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Disney/Pixar Cars

Disney/Pixar Cars / PlayStation 2
editor score 7.6
user score 7.6
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Console and Computer versions


The most substantial portion of the game is found in the Story mode. Players control Lightning McQueen through an open hub world based on Radiator Springs. Lightning interacts with the many inhabitants to play minigames, learn new abilities, and--most frequently--race them.  Players collect 'Trophy Points' for accomplishing the various events, which along with a loose story progression unlock additional events at  fairly regular intervals.
Other game modes include:
  • Arcade mode : Play as any unlocked character in any unlocked race or mini game.
  • VS Mode: Pick any two unlocked characters to compete in local-only versus racing.
The racing is very basic, and does not feature any weapons like most cart racers. Instead the player relies on an auto-refilling boost, power sliding, jumping and shortcuts to take and hold the lead. The NASCAR style events do not feature none of these abilities. Instead the player must avoid other players and pit effectively.
This game features no online play.


Confusingly taking place after the movie, Lightning must re-learn abilities from the residents of Radiator Springs that he can use on the track to overtake his greatest rival, Chick Hicks (all of which happens in the movie). After besting Chick on various tracks, Chick challenges Lightning to one final tournament of races, which take place over each environment of the game culminating with a second Piston Cup victory.

Mini Games

Aside from racing, the game features a small collection of mini-games. These mini games frequently have several stages of increasing difficulty. 

  • Lizzie's Poscard Hunt - Collect 20 postcards spread out around the game's environments.
  • Luigi to the Rescue - Collect tires against the clock.  
  • Sheriff's Hot Persuit - Chase down down delinquent cars, 3 at a time.
  • Tractor Tipping - Mater must avoid spot lights and Frank the Combine to tip tractors. 
  • High Speed Heist/Lightning Strikes Back - The delinquent street racers make their way through traffic to hijack Mac on the highway, stealing some of Lightning's supplies. The second level is Lightning recovering these items.


While players play solely as Lightning in the Story Mode, additional characters can be unlocked and played in the VS and Arcade modes. Each character has additional paint jobs that can be unlocked by earning points in Story Mode. Each character is voiced by their original movie voice actor.
Character Name
How to Unlock
Lightning McQueen
Available immediately
MaterAvailable immediately
SallyAvailable immediately
Darrell Cartrip
Available immediately
Lightning McQueen (Monster Truck)
Available immediately
Doc Hudson
Earn 5,000 points
FloEarn 6,000 points
RamoneEarn 7,500 points
SheriffEarn 8,000 points
Chick Hicks
Earn 10,000 points
KingEarn 12,000 points
WingoEarn 12,000 Points
Count Spatula (Monster Truck)
Earn 15,000 points
 Cars requires 5.2GB of space to install on an Xbox 360 HDD.  

Xbox 360 Achievements

Tractor Tipping (75G) 
-Successfully complete all levels of tractor tipping. 
Palm Mile Speedway (75G) 
-Win the race by finishing in 1st place. 
Lizzie's Postcard Hunt (100G) 
-Collect all available postcards in postcard hunt. 
Motor Speedway of the South (50G) 
-Win the race by finishing in 1st place. 
Sheriff's Hot Pursuit (50G) 
-Successfully complete all levels of Sheriff's Hot Pursuit. 
Rustbucket Race-O-Rama (50G) 
-Win the race by finishing in 1st place. 
Sun Valley International Raceway (75G) 
-Win the race by finishing in 1st place. 
Smasherville Motor Speedway (75G) 
-Win the race by finishing in 1st place. 
Monster Truck Mayhem (50G) 
-Win the race by finishing in 1st place. 
Radiator Springs GP (50G)
-Win the race by finishing in 1st place.  
Tailfin Pass GP (50G) 
-Win the race by finishing in 1st place. 
Ornament Valley GP (50G) 
-Win the race by finishing in 1st place. 
LA International Speedway (100G) 
-Win the race by finishing in 1st place. 
Tailfin Pass (75G) 
-Complete the necessary activities to unlock Tailfin Pass 
Ornament Valley (75G) 
-Complete the necessary activities to unlock Ornament Valley.

PSP version


This versions of this game is limited to racing, with no open world. Like the console version, the bulk of this game resides in Story Mode. There are different racing mechanics, and a different plot. While boosting and power sliding remain key factors, jumping over obstacles is more prevalent, and players must now draft behind other racers to refill the boost meter. Many reviews indicated that the racing AI is noticeably more difficult than the console versions.
Other game types include:
  • Grand Prix: Race in a collection of races organized in Cups.
  • Time Trial: Self explanatory.
  • Custom Race: Pick a racer, a track, how many laps, and whether or not to mirror the map.
  • Multiplayer:This mode allows for Ad-Hoc head to head racing.


The delinquent street racers disrupt Radiator Springs, Lightning McQueen and the local populous challenge the racers to a series of races to chase them out of town.


 Most characters have an alternate paint jobs that be unlocked by beating various time trials.
Character Name
How to Unlock
Lightning McQueen
Available immediately
LuigiAvailable immediately
MaterAvailable immediately
SallyAvailable immediately
SargeAvailable immediately
Defeat in Story Mode
Defeat in Story Mode
 DJDefeat in Story Mode
 Snot Rod
Defeat in Story Mode
Defeat in Story Mode
  Doc Hudson
Place 1st in Gran Prix 1
 SheriffPlace 1st in Gran Prix 2
 FloPlace 1st in Gran Prix 3
 RamonePlace 1st in the Mirror Cup

Nintendo DS version


While this release does feature traditional racing (only 4 events), the main focus is on the 12 mini games, each based upon a character from the franchise. These mini games heavily involve the touch screen. There is no primary plot.
This game does feature Ad Hock 2 player vs racing, and requires two cartridges to do so.


Mini Game
Featuring / Based on
Casa Della Tires
Fishin' Mater
Flo's V8 Cafe
GesundheitSnot Rod and the Imports
Highway Hassle
Hydraulic Jump Jam
Ramone Style
Ramone and DJ
That Blinkin' Light
Fillmore and Sarge
The Drive-In
Lightning and Sally
Tractor Tippin'
Mater and Lightning
World's Best Backwards Driver

Game Boy Advance Version


This version is an isometric perspective race game (ala Super Off Road). There are 16 different events to compete in, and as with the other versions, power sliding and boosting remain a staple.
This version features no multiplayer.


Cars received average review scores, and the scores varied somewhat by platform. Many outlets seemed to feel that the title was a better than average movie tie-in with mostly solid mechanics, but ultimately coming up a bit short on length, and on some platforms, features.

PlatformMetacricitc Score
Gameboy Advance
Nintendo DS
Sony PSP
 Nintendo Gamecube
PlayStation 2
Xbox 360
Not Available