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Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble!

Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble! / PC
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Trivia/Board Game


Alternate Historical



Alternate Historical






At the outset of the game Maximillian, a worker at your school is arrested and accused of causing accidents within the school. The player is out to find the evidence needed to free Max from the gallows.


Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble! starts with the player choosing out of a dozen girls who will be the leader of their gang. Each has their own values for 4 attributes which are associated with a suit from a deck of cards. Their attributes become the tokens that are used during minigames played constantly over the course of the main game.


  • Popularity - Represented by a red heart benefts during the taunting minigame
  • Rebellion - Represented by a black spade is helpful in exposing secrets
  • Glamour - Represented by a red diamond is useful for fibbing
  • Savvy - Represented by a black club is beneficial during gambits

The game looks like a mashup of the board game Clue and Monopoly because of the way the board looks and since the people are represented by what appears to be Monopoly pieces that can be clicked on to interact with them.

At first your main goal will be to fill up your ranks with 3 more female compatriots but once that is complete you have from 7am till curfew at 9pm each day to get as much done as possible. As you talk to the townsfolk, one of 4 minigames that the player must win in order to receive their prize or information will occur.

There is a 5th minigame that is a flirting minigame which converts the male into your bodyguard. These come in handy because if you lose one of the minigames he will "sacrifice" himself to save you instead of that girl being out of commission for awhile.


Taunt - The main attribute used is Popularity.

  • The player begins with life equal to their popularity. The player takes turns taunting with their opponent each time someone is not able to answer the taunt with the proper retort that person loses a certain amount of life until someone wins.

Expose - Rebellion is the main attribute for exposing secrets.

  • This game is played by using your tokens based on your attributes to uncover words from a few phrases that are covered up. Once all your tokens are used up each choice will give the player a choice of 4 words that could go in that position and attempt to guess what the rest of them will be.

Fib - The main attribute used is Glamour

  • This game is basically playing poker and you try to get a better hand than your opponent. Your Glamour tokens represent the amount of times you can flip tokens to get a better hand.

Gambit - Savvy is the main attribute for gambits.

  • Your savvy and one other skill will be used in this game. There are 3 places where these tokens can be placed Brazen, Smooth and Devious and depending on how the tokens are placed will cause different things to occur.

Flirting - All attributes are important.

  • Flirting is used to get a boyfriend and at the start of this game the boy in question will put out a token which refers to an action. The player then picks one of their tokens to find the action which complements the one the boy chose. Once you reach 6 correct matches he is all yours.

PC System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 98/ME/NT/2K/XP/VistaProcessor: 400MHz or better CPU
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Video Card: Directx 7.0 compatible card
  • Hard disk space: 21 MB of hard disk space (Steam Version)