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Donkey Kong Country Returns

Donkey Kong Country Returns / Nintendo WII
editor score 8.5
user score 8.6
Release Date










  1. DigitalDisciple


    on 12/1/14
    Score 9.5

    A true return to Donkey Kong Country. I've been playing new AAA games for Wii U like Super Mario Bros. U and Super Mario 3D World, but then I play this game and the innovation and gameplay is even better than those!

    If you liked Donkey Kong Country you'll love this game. It stays true to the Donkey Kong Country style and even maintains much of the same music, however this game adds lots of action in the foreground and background. The game is action packed and never dull.

    They've also made two players be able to jive really well together. For example if you are both jumping on the top of an enemy, with most games the first to reach the enemy would bounce off (killing the bad guy) and the next player would fall through. In this game the enemy stays around for a second or so which makes it possible to both bounce off the enemy and not fall to your doom.

    I can't wait for DKC:Tropical Freeze!

  2. charismaembodied


    on 21/3/14
    Score 7.6

    A frustratingly fun return to basics. It preserves the classic feel and difficulty while adding in depth and style. Platforms shift, enemies shit strategies. A wonderful, yet difficult game.

    Sadly, this great game has some downsides. The players can only take a few hits before they die. Combined this with challenging levels and this game can be aggravating. Also, an outdated lives system will have you repeating the same levels again and again

    Motion controls are used to DK county’s classic roll. At times this can be unresponsive. The shortcomings don’t hold the game back much. It has many modes and a crazy amount of content. The co-op also adds a little replayability.

    Truly a flawed masterpiece.