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Doom / PC
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id Software


Bethesda Softworks


Previously referred to as Doom 4, Doom is the 4th mainline title in the Doom franchise. The game harkens back to the fast-paced philosophy of the original two Doom games. The game is running on id Tech 6, or as id software likes to call it, "id Tech 666". Both the console and PC versions feature an FOV slider and framerate remains uncapped on the PC side.

On February 19, 2014, along with the reveal of the game's name change, Bethesda Softworks announced beta access for anyone that pre-orders Wolfenstein: The New Order.


At the Quake Con 2014 unveil it was revealed that the game focuses on high speed movement and run & gun gameplay like the original Doom, and also features a deep combat melee system, including execution animations. There is no regen health system, thus the player will be forced to pick up health from fallen enemies in order to regain health. This gore kill system, initiated by dealing damage to enemies and then performing a melee attack is meant to keep the action moving forward. The player is encouraged to play aggressively in order to re-supply and regain health.

Much like classic games of the 90s players will be able to hold all their weapons simultaneously, instead of the typical 2 primaries and a sidearm variant found in most modern shooters of today. Most major weapons have mods that can be attached by finding a modding droid within the level that add additional attacks such as the double tap for the super shotgun. One of the bigger changes is that both the chainsaw and BFG are assigned to their own unique keys and use unique ammo, making them go-to weapons for tougher foes or overwhelming odds.

Exploration will once again play a key role in Doom with secrets making a big return to the series. Each level will have various secret areas strewn throughout that reward the players with a variety of bonuses. These can range from getting weapons early, collecting armor upgrades that grant passive abilities, or discovering runes that allow the player to take part in instanced challenge rooms that unlock further gameplay abilities. The number of secrets available on each level can always be checked using the map, encouraging players to always go back and look around before moving on with the story.

id Software has stated that the campaign will be longer than 13 hours and feature an extreme difficulty mode called Ultra-Nightmare. During a play through in Ultra-Nightmare, a death is permanent causing the player to completely start their campaign over from the beginning of the game.


Certain Affinity co-developed the multiplayer which includes several classic modes such as deathmatch, team deathmatch, as well as freeze tag, domination, and warpath. Along with traditional gameplay modes, players can expect to locate power-ups, health packs, and jump pads in arenas that were familiar in older id Software games such as Quake. Players can also locate a pentagram that transforms them into a giant demon.

Doom will launch with 9 multiplayer maps, but including is an in-game tool called "Doom SnapMap". SnapMap will allow players to create new multiplayer maps and new game modes, which are all able to be shared to the online community.

Strong criticisms were cast during the multiplayer beta test due to the similarities to Halo's multiplayer from armor design to 2-weapon layouts instead of sticking with the more traditional arena modes found in previous games.


At QuakeCon 2008, id announced that Doom 4 will not be available through digital distribution like many of the company's previous titles. At the press conference, id Software co-founder John Carmack announced that Doom 4 would have "three times as much horsepower as RAGE". The game was then said to run at only 30 frames a second, but despite this, Carmack promises to raise the bar on video game graphics to a level "no one has ever seen before." Later in the event, id CEO Todd Hollenshead contradicted Carmack in a way when he announced id is "not even sure if Doom 4 will be Doom 4."

At Quake-con 2014 a private showing of the game wowed doom fans, but no footage surfaced for the public's viewing pleasure. In a interview it was stated nothing would be shown until 2015.

In interviews John Carmack has implied that the gameplay was to be more action-oriented than the previous title, and looks to shy away from the survival horror elements of Doom 3. Namely the excessive darkness, monsters 'hiding in closets', and the relatively limited amount of ammo available.

Early interviews suggest this move away from survival horror to Doom's more traditional focus on action:

You get to punctuate a lot more with triumphs and successes, and you just don't get to do that very much in survival horror. You know, you want to say, 'I'm victorious,' not, 'I'm not dead.' It's just a fundamentally more rewarding genre to be in.


Personnel within id software have expressed interest in making a new Doom movie that actually follows the Doom storyline, unlike the original Doom movie starring The Rock. Todd Hollenshead has openly aired his interest in a possible Doom movie following the storyline of Doom 4 itself, whatever that may be. He hopes that the hype for Doom 4 will encourage Universal Studios into talks about the project's possibility.