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Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots / PlayStation 3
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Modern Military

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Kojima Productions


Konami Corporation



Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots takes place in 2014, around 5 years after the events of MGS2, and sees an aged Solid Snake (now Old Snake) on his final mission to stop Liquid Ocelot and his PMC armies once and for all. It was intended as the conclusion of the Metal Gear Solid story, a fact that was played up thoughout the game's marketing - most trailers showed Snake seemingly committing suicide at the conclusion of his mission. While serving as a direct narrative sequel to MGS2, most gameplay elements from MGS3 such as the 3D camera, CQC, and camouflage return, along with new features and a variety of new settings including active battlefields. A new Metal Gear Online game was included on the MGS4 disc (before later getting a standalone retail release in Japan), but has since been shut down.

The game was released exclusively on PlayStation 3 on June 12, 2008 and unlike other numbered MGS entries, has not received an updated release (á la Integral, Substance or Subsistence), nor a release on any other platform. Retail discs available from August 2012 are updated with the 2.0 patch.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Database was released free of charge on the PlayStation Store just after MGS4's release. It's a companion application that serves as a guide to the complete Metal Gear canon up to the release of MGS4, with spoilers for that game locked until a completed MGS4 save is detected. MGS4 was shown running on PlayStation Vita hardware at a pre-launch press conference in Japan (specifically the scene from the original gameplay trailer, with Snake and Mk. II). No indication has been given that a full Vita version will ever be developed, though a (much) more primitive handheld adaptation was released on iOS as Metal Gear Solid Touch.

2.0 Patch

On July 12, 2012 it was announced that MGS4 would finally receive it's long-awaited Trophy patch, as part of the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary celebrations. The 516MB patch (version 2.0) was released in all regions on August 6, 2012 and will be pre-installed on retail discs going forward. 34 Trophies have been added to the game, though a brand new, post-patch save file must be started in order to earn them. Saves created with this patch are marked with "(Ver.2)" and are incompatible with unpatched copies of MGS4.

The main menu now features an "Install" option, which allows players to choose from a number of installation options:

  • Individual Act Install: As in the original release, each act installs over the previous one.
  • Cumulative Install: The mid-game installs still happen, but they don't overwrite the previous one, meaning prior acts can be replayed without installing again.
  • Full Install: Installs all the acts (approx. 8.5GB) at once, eliminating mid-game installs entirely.
  • Delete Data: Removes any installed game data from the hard drive.

In addition, Metal Gear Online has been removed from the main menu, as the service has been shut down. If any previously-downloaded MGO patches are detected, they will be automatically cleared from the hard drive.


How many of you guys are out there?
How many of you guys are out there?

Progression through previous Metal Gear games has always been based on the concept of sneaking through enemy territory, and that is still true of MGS4. However, MGS4 changes this by shifting the settings away from enemy bases and terrorist-occupied buildings to contested battlefields and firefights with multiple paths available to the player. Many areas are defined by a series of conflicts between PMCs and local militia. The player must think on their feet to cope with the constantly changing scenarios.

In addition to sneaking through a battlefield, Snake can join the surrounding firefights by aiding the militia in battle. By choosing to fight alongside the resistance, Snake can gain their trust, and receive help in the form of covering fire, ammunition and health items. However, your new allies will turn on you if they sense something suspicious, and other soldiers will immediately know if you've betrayed their comrades.

The camera in MGS4 is an upgraded version of the Third Person View introduced in MGS3: Subsistence, with the angle and height of the camera now able to be freely controlled. The player can also switch to First Person View at any time to assess the surrounding area, to nail a more precise shot, or to move around.

Unlike previous MGS games, MGS4 is broken down into a number of acts, each with a different setting. In between acts are mission briefings, which take place on Otacon's ship the Nomad. These briefings are interactive, allowing the player to change camera angles and control the Metal Gear Mk. II, and can also be viewed again from the main menu. A new chunk of the game must be installed to the hard drive before each act - these installs are not cumulative and must be performed every time the game is replayed. The August 2012 patch will allow all data to be installed at once.

New Equipment

Can you see me?
Can you see me?

OctoCamo: A new optical camouflage which allows Snake to blend into any background in a matter of seconds, rendering him invisible even to the infrared cameras mounted on the unmanned Gekko Mechs. This is similar to the camouflage feature from MGS3, but OctoCamo works automatically. Special camo can be manually equipped, however, and patterns can be saved for future use. Extra patterns can be downloaded from the Extra menu. FaceCamo becomes available later and has additional preset variations that can replicate someone else's face. The player can unlock various NPC's faces to wear including Otacon and Campbell.

Metal Gear MK.II: A small, mobile, remotely operated terminal developed by Otacon. The Mk.II is equipped with stealth capabilities and is suited mainly for scouting and reconnaissance, but can also knock opponents out with an electric shock, carry Snake's gear, and also serves as the Codec.

Solid Eye: Another device developed by Otacon, the Solid Eye combines the capabilities of binoculars, night-vision goggles, and thermal goggles into one device, worn like an eye patch. Moreover, the Solid Eye amplifies the data collected from Snake's five senses and projects it onto Snake's field of vision. It tells Snake where the enemy is and how stable or unstable things are in battle, while also letting Snake know how easy he is to spot.

iPod: Snake is equipped with an iPod Classic which he can use to listen to music while he sneaks across the battlefield. New songs can be collected throughout the game, and downloaded from the Extra menu.

Psyche Gauge & Stress

Similar to the Stamina gauge from MGS3, the psyche gauge represents Snake's psychological well being, which has a direct effect on his performance. The psyche gauge can be refilled with certain healing items such as noodles, while other items temporarily increase the rate at which it is replenished. The major effect of a low psyche gauge is that it will severely hamper Snake's ability to aim accurately.

Snake's stress level is represented by a number that appears below the psyche gauge. The stress level is affected by many factors, such as adverse weather conditions, carrying too much equipment, or Alert Phases. High stress levels can have detrimental effects on the psyche gauge and combat effectiveness.



As with all the games in the Metal Gear Solid series, the weapons play a large part of the game. The game features a massive variety of weapons ranging from handguns, sub-machine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and explosives. Each individual gun has its own characteristics including power, weight, range, CQC compatibility, firing modes, and more. A Virtual Range option on the main menu allow the player to practice firing their acquired weapons at VR targets. It's similar in presentation to the VR training modes of previous MGS games but freeplay, rather than mission-based.

Weapons taken from defeated enemies are ID-locked, forcing the player to find a method for removing this lockout feature. In MGS 4, this is handled via Drebin. Every weapon that Snake comes across is immediately translated to Drebin points, representing its current world value in the theater of war during a given day. The more violent the conflict in the world, the more Drebin points the player receives. Players can then use these points to unlock these collected weapons for their use, or can save their points up to purchase ammunition or items in Drebin's shop, such as laser sights, hand grips and flashlights. These additional items can improve the accuracy or stability of a weapon, improving its effectiveness in combat. The Mk.II acts as your conduit to Drebin, automatically converting any weapons into Drebin Points while saving the ammunition for Snake.

The Beauty and the Beast Unit

The Beauty and the Beast Unit
The Beauty and the Beast Unit

The game's primary bosses are the Beauty and the Beast Unit (BB Corps), a group of female soldiers who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. They believe that killing Old Snake will free them from their torturous memories. Each of them have two forms: Beauty and Beast. The Beast forms are their destructive outer suits, with the Beauty forms inside. Once defeated, the Beauty (each modeled on a real supermodel) emerges from the Beast suit, and experiences a nervous breakdown without their suit to supress the traumatic event that haunts them. Each member takes elements from previous MGS series bosses: the animals of FOXHOUND, the weaponry of Dead Cell, and the emotions of the Cobra Unit. After each of their boss fights, Drebin shares their backstory with Snake.

  • Laughing Octopus: Fought mid-way through Act 2, Laughing Octopus utilizes FROGs as well as her camouflage and tentacles. She's based on Decoy Octopus, Solidus Snake and The Joy, and is modelled on Lyndall Jarvis.
  • Raging Raven: Raven and her drones attack Snake in Act 3, followed by a boss fight on a large clock tower. Raven also makes appearances in Act 1. She's based on Vulcan Raven, Fatman and The Fury and is modelled on Yumi Kikuchi.
  • Crying Wolf: In Act 4, Wolf uses her rail gun to attack Snake during a blizzard. She also has several FROGs fighting alongside her. She's based on Sniper Wolf, Fortune and The Sorrow and is modelled on Mieko Rye.
  • Screaming Mantis: The final BB Corps member, fought in Act 5, Mantis takes control of Meryl via her nanomachines. Snake must knock loose her dolls, modeled after Psycho Mantis and The Sorrow, and use them to destroy her. Once defeated, Psycho Mantis appears and attempts some of his tricks from MGS1. Mantis is based on Psycho Mantis, Vamp and both The Fear and The Pain and is modelled on Scarlett Chorvat.

If Snake hides from a Beauty for a certain amount of time, they will both be transported to a white space. Here, the Beauty will pose for Snake's camera, or dance to his iPod music. During this sequence, a three minute timer appears and counts down; the Beauty dies once it reaches zero. If Snake defeats them non-lethally, he receives a Face-Camo of their Beauty's face and a statue of their Beast form. Collecting all the statues unlocks the Solar Gun from Boktai.


Act One (Liquid Sun): Snake infiltrates a camp in the Middle East where Liquid Ocelot is located. Along the way, Snake encounters Drebin 893, an arms dealer that specializes in selling weapons and removing ID tags from them. Drebin injects Snake with nanomachines due to the fact that the weapons were unusable due to Snakes older form of Nanomachine. When Snake reaches the rendezvous point, he is surprised to learn that his informant is non other than Meryl Silverburgh. Shortly after reuniting with Meryl and meeting her new squad, Rat Patrol Team 01, they are ambushed by Liquid's personal, elite soliders - FROGs.

Afterward, Snake and Meryl part ways and Snake catches a quick glimpse of the Beauty and the Beast Unit wreaking havoc upon some militia men. Then, Snake finally catches up to liquid only to find that Naomi Hunter seems to be held captive by Liquid just as he unleashes a loud frequency-based attack that incapacitates all users of Nanomachines in the area. Snake is saved by Johnny, who is seemingly uneffected by Liquids attack.

Act Two (Solid Sun): Snake receives an encoded message by Naomi, decoded by Sunny, that reveals that she is being held captive by Liquid and that Snake needs to rescue her. Snake travels to South America to rescue her when he is exposed to the first member of the Beauty and the Beast Unit (aka BB Corps). Later, Drebin informs him of the nature of the members of the BB Corps and how they are traumatized female children turned soldiers who were enchanced by Nanomachines. He also informs Snake of the AI Cores that control the Nanomachine-using PMC troops.

Militia Attacked by BB Corps
Militia Attacked by BB Corps

Naomi Hunter is found by Snake in a small lab, and she tells snake how Liquid planned to take control of the AI core controlling SOP (Sons of the Patriots). Snake also learns that the FOXDIE virus inside of him is what is responsible for his rapid aging and will end his life in six months. Naomi goes on to say that, before that, the virus would mutate and Snake would spread the virus around, basically becoming a biological weapon. Then, Naomi is kidnapped and Laughing Octopus, the first member of the BB Corps attacks Snake. After defeating her, he goes on to escape the area with Drebin and his Armored Personnel Carrier. He then finds Raiden, now a cyborg ninja like those in Snake's past, and he fights with Vamp and defeats him, saving Naomi. However, Raiden is badly injured after the battle and is in recovery on the Nomad when Snake decides to find medical help for him.

Act Three (Third Sun): The act begins on the Nomad with Naomi becoming friends with Sunny, and becoming intimate with Otacon. She explains that the remains of Big Boss were in the possession of Big Mama (EVA). When Snake goes to the European country where Big Mama was he meets up with Meryl. Meryl tries to dissuade Snake from continuing on, insisting that his time is over. Snake disagrees and proceeds to find Big Mama who reveals herself to be his surrogate mother through the Les Enfants Terribles project. They are then attacked my Liquid's PMC and they escape on EVA's motorcycle. When it crashes, Snake fights and defeats the second member of the BB Corps - Raging Raven.

Big Mama then shows Snake where Big Boss's remains were, but Liquid defeats Snake in CQC and takes it. Liquid is confronted by U.S. Military forces, but uses their nanomachines against them through SOP, and throws Big Bosses remains into a fire. Big Mama jumps after it and Snake goes to try to save her, but fails and ends up with a large scar on his face. Liquid escapes with Naomi, but Otacon sneaks the MK.II metal gear onto the boat with them.

Act Four (Twin Suns): Otacon and Solid Snake learn receive a transmission from the MK.II revealing Liquid's plan to destroy and replace the Patriot's AI Core with Metal Gear REX's nuclear capabilities so that he could control everything. He needs a non-ID tagged nuclear weapon that could only be found on the once-abandoned Shadow Moses Island.

Shadow Moses Island is infested with Gekkos, and snake makes his way toward the nuclear device when he's confronted by Crying Wolf. He defeats her and she is carried away by a wolf (a reference to Sniper Wolf from MGS1). When he reaches the Metal Gear, the nuclear weapon has been removed and Vamp attacks Snake. However, Raiden steps in and fights Vamp while Snake fights off dozens of suicide Gekkos. Raiden kills Vamp, and Naomi reveals that nanomachines were keeping both her and Vamp alive all this time and that she has been close to death for a long time. She, then, disables her nanomachines, thus, ending her own life (and Otacon cries like a baby). Snake and Raiden then divide to leave the facility to find Liquid and pilot Metal Gear REX out of the facility and through many more Gekko.

Snake finds liquid, who is now piloting Metal Gear RAY, and they have a Metal Gear battle that ends up destroying both Metal Gears. Liquid then reveals the legendary Outer Haven, a submersible warship which he plans to use to fire the warhead from. He uses Outer Haven to try and ram Solid Snake, but Raiden cuts off his own arm and stalls Liquid, allowing Snake to escape. The act ends when the SS Missouri fires upon Outer Haven. Liquid attempts to destroy the SS Missouri, but as an older ship it is immune to SOP, and causes Liquid to retreat.

Act Five (Old Sun): The act begins with Snake and others aboard the Missouri, which uses Outer Haven's need to surface to fire the nuclear weapon to get Snake aboard the vessel. Countless FROGs and one more BB Corps member - Screaming Mantis are all defeated by Snake on the way to stop Liquid, accompanied by Meryl. A humorous cameo by Psycho Mantis is seen after, then Meryl and Snake are attacked by FROGs. Meryl urges Snake ahead as she and Johnny, who is revealed to not have nanomachines, hold off the FROGs and apparently fall in love.

Snake is aided by Raiden who holds off even more FROGs as Snake has to enter a hallway of microwave emitters which burn snake alive till he almost dies. He collapses inside the room containing the Patriots AI Core. Otacon's new MK.III uploads a virus created by Naomi which she called FOXALIVE. To their surprise, a message from Naomi plays and explains that FOXALIVE stops everything from halting all war economy and activity to destroying all of the AI cores and stopping the Patriots completely. Snake then realizes that he has one more goal - to stop Liquid Ocelot. Snake and Liquid fight in hand-to-hand combat and Snake defeats Liquid once and for all.

Act Six (Naked Sin): This act, being more of an epilogue, contains no gameplay and is all cutscenes. In it, it is shown that Meryl and Johnny marry, she accepts Campbell as her father, and Raiden reunites with his family. However, Snake stands at the grave of Big Boss and attempts to kill himself, pistol in mouth.

Just then, Big Boss appears, with Major Zero, before Snake and tells him that the real person in that grave is Solidus Snake. He explains to Snake that none of this was his original intention. All of the control, nanomachines, and AI cores were misconstrued and used in ways that Solid Snake had stopped. Big Boss then tells Snake that he will end the last piece of the Patriots by killing Zero, and he removes his life support. He also told Snake that the nanomachines that Drebin gave Snake killed the mutated virus and stopped Snake from becoming a biological weapon. Big Boss dies due to the FOXDIE, and Snake vows to live the rest of his life in peace; to see the new age off.


In Metal Gear Solid 4 Snake has OctoCamo, but also has the option of equipping different disguises similar to those in Metal Gear Solid 3. These are unlocked through a variety of means.


Altaïr: Earn Altaïr's outfit by obtaining the Assassin emblem (Finish the game with 50 knife kills, 50 CQC holds, and 25 or less alerts.)

Corpse: A reward for dying too many times (51 or more deaths). The Corpse Camo does have its uses as it's the only way to fool unmanned weapons such as Scarabs or Gekkos if they are looking directly at you. If you lie completely flat, enemies will assume that Snake is dead and ignore him - automatically getting rid of an alert after finishing their investigation. In addition, if you hide in a box while using it, you can frighten an enemy when they pull the box off of you.

Middle East Rebel Disguise: Explore the northeast section of the rebel's headquarters in Act One. There is a locker that contains this camouflage. Also this is the first thing you see Snake wearing in combat, as he has it equipped to blend in with the rebels at the start of the game.

South American Rebel Disguise: Explore Cove Valley Village in Act Two to find this camo. If Snake creates chaos in the village guards will come to investigate and the building that it is in, which is usually locked, will open and Snake can obtain it from the formally locked building.

Suit: As with other games in the Metal Gear series they will make this "camouflage" available after completing the game once. The same suit is worn by Snake when he visits the Graveyard.


Big Boss: Earn the Big Boss emblem (Beat the game on The Boss Extreme difficulty with no deaths, no alerts, no kills, no recovery items, no stealth suit, no bandanna items, in under 5 hours.. While wearing this camo, enemies that see you will become terrified or pass out.

Colonel Campbell: Bump into Roy Campbell with the MK.II during Act One's mission briefing.

Crying Beauty: Defeat Crying Beauty using non-lethal tactics.

Drebin: Acquire more than sixty weapons in the game.

Laughing Beauty: Defeat Laughing Beauty using non-lethal tactics.

Otacon: Bump into Otacon with the MK.II during Act Three's mission briefing.

Raging Beauty: Defeat Raging Beauty using non-lethal tactics.

Raiden A: Bump into Sunny with the MK.II during Act Three's mission briefing.

Raiden B: Bump into Naomi with the MK.II during Act Three's mission briefing.

Screaming Beauty: Defeat Screaming Beauty using non-lethal tactics.

Metal Gear Online

Metal Gear Solid 4 contains a Metal Gear Online (MGO) Starter Pack, which allows 16 players to compete in multiplayer stealth battles on 6 maps. Three premium expansion packs (GENE, MEME and SCENE) were released that each added 3 new maps and 2 playable MGS4 characters, among other features. All content was unlocked for free from April 24, 2012 until the MGO game servers were taken offline on June 12, 2012. MGS4's 2.0 patch removes MGO from the main menu and deletes any installed patches from the hard drive. Certain unlockable items (the Subsistence Action iPod song and Scanning Plug S) which could be obtained by playing MGO can now only be unlocked via the Passwords menu.

Downloadable Content

The Extra menu provides access to free downloadable content, including iPod music, OctoCamo patterns, and Integral Podcasts, released over the year following MGS4's release.

iPod Songs

These music tracks can be played on Snake's in-game iPod. The tracks are both sourced from earlier Kojima games (including non-Metal Gear titles) and original compositions.

SongDateIn-game Description
Conclusion 2008/06/12 A song representing Old Snake's will to fight as he pushed forward to end Liquid's insurrection.
Hind D 2008/06/26 The Hind D music from Metal Gear Solid.
Battle of Highland 2008/07/10 Designed to accompany battles in South America. Different from the game's South American Combat music, is possesses more ethnic lore.
Harrier 2008/07/24 A New Harrier theme composed by Norihiko Hibino for [Metal Gear Solid 2: Digital Graphic Novel].
Love Theme ~hum version~ 2008/08/07 MGS4's "Love Theme" without lyrics. A Guitar version arranged differently from the original.
Battle 2008/08/21 From Metal Gear Solid 2. Battle music from Plant Chapter. The percussion parts were phrase-sampled to bring out a sense of speed during battles.
Forerunner 2008/09/04 A track that depicts Old Snake joining an intense battle as militiamen's savior. An original track made for MGS4.
The Pain 2008/09/18 From Metal Gear Solid 3. Music from the battle with The Pain.
On the Edge 2008/10/02 A song for Snake, a solider who's fought his way through battlefields in every corner of the world.
Policenauts Medley 2008/10/16 A medley of intense battle music from Policenauts.
War Has Changed 2008/10/30 A original track produced for the MGS4 trailer at 2005 Tokyo Game Show.
Escape Through the Woods 2008/11/23 Background medley from the escape with Eva in MGS3. Feel the urgency of their fight to survive.
Balance Lost 2008/11/27 A track inspired by the chaos of the battlefield.
Mantis' Hymn 2008/12/11 Psycho Mantis theme from Metal Gear Solid.
View of Deep Snow 2008/12/25 A song that resonates throughout the snowy battlefield, almost a prayer to soothe the souls of soldiers. A Christmas song, dedicated to all fans and to Old Snake, from everyone at Kojima Productions!
Leo! Leo! 2009/01/15 From Zone of the Enders: 2nd Runner, the battle theme from Leo, the protagonist of the previously released Z.O.E. and the pilot of the Vic Viper. A tune using the classic Gradius motif.
Chair Race 2009/1/29 [Removed for copyright reasons on 2011/2/17] Announced at E3 in 2005, this track was produced for MGS4's first teaser trailer with musical chairs taken as the song's theme.
La Clown 2009/02/12 La Clown battle theme from Metal Gear Ac!d.
Enclosure (MGS4 version) 2009/02/26 An arranged version of "Enclosure" from Metal Gear Solid. A track that recalls MGS1 as well as the world that has entangled Old Snake.
Arsenal's Guts 2009/03/12 Arsenal Gear infiltration background music from Metal Gear Solid 2.
Everything Begins 2009/03/26 This song from Metal Gear Solid 4 has "Blessing" as its theme.
Ray 2009/04/09 Theme of Metal Gear RAY, an original, new track for [Metal Gear Solid 2: Digital Graphic Novel] by Norhikio Hibino.
At Dawn 2009/04/23 The song from Metal Gear Solid 4 has "The dawn of a frightening new world" as its theme. Part of the title track from the original Metal Gear Solid is used as a motif.
VR Training 2009/05/07 VR training background music from Metal Gear Solid. The song itself is an arrangement of "Theme of Tara", the main theme of Metal Gear.
Father and Son 2009/05/21 Raiden vs. Solidus background music from Metal Gear Solid 2. A cool drum and bass track that captures the grandeur of the epic last battle.
Confession 2009/06/04 The final downloadable song for MGS4 players from Kojima Productions.

OctoCamo Patterns

In addition to the default and unlockable camouflage patterns included on the disc, several extra downloadable Octocamo patterns were released, some of which feature special effects when worn.

PatternDateIn-game Description
Digital Red 2008/06/12 Red colored OctoCamo. No Special Effects.
Digital Blue 2008/06/19 OctoCamo pattern that resembles water/ Increased Camo Index when in or near water.
Laughing Camo 2008/07/03 OctoCamo pattern imbued with the emotion "Laughter". Enemies' laugh emotion will increase when they spot you.
Raging Camo 2008/07/03 OctoCamo pattern imbued with the emotion "Rage." Enemies' rage emotion will increase when they spot you.
Crying Camo 2008/07/17 OctoCamo pattern imbued with the emotion "Cry." Enemies' cry emotion will increase when they spot you.
Screaming Camo 2008/07/17 OctoCamo pattern imbued with the emotion "Scream." Enemies' scream emotion will increase when they spot you.
Snake Camo 2008/07/31 OctoCamo pattern that resembles snakeskin. Flowing with power, it allows you to knock normal solders unconscious with one hit. Eliminates stress from carrying heavy weapons and items, back pain, and screw ups when rolling. However, your Camo Index will decrease by 10%.
Beauty Camo 2008/08/14 OctoCamo pattern the same color as Beauty body suites. Absorbs enemy Psyche when your grab normal soldiers with CQC. However, your stress will increase at twice the normal rate when in the sun.
Metal Camo 2008/08/28 A metallic OctoCamo pattern. Causes Life and Psyche Gauges to decrease at only half the normal rate. However, your Camo Index will decrease by 10%.
Gear Camo 2008/09/11 OctoCamo pattern that resembles mechanical gears. Causes Psyche Gauge to decrease at only half the normal rate. Retains a higher Camo Index than normal.
Fly Camo 2008/09/25 A smelly OctoCamo pattern. Increases stress while worn and causes flies to gather around you. Normal soldiers will be knocked out instantly when you grab with CQC because of the stench.
Haven Camo 2008/10/09 Guarantees 100% Camo Index when still, but causes life and Psyche Gauges to decrease at twice the normal rate.

MGS4 Integral Podcast

The MGS4 staff recorded a podcast to be played in-game on Snake's iPod. These podcast episodes mostly act as a kind of developer commentary, with the staff walking the player through a level or act and also talking about the challenges of designing that specific section. The first episode is included on the MGS4 disc, while all subsequent episodes must be downloaded.

EpisodeDateIn-game Description
MGS4 Integral Podcast 02 2008/12/18 MGS4 Integral Podcast - Release Notification Program
MGS4 Integral Podcast 03 2009/01/09 Secrets and hidden elements from the making of the games told by the MGS4 staff, as well as an introduction to strategy are all in this show. This is the fist episode.
Recommended listening location: Act 1/ "Advent Palace". (The building where Snake meets with Rat Patrol) 1F Lobby.
MGS4 Integral Podcast 04 2009/01/22 Secrets and hidden elements from the making of the games told by the MGS4 staff, as well as an introduction to strategy are all in this show. This is the second episode.
Recommended listening location: Act 2 / South America "Mountain Trail" (Part 1) (After the fight with Laughing Octopus) Starting point.
MGS4 Integral Podcast 05 2009/02/05 Secrets and hidden elements from the making of the games told by the MGS4 staff, as well as an introduction to strategy are all in this show.
Recommended listening location: Act 2 / South American "Mount Trail" (Part 2) (Stage where Snake is pursuing Naomi) From the boulder in front of the water fall in the river.)
MGS4 Integral Podcast 06 2009/02/19 Secrets and hidden elements from the making of the games told by the MGS4 staff, as well as an introduction to strategy are all in this show. This is the fourth episode.
Recommended listening location: Act 2 / South America "Power Station".
MGS4 Integral Podcast 07 2009/03/05 This is the fifth episode.
Recommended listening location: Act 2 / South America "Saltpan". From the south entrance to the saltpan in the confinement facility.
MGS4 Integral Podcast 08 2009/03/19 This is the sixth episode.
Recommended listening location: Act 3 / Eastern Europe "Midtown". From the start of the Eastern Europe stage just after leaving the station.
MGS4 Integral Podcast 09 2009/04/02 This is the seventh episode.
Recommended listening location: Act 3 / Eastern Europe "Midtown". From the entrance to the underground passage of the waterway in Midtown North West Sector in the Eastern Europe stage.
MGS4 Integral Podcast 10 2009/04/16 This is the eighth episode.
Recommended listening location: Act 4 / "Shadow "Moses" From nearby the truck at the heliport in the Shadow Moses stage.
MGS4 Integral Podcast 11 2009/04/30 This is the ninth episode.
Recommended listening location: Act 4 / "Shadow Moses". From the first floor entrance to the nuclear warhead storage building in the Shadow Moses stage.
MGS4 Integral Podcast 12 2009/05/14 This is the tenth episode.
Recommended listening location: Act 5 / "Outer Haven". From the Ship Bow at the start of the Outer Haven stage.
MGS4 Integral Podcast 13 2009/05/28 The final episode. This episode is about sound production. MGS4's Sound Director Sotaro Tojima is interviewed. Thank you everyone for listening and tuning in!
Recommended listening location: anywhere.


Konami has released passwords for unlockable items in the game. These codes can be entered via the Extras menu after beating the game once.

aottrykmyn Altair Costume
dntkkhktmm Drebin FaceCamo
jmsotsynrn Type 17 Pistol
mekakorkkk Mk.23 (Aka SOCOM) Pistol
thomas 'Desperate Chase' iPod Song
george 'Gekko' iPod Song
theodore 'Midnight Shadow' iPod Song
abraham 'Mobs Alive' iPod Song
mnsoymsyhn Mosin Nagant Rifle
mgo2play 'Subsistence Action' iPod Song*
1aytmmymhk Colt 1911 Pistol
pkhhnwhsjt Patriot Sub-Machine Gun
skynytktjp Scanning Plug S*
deskyhstyl Desert Eagle Long Barrel Pistol
tshsniammr Thor .45-70 Pistol

*Only available via password (previously unlocked via Metal Gear Online).


Harry Gregson-Williams and Nobuko Toda led the effort to compose the music for Metal Gear Solid 4, though Konami employees Shuichi Kobori, Kazuma Jinnouchi, Akihiro Honda, and Sota Fujimori also contributed to the score.

Norihiko Hibino 's GEM Impact team created roughly 90 minutes worth of music for the game's numerous soundtracks, but only about 15 minutes of these compositions are on the official soundtrack.

A remixed version of the 'Love Theme' was provided for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and can be heard on the Shadow Moses stage.

Ironically the main theme for Metal Gear Solid, composed by Tappy "TAPPY" Iwase, was not included in the soundtrack. The iconic theme was accused of being plagiarized by several Russian composers from Georgy Sviridov's "Pushkin's Garland". Norihiko Hibino denied the allegation and said that Konami was "too sensitive about the situation" and dropped it from the game.

Disc One

  1. "Old Snake" Harry Gregson-Williams
  2. "Love Theme" Jackie Presti
  3. "Gekko" Harry Gregson-Williams
  4. "Haven Troopers" Nobuko Toda; Shuichi Kobori; Kazuma Jinnouchi
  5. "BB Corps" Harry Gregson-Williams
  6. "Drebin 893" Nobuko Toda; Shuichi Kobori; Kazuma Jinnouchi
  7. "Vista Mansion" Nobuko Toda; Shuichi Kobori; Kazuma Jinnouchi
  8. "Laughing Octopus" Nobuko Toda; Shuichi Kobori; Kazuma Jinnouchi
  9. "Breakthrough" Harry Gregson-Williams
  10. "Endless Pain" Harry Gregson-Williams
  11. "White Blood" Harry Gregson-Williams
  12. "Call Me Hal" Nobuko Toda; Shuichi Kobori; Kazuma Jinnouchi
  13. "Midnight Shadow" Harry Gregson-Williams
  14. "Paradise Lost" Nobuko Toda; Shuichi Kobori; Kazuma Jinnouchi
  15. "Great Escape" Nobuko Toda; Shuichi Kobori; Kazuma Jinnouchi
  16. "Desperate Chase" Harry Gregson-Williams
  17. "Raging Raven" Nobuko Toda; Shuichi Kobori; Kazuma Jinnouchi
  18. "Confrontation" Yoshitaka Suzuki (GEM Impact Inc.)
  19. "Mobs Alive" Harry Gregson-Williams
  20. "Violent Ceasefire" Yoshitaka Suzuki (GEM Impact Inc.)

Disc Two

  1. "Next-Gen Control" Harry Gregson-Williams
  2. "Crying Wolf" Nobuko Toda; Shuichi Kobori; Kazuma Jinnouchi
  3. "One More Reboot" Nobuko Toda; Shuichi Kobori; Kazuma Jinnouchi
  4. "Sin" Nobuko Toda; Shuichi Kobori; Kazuma Jinnouchi
  5. "Atonement" Nobuko Toda; Shuichi Kobori; Kazuma Jinnouchi
  6. "Infinite Loop" Nobuko Toda; Shuichi Kobori; Kazuma Jinnouchi
  7. "Everything Ends" Norihiko Hibino x Takahiro Izutani (GEM Impact Inc.)
  8. "At Dawn" Yoshitaka Suzuki (GEM Impact Inc.)
  9. "Screaming Mantis" Nobuko Toda; Shuichi Kobori; Kazuma Jinnouchi
  10. "Guns of the Patriots" Harry Gregson-Williams
  11. "No Place To Hide" Nobuko Toda; Shuichi Kobori; Kazuma Jinnouchi
  12. "Sorrow" Harry Gregson-Williams
  13. "Full Circle" Takahiro Izutani (GEM Impact Inc.)
  14. "Everything Begins" Nobuko Toda; Shuichi Kobori; Kazuma Jinnouchi; Yoshitaka Suzuki (GEM Impact Inc.)
  15. "Father & Son" Harry Gregson-Williams
  16. "Metal Gear Saga" Harry Gregson-Williams
  17. "HERE'S TO YOU from the film Sacco e Vanzetti" Lisbeth Scott

BONUS : In-Game Battle Tracks

  1. "War Zone" Nobuko Toda; Shuichi Kobori; Kazuma Jinnouchi
  2. "A Rebellion Rests" Nobuko Toda; Shuichi Kobori; Kazuma Jinnouchi
  3. "The Hunter" Nobuko Toda; Kazuma Jinnouchi; Sota Fujimori
  4. "The Hunted" Nobuko Toda; Shuichi Kobori; Kazuma Jinnouchi
  5. "Forced Hand" Nobuko Toda; Shuichi Kobori; Kazuma Jinnouchi
  6. "Under Curfew" Nobuko Toda; Shuichi Kobori; Kazuma Jinnouchi
  7. "Unmanned Army" Nobuko Toda; Shuichi Kobori; Kazuma Jinnouchi
  8. "Cold Memories" Nobuko Toda; Shuichi Kobori; Kazuma Jinnouchi
  9. "For Liberty" Nobuko Toda; Shuichi Kobori; Kazuma Jinnouchi
  10. "Surrounded" Nobuko Toda; Kazuma Jinnouchi; Sota Fujimori


The game was very well reviewed with a Metascore of 94 and won numerous Game of the Year/ Best of awards from various publications. It was also the best selling game during the month of its release U.S. and Europe, and has since sold over 4.5 million units worldwide.

Awards Won

2008 Spike Video Game Awards

  • Best Graphics
  • Best Original Score
  • Best Performance by a Human Female ( Debi Mae West As "Meryl Silverburgh")

GameSpot's Best Games of 2008

  • Game of the Year
  • Best Action Adventure
  • Best PS3 Game
  • Best Story
  • Best Graphics, Technical
  • Best Voice Acting
  • Best Boss Fights
  • Most Memorable Moment

Giant Bomb's Best of 2008

  • Best PlayStation 3-Only Game
  • Best Graphics
  • Most Improved Sequel

IGN: Best of 2008 Awards

  • PS3 Game of the Year
  • Best Action Game (PS3-specific)
  • Best Graphics Technology
  • Best Original Score

Readers' Choice

  • Overall Game of the Year
  • Best Action Game
  • Best Story
  • Best Use of Sound
  • Best Voice Acting

X-Play Best of 2008

  • Best Action/Adventure Game
  • Best New Character (Drebin 893)
  • Best Original Soundtrack
  • Best Sound Design

1UP 2008 Readers' Choice Awards

  • Game of the Year
  • Best Action Game
  • PS3 Game of the Year
  • Best Audiovisual Experience

12th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards

  • Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Compilation