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South Park: The Stick of Truth

South Park: The Stick of Truth / PlayStation 3
editor score 6.5
user score 9.2
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Obsidian Entertainment




THQ and Obsidian have teamed up to develop a role-playing game in which Trey Parker and Matt Stone are not only lending their voices for characters, but are also involved in the development process. They've also helped write the script for the game.


The game takes place in the fictional town of South Park which acts as the game's hub. Prior to the development of the game, Parker and Stone never had a full layout of the town and did not know where locations were in relation to each other. While developing the story and setting, they spent a lot of time figuring out all of the logistics of navigating the city. They commented that on TV when a character goes from point A to point B all that's needed is a quick camera cut, but in the game, players have to walk to these locations and this movement must make logical sense.


The story involves various enemies from the show's history (Crab people, Underpants Gnomes, Gingers) attacking South Park and plunging the town into chaos. The boys try to reverse what damage has been done but must seek help, so Cartman suggests the New Kid (controlled by the player). The New Kid has just moved to South Park, so the other children are wary of the newcomer. Throughout the game, the New Kid will gain the trust of various characters and secure their help for the rest of the adventure.

Your main goal is to fight for ''the stick,'' but what this stick does or why it is so important has not been stated at this point in time.

Main Character

You play as the New Kid in South Park. The New Kid is a silent protagonist and is fully customizable.


The New Kid is allowed to play as one of the following character classes:

  • Fighter
  • Thief
  • Mage
  • Cleric
  • Jew (Paladin/Monk)


Various classic South Park characters will be in the game for you to interact with, from the 4 main boys (Cartman, Kenny, Kyle and Stan) to other kids in south park and adult characters, such as Randy and Ms. Garrison. You must gain the respect of different characters and factions similar to that of other RPG games. You can see your progress with different factions and characters using your phone, which acts as the games menu.


According to lead designer Matt MacLean, the combat alternates between the New Kid and his/her companions, giving the player an opportunity to control the available South Park characters. Combat is supposed to resemble children play fighting where something like a "Flaming Tennis Ball," in the mind of the child, is an actual spell. The inspiration for the combat is based off the South Park Episode "Good Times With Weapons" (Season 8, Episode 1).

Combat Style

The combat will be a turn based system similar to that of the Paper Mario series. Timed inputs will be used to block, counter, or inflict additional damage on foes.


To date, the only spell or ability that has been mentioned is the "Ro Sham Bo," which will stun enemies.


Weapons will have a homemade look and feel to them. In place of traditional swords and shields, characters will have weapons such as wooden swords, golf clubs and spatulas. Weapons will have upgrades available, limiting the amount of loot available during the course of the game.


The armor will also follow the homemade look like the weapons, so a cooking pot may be used in place of a traditional RPG helmet.


Some classic South Park enemies include Hippies, Ginger Kids, Goblins, Underpants gnomes, Vampire kids and Crab people.


The game includes the ability to use Kinect on the Xbox 360. Players can use the voice recognition software to activate various spells and taunt your enemies. You can also insult other characters, such as Cartman, and they will respond.


Good Time with Weapons Pack

This pre-order DLC based off the episode "Good Time With Weapons'' and is the same for every region and retailer.

  • Bulrog Chicken Attack - Turns normal enemies into helpless chickens.
  • Cartman's Kick-ass Sai - Standard daggers are used by Cartman in the Good Time With Weapons episode.
  • Samurai Warrior Costume - A samurai suit made of cardboard.

Mysterion Super Hero Pack

The Xbox 360 version of the game will include this exclusive DLC based off the episode "The Coon."

  • Mysterion Special Attack - Mysterion joins the battle and helps defeat enemies using his stealth.
  • Superhero Costume - Dress up as a Superhero and keep your identity safe from South Park citizens.
  • Dagger of Cthulu - Use the switchblade that was used to stab Mysterion in the episode ''Mysterion Rises.''

Episode Packs

The Stick of Truth will feature episode packs that are separate adventures with their own stories in which player are taken to parts of South Park never seen before. The first three will be timed exclusives to the Xbox 360.