the "new" Bionis Shoulder zone with a view of the imperial capital, Alcamoth, hovering over Eryth Sea.

MonolithSoft's modern RPG classic Xenoblade Chronicles, first released in June 2010 for Wii in Japan, is getting completely remade for release on May 29, 2020 - just in time for the game's 10 year anniversary. A reveal trailer, shown off during a Nintendo Direct in September 2019, showed off some scenes showcasing completely redone character models and environments with modern lighting and effects.

Beyond remaking just the visuals, MonolithSoft is also including a new epilogue to the game, titled Future Connected. It is a standalone story that can be started from the title screen without needing the finish the main game. Future Connected mainly stars Shulk and Melia and is set on the previously unfinished and cut Bionis Shoulder map, only found in brief fly-by cutscenes of the original game.

This entirely new zone is situated between Makna Forest and Eryth Sea and was not included in the original release, leaving those two areas to be connected via a magical teleport while all other zones throughout the game were naturally and logically linked together. Footage comparisons of the unfinished version in the Wii game data and the trailer footage have shown several environment upgrades in the Bionis Shoulder map.

Smaller world-building adjustments are also introduced, such as the character Alvis no longer wearing a necklace with a key on it, but instead a red Core Crystal which will tie the only loosely connected Xenoblade and Xenoblade 2 worlds a bit closer together.