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Star Trek: Judgment Rites

Star Trek: Judgment Rites / PC
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Interplay Entertainment Corp.


Interplay Entertainment Corp.


Star Trek: Judgment Rites again brings us the adventures of Kirk, Scotty, McCoy and Co. Sequel to the hit 1992 release Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, this MS-DOS based classic added new features and a new set of adventures to the series.

Developed and published by Interplay and using a modified

version of the original 25th Anniversary game engine which utilized

256 color VGA graphics and digitized sound. Judgment Rites uses the same story mode as in the previous game, but unlike the previous game the space battle sequences could be skipped if wanted.


Unlike the original game, which used unconnected chapters. This time around the developers of Judgement Rites made the chapters within the storyline interconected and even included references to the original TV series. Like the previous game, after each mission/story you were awarded a score based on your performance on that mission.

Judgment Rites built on the team-based formula established in the 25th Anniversary game by creating different away teams depending the chapter's story. Departing from the Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Red Shirt team from the previous game allowing them to introduce Scotty, Uhura, Sulu, and others (including non-Federation characters) as playable characters.

Chapters in the game were:

  • Federation
  • Sentinel
  • No Man's Land
  • Light And Darkness
  • Voids
  • Museum Piece
  • Though This Be Madness
  • ...Yet There Is Meathod In It.

Alternate Version

This game was available in two versions, this 11 floppy disc version or a limited edition CD collector's edition which contained the CD talkie version of the game which utilized the voices of the original cast and improved graphics. The limited edition also contained a second CD containing interviews with Leonard Nimoy and Gene Roddenberry and a behind the scenes video. A collectors stick pin and a VHS tape containing the classic episode "City On The Edge Of Forever"

Additional Notes

Like Star Trek 25th Anniversary, this MS-DOS based game and it's limited edition version is playable on modern systems when used in conjunction with DOSBox. On May 7th 2015, a version bundled with DosBox was made available on, and the day after on Steam.

A third game in the series was to be released years later in 1999, entitled Star Trek: Secret Of The Vulcan Fury. This title was never fully realized and never released even though several non-interactive demos were presented.