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Summer Catchers

Summer Catchers / PC
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Action & Adventure




Noodlecake Studios

General Information

Summer Catchers is an arcade 2d action game with adventure elements. It has been in the development since June 2015, however some groundwork was made in 2011. The team consists of 4 developers and gets funding from Ukrainian IT company — Face IT. The game is going to be released on Steam on July 16th 2019 for Windows and MacOS.


The game begins with the girl awakening in a bank of snow, which pushes her to the edge of dealing with endless cold. She starts a journey in hopes to find summer, with the help of some Wolf-Lumberjack, who builds a wooden car for her. This is how the odyssey to the edge of the world begins. On the way to her dream, the girl will cross many locations, meet various characters and complete numerous quests.


The gameplay is represented in the type of side scroller, where the girl’s car drives itself, but the player has to activate various tools at the right moment, allowing it to run the rocks. On the first level, the player has three main tools: Bumper for breaking through barriers, Jumper for jumping over holes, and Booster souping up the car to wade through sharp hills; as well as three temporary tools, each of them is dedicated to its unique mission. Sometimes other game mechanics are involved, where the player needs to solve puzzles, go through a labyrinth or even play a rhythm game.

Game World

The game world includes 8 main levels: Night Forest, Winter Forest, Green Forest, Steppe, Rocky Mountains, Kele City, Dusty Desert and Swamps. Each level has its own peculiarities, and differs visually. Also, every level has a unique mini-game and is guarded by bosses.

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