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Sudeki / PC
editor score 8.5
user score 8.5
Release Date








Climax Studios


ZOO Digital Publishing Ltd

Sudeki was developed by Climax in 2003 for the original Xbox and released in early 2004, the PC version was later released in 2005.   It is a western developed real-time RPG with some psuedo-turn based combat and a very Japanese inspired art style.
The game was a strange mix of many things, while initially appearing to be a child friendly colorful happy game it was filled with copious amounts of blood and gore and had a strangely dark story that covered such subjects as racism although obviously being within the context of its own fantasy world.  The games biggest problem was simply not having a definable identity or market.  The combat was neither entirely real time or entirely turn based, some characters played like a shooter while others played like a poor imitation of Diablo.  The game suffered from terrible voice acting and generally bad writing but had at least a somewhat interesting and mostly original story with characters that weren't entirely unlikable. 


Sudeki's world is split in to two identical but ultimately very different parallel places, one being the world of light; Illumina, the other being the world of darkness; Akloria.
It begins with a young male character by the name of Tal who is both irresponsible and generally disinterested in anything but himself being tasked with locating princess Alish by his father, leader of the Illumina army.
It isn't long until he is thrust in to a journey he never expected. On his way to locating Alish he encounters for the first time a group of strange creatures and soldiers who seemingly emerge from nowhere.  Turns out these creatures are from the other world and seek the destruction of Tal's for reasons that are discovered later in the game.
On your way through Sudeki you slowly unravel the truth of the two worlds, that your queen may have a secret agenda and that the dark world and its inhabitants aren't what they seem.  


The game's main protagonist, a red haired sword wielding member of the Illumina army.  His attacks and abilities are all sword based, some for individual targets and some for multiple targets.


An arrogant princess who dresses like a prostitute. Alish wields a staff like it were a rifle and can cast powerful spells of both the firey death and healing variety.


A scientist and an inventor, solely responsible for creating the devices that protect Illumina from attack by the forces of the dark world. He lost his left arm in an unfortunate accident but replaced it with a mechanical one he built for himself. Also controls like a first person shooter and actually uses guns.  His attacks are mostly alternate fire modes for his pistols but one of his more powerful abilities results in him deploying a machine around his body that fires a giant laser of death.


A shidani warrior who wields the power of wolverine like claws, terrible voice acting and outfits that get progressively smaller and less practical as you progress.  She plays somewhat similarly to tal and features an attack where she literally spins around like the Tazmanian devil, slicing up everything she hits.


The word schizophrenic comes to mind when describing Sudeki's gameplay.  Like previously mentioned the game never really controls the same even between your 4 playable characters.  Two are controlled in third person and feature alot of melee attacks while the other two control like first person shooter characters.    When using melee each ability has a certain radious type, Tal for example has a slash attack that only hits things in a cone arc in front of him while Buki's whirlwind only hits things in direct melee that she manages to get close enough to when spinning around.
Combat is always real time but when powering up attacks the game goes in to a bullet-time mode, the problem with this is that sometimes enemies could move out of the radius of an attack or even interupt the attack entirely by hitting the player. This made for a frustrating experience that had very random outcomes and thus a constantly flucuating difficulty curve.
As with any rpg worth its salt their is loot, levels and stats.  While you would come across many different weapons their were only three outfits for each character that got progressively more powerful with each upgrade.  They could also only be obtained by completing side quests for each individual charater that would then result in a giant being known as Testu appearing and 'blessing' you with a new appearance.  
Abilities are progressively unlocked as you gain levels and became more effective depending on which stats you put most of your points in to.   


Sudeki was met with a mix of opinions and reviews but overall wasn't drastically negative, it ended up with a 72 on metacritic.

Another Fine Example of a Bad Port

Like most console made games that are brought over to PC Sudeki suffered from relying heavily on the original console controller.  While controls were managable on PC they proved to be cumbersome enough that simply aiming your attacks an enemies became more difficult that it already was.  Menu's also still featured the Xbox button icons.  The game also ran rather poorly even on very high end machines much more powerful than the original Xbox.