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FIFA 14 / PlayStation 2
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Electronic Arts

New Features

FIFA 14 brings set of new features that will help bring the whole matchday experience to the player. One of the biggest features this time around is called 'Pure Shot'. 'Pure Shot' combined with brand-new ball physics system will make the shooting feel real and exhilarating.

'Protect The Ball' feature lets the players fend off and block opponents from the ball while running at any speed.

Teammates are more intelligent this year on both sides of the field. New decision-making logic ensures smarter defending and will enable defenders to provide support and recognize opportunities to win back possession. Attacking players now have more ways to trick opponent defence by creating more space for themselves and running along the backline.

Major ball control changes add new means that allow player to win more midfield battles. Players can now turn in every direction when sprinting while preserving momentum thanks to the new 'Sprint Dribble Turns' feature.

FIFA 14 brings improvements to the Career Mode as well. Global Scouting Network allows players to develop their scouting network and search for young talent to bring in. Scouts will evaluate players from all over the world in preparation for the transfer window. Lot of improvements have been made on the look and feel of the Career Mode to make it easy to navigate, with fewer interruptions.


FIFA 14 continues the recent tradition of the franchise by bringing engaging online multiplayer features and live services that let fans connect to each other and use real world football data to enrich their playing experience.

More interesting changes worth mentioning are improvements to Ultimate Team,Social element of online play and of course authenticity with more than 500 officially licensed clubs.