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ACardShooter / PC
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Card Game


ACardShooter is a pixel art twin-stick shooter and deck building game. It was released for PC, Linux and Mac on August 16, 2019.

The game combines the shooter and deck building elements during the main gameplay. The remaining hit points of the player is the hand size (i.e. if the player loses a life, they lose a hand card/slot, if they gain a life, they gain a hand card/slot). The player can collect mana after killing enemies, which can be used to play cards. The card effects aid in the shooter combat and can be combined for greater effects. Killed enemies also drop coins, which can be used to buy more cards or more deck space.

Before starting a round, the player can select one of three characters, one of four levels, and a deck to use. The rounds consist of multiple waves of enemies and boss waves. The levels have a story (fixed wave count) and endless mode. The endless mode is unlocked after completing the story mode of the respective level.

The game provides challenges to further test the players abilities. These can either be special feats achieved during regular gameplay or "active challenges". Active challenges have a fixed level, character and deck and change aspects of the game (e.g. change the waves of the level or disable shooting).