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Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive

Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive / PC
editor score 6.8
user score 6.8
Release Date



Real-Time Strategy




Spellbound Entertainment AG


1C Company


In wild west New Mexico, 1881, there has been a slew of trains robbed in past months by a mysterious bandit named El Diablo and the railroad company Twinnings & Co offer a $15,000 bounty to the one who can stop him. Bounty hunter John Cooper feels up to the task, despite objections from a contemptuous US Marshal Jackson, yet quickly realises the mission is not as simple as he assumed. Creating a team from his old partners in his hunt for the train robbers, and some extras along the way, he hunts down El Diablo who turns out to be none other than Marshal Jackson. Jackson locks them up in his cave headquarters but after successfully escaping their cells Cooper chases El Diablo up to his office and kills him in a dramatic gunfight.


John Cooper

Bounty hunter and leader of the gang, wielding a rapid firing Remington Army 1875 and throwing knives. He can carry unconscious or dead bodies and is the only character who can climb walls or mountains and saddle horses for use. He also carries a pocket watch that plays a tune after a short period, used to distract or lure guards.

Samuel Williams

Cooper's African-American friend picked up at a cotton plantation in Louisiana. Obsessed with explosives, heavy weapons (and pretty women) he wields dynamite, a rattlesnake in a sack, rope for tying bodies and can use barrels of TNT. He also has a long range Winchester rifle and can use fixed Gatling guns.

Doc McCoy

A physician and scientist. He is saved from being lynched and hanged for fraud in Jennings, LA. He wields a powerful Cold Buntline Special which he employs crafted high-precision bullets essentially turning a revolver into a sniper rifle. He also carries vials of knock-out gas that can be thrown or carried by balloons. He is able to revive unconscious characters and heal wounded allies. His large trenchcoat can be used as a scarecrow for decoy actions and is an accomplished lockpick and safecracker.

Kate O'Hara

A professional gambler. She is saved in Baton Rouge after accusations of cheating. Beautiful and seductively charming she has a knack for luring guards ready to ambush or knock-out with a kick. She also carries poker cards and a mirror used to blind enemies or lighting TNT barrels from afar and a powerful but short range Derringer.

Pablo Sanchez

A Mexican bandit leader captured in New Mexico when he is assumed to be El Diablo but let free when found innocent. He knows much about El Diablo and his organisation, proving very useful to the team. He has tequila which can be used to attract and inebriate enemies. He can also fake a siesta, attracting guards who can be knocked-out with a roundhouse swing. He carries a sawn-off shotgun that can hit multiple enemies at once and is able to use or carry Gatling guns. If he enters a building with three or less enemies he will throw them out the door unconscious. He can carry two bodies at once, throw stones to knock out enemies or push heavy objects aside with his huge strength.

Mia Yung

A Chinese girl who joins the group after seeing her father killed in front of her by the corrupt marshal. She is young at 18 years old yet courageous, making up for her lack of physical prowess with wit, sneakiness and agility. She is small enough to hide inside barrels. She has a whistle, flash grenades, peanuts and a pet monkey, Mr Leone, for distracting enemies. She has a short range blowpipe that does small damage but slowly drive the victim into a psychotic rage, attacking any friend or foe in sight, eventually falling unconscious if not killed first.