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Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception / PlayStation 3
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Alternate Historical

Action & Adventure


Naughty Dog, Inc.


Sony Computer Entertainment America



Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, like previous entries in the series, is a cross between a cover-based third-person shooter and a platformer with some light puzzle solving. Uncharted 3 deals with the theme of deception while exploring Nathan Drake's relationship with Victor Sullivan, his mentor and father figure. The game is based on T.E. Lawrence's days as an archaeologist and takes players all over the world in search of the Atlantis of the Sands.

With Online and Cooperative Play returning as a key feature, the game also has high resolution 1080pi 3D support. Naughty Dog talked about how 3D (for gameplay) was all shot with different camera angles and the player can actually determine how far a grenade was thrown, or if he/she can make the jump, among other things. 3D for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception received much commendation when announced.

Gameplay Updates/Alterations

More melee brawls
More melee brawls

The gameplay in Uncharted 3 remains largely the same as its predecessor, with the following known refinements:

  • More Contextual Moves: Drake can now use small objects in his immediate surrounding in melee combat, like hitting an enemy with a glass bottle or pulling his enemy's grenade and letting it explode.
  • Additional Stealth Moves: Drake has more stealth options now, like silently ambushing an enemy from high ground.
  • Updated Melee Combat: Drake can now take on multiple enemies in a melee. Hand-to-hand combat has also been expanded with more finishing moves, including one that has Drake leap from above his target to initiate a take- down, even outside of stealth. Another can also have Drake using the enemies own gun against them, giving him some extra ammunition in the process.
  • Instantaneous Ammo Collection In Multiplayer: Instead of requiring a button press like in Uncharted 2, the player will collect ammo, and grenades, on the ground instantly as he/she walks over it during a multiplayer/cooperative match. This does not apply during the single player story, however.
  • Sprint in Multiplayer: Pressing down the L3 analog (by default) will now allow the player a quick burst of speed. Can be switched to R3 also.
  • Unlockable Single Player Cheats and Modifiers Removed: Unlike previous Uncharted titles, Uncharted 3 does not feature the library of unlockable cheats and modifiers once players have amassed enough in-game currency; this includes everything, minus the behind-the-scenes videos and some artwork. Naughty Dog confessed that it was making the design of the game difficult and certain sections, like the cruise ship, wouldn't work efficiently when some of the cheats were applied.


Amy Hennig stated that the decision to set the game in a desert came upon as a result of the technical challenges of rendering sand. Naughty Dog then started searching for unexplored desert locales and eventually decided on the lost city of Iram because of its connection to T.E.Lawerence. Uncharted 3 was created using a more refined version of Naughty Dog Engine 2.0, the same engine used in Uncharted 2. Naughty Dog is improving the engine to make sand and water move throughout certain levels in the story mode gameplay, also it adds to the movement of the characters.

The multiplayer improvements were all brought up through their time and feedback from fans in Uncharted 2. The Lab, a mode which scrambled numerous experimental variables, was a playlist for U2's competitive multiplayer that was engineered specifically to see what the fans wanted and what could work in Uncharted 3's multiplayer. The Event occurrences were largely influenced by a scripted event in the Train Wreck level from Uncharted 2's competitive multiplayer, where a train would eventually fall off the edge of a cliff to reveal an RPG for players to then pick up and use. It's similar situations like those that Naughty Dog want to implement much more frequently into Uncharted 3, with goodies akin to the RPG, and to sometimes even alternate the environment and force players to adapt within the match.

Arne Meyer, when discussing the size of Uncharted 3, stated that with the amount of assets and data the game has amounts it to be ''bigger than a 50GB Blu-Ray disc'', which could of potentially lead to Uncharted 3 debuting as the first ever multi-disc Blu-Ray game. Even with optimisation and compression, Meyer expressed confidence towards Uncharted 3 still becoming the largest PS3 game to date - almost doubling the size of Uncharted 2. Naughty Dog debuted Uncharted 3's first televised advert during the NFL 2011 Saints vs Packers game. On October 11, Sony announced through their Playstation blog that the game had gone "gold".

GDC 2011

At GDC 2011, Naughty Dog showed a new cut scene from the game which features the game's primary antagonist Katherine Marlowe. Additionally, Richard Lemarchand, lead game designer for the project, stated that Marlowe will be a far more insidious antagonist to Drake and Sullivan than any of the previous Uncharted villains. Moreover, the game's plot will also be exploring more of Drake's past and his connection to his ancestor, Sir Francis Drake. Lemarchand also added that Marlowe would be connected to a 400 year old organization dating back to the reign of Queen Elizabeth I who was the ruling monarch to whom Sir Francis Drake swore allegiance. Moreover, the cut scene shown at GDC 2011 revealed that Marlowe has an interest in Sir Francis Drake's ring which Nathan Drake wears around his neck. Thinking, which it possibly could, be that Drake has only survived attacks that would kill an ordinary man because of the mystic ring that belongs to Drake.

E3 2011

E3 gameplay occurred with Drake on a moving ship.
E3 gameplay occurred with Drake on a moving ship.

With E3 displaying all the new games set for release in 2011 and 2012, Naughty Dog brought Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception to demonstrate to players the new game set for release in November 2011. Naughty Dog's creative team, Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra demonstrated a small story mode gameplay of Uncharted 3, with Nathan Drake on a sinking cruise line ship. The demo gameplay showed, Drake's new fighting system - which featured him combating armed henchmen and pulling the pin off of their grenades while in the middle of the fight, a better free look shooting system, as well as the aiming of weapons.

Naughty Dog also showed a cinematic trailer of the game which featured many of the famed protagonists from Uncharted and Uncharted 2. Chloe Frazer will be returning to the game to help Drake fight off against Marlowe's men, while Katherine Marlowe is trying to steal Drake's ancestor's necklace. Marlowe thinks that the reason why Drake survives everything is because of his necklace. Drake is on a mission to retrieve it, while also searching for the untold riches in the "Atlantis of the Sands". Most of the overview that was shown at E3 tells about the story from the bible of God destroying Sodom and Gomorrah for the city's arrogance and cruelty.

Gamescom Press Conference (Germany 2011)

During the Gamescom Press Conference (hosted in Germany), Naughty Dog shown off a new single player mission--which was originally shown during E3 but only for press--spotlighting Nathan Drake as he attempts to board a cargo plane as it's taking off, with help from series love interest Elena Fisher. On board the plane, Nathan is forced into a scripted fight sequence similar to the end boss battle against Atoq Navarro during Drakes Fortune, which eventually escalates to the guard falling to his death off the plane after Nate released the large quantities of crates - with Drake himself just barely clinging onto some of the cargo.

It introduced couple of new firearms: a silenced pistol and a Kal-9 assault rifle. It also gave another look at the newly introduced stealth air take-down attack.


Nathan ''Nate'' Drake


The leading man of the series continues his role as the charismatic and care-free treasure hunter and is the main character of Uncharted 3. This time around Nate is on the search for the mythical Atlantis of The Sands City along with father-figure and mentor, Sully.

  • Voiced and mo-capped by Nolan North.

Victor ''Sully'' Sullivan


Nate's most trusted friend, and his mentor in the ways of treasure plundering. Sully plays a substantially larger role than his part during Among Thieves and his relationship with Nate is explored and further expanded, helping to give a clearer perspective on the father-son mentality between the two.

  • Voiced and mo-capped by Richard Mcgonagle.

Elena Fisher


The long-running love-interest of Nate, Elena also returns to star in Uncharted 3, currently working in Yemen as a foreign correspondent. During the time between Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3, Elena and Nathan got married, but for undisclosed reasons suffered a kind of break up within that same time-frame. Their relationship is once again thrusted against the moors as Elena joins Nate to act as a voice of reason, and as the very reason to keep him going when things start to delve into their darkest.

  • Voiced and mo-capped by Emily Rose.

Chloe Frazer


The previous secondary love-interest of Drake, Chloe joins alongside Nate and Sully on their quest to uncover Francis' Drake's secret. Her relationship towards Nate is shown to be purely professional at this point, however, and she eventually gives up, believing that contending with Marlowe's considerable power isn't worth it, and opts out of Drake's latest escapade.

  • Voiced and mo-capped by Claudia Black.

Charlie Cutter


An adventuring partner and friend to Nathan Drake, Victor Sullivan and Chloe Frazer, Cutter is an English man who initially goes under the guise of just another thug working under Katherine Marlowe. It is soon discovered that he is in fact a man of much knowledge, and despite his tough-guy exterior proves to be a friendly and loyal ally.

  • Voiced and mo-capped by Graham McTavish.



Protector for Iram of The Pillars, Salim is an honourable knight, a sheik amongst the arabic tribe that travel across the desert that surrounds the Atlantis of The Sands.

  • Voiced and mo-capped by T.J. Ramini.



The leader of the pirates who is under Katherine Marlowe's employ, Ramses is also vastly interested with the Atlantis of The Sands and hopes to work alongside Marlowe to benefit his own personal wealth.

  • Voice by Sayed Badreya.
  • Mo-capped by both Sayed Badreya and Richard Mcgonagle at differing times of the story.



Marlowe's right-hand man, Talbot is an exceptionally capable human being with skills listing across all kinds of weaponry, martial arts, athletics and even poisons.

  • Voiced and mo-capped by Robin Atkin Downes.

Katherine ''Kate'' Marlowe


The main villain of Uncharted 3, Marlowe is a member of a Shadowy Organisation that dates back to the rule of Queen Elizabeth in England. With a sharp tongue and an even sharper blade hidden within her umbrella, Marlowe is never seen to get involved in any of the scraps, but because of her incredible reach and influence, she never needs to.

  • Voiced and mo-capped by Rosalind Ayres.

Competitive Multiplayer

An attacking plane during The Airstrip's beginning stage.
An attacking plane during The Airstrip's beginning stage.

Like Uncharted 2 before it, Uncharted 3 ships with a full fledged competitive multiplayer component. It features many character skins from the franchise, ability boosters, skill medals to attain, and a persistent ranking system. Unlike Uncharted 2, however, Uncharted 3 will introduce free for all modes such as standard deathmatch, customisation options for both the characters and weapons models, and 'events' within multiplayer maps, similar to what can be found in the single player - such as a hostile plane flying above shooting all players it catches in its crossfire. Instead of having a guest, the second player can make use of their PSN username and jump in before the beginning of each game. He/she can also add their friends from either Facebook or their PSN friends list.

Collectible treasures are to also be available within the multiplayer maps, which exist within sets that unlock new pieces of cosmetic gear for the custom hero/villain characters. Customization has been drastically upon for Uncharted 3. For each of the main character avatars, their outfits colors can be customized and their are a small selection of unique hats per character that can be unlocked by completing specific treasure sets found within the cooperative modes. A Custom Hero and Villain skin is also available for their respective faction, which offers up a great deal more customization items to select from, as well a selectable voice and ethnicity.

A Buddy System has been implemented into the multiplayer as well. At the beginning of each match, a random player--or friend, if they join a match within a group--is paired with the player and their emblem is forever shown on the player's HUD allowing a clear indication of where the player Buddy is located. Working alongside their Buddy, players can do a cooperative taunt over dead enemies they've bested together, and can also collect each others earned treasures for them. Should the player die, and their Buddy isn't engaging in combat, they can choose to spawn right next to their Buddy once the timer is up.

On the technical side, Naughty Dog have improved the flexibility and availability for players, such as allowing for people to join in mid-game and giving the possibility for split-screen play as well across all modes minus Free For All for two different PSN ID's on a single PS3. Should a match be nearly over, and both sides are closing their scores together, the game will shift into Elimination mode forcing each player to have only a single life left, with the victory proceeding to whichever team kills the other first.

The multiplayer announcer who alerts players of any events such as power-plays and kickbacks, and will bring to notice when a match is nearly over, is voiced by Jennifer Hale.

Power Plays

During Deathmatch modes, other than Hardcore, the game will randomly activate Power Plays, to help the losing team turn the tide of the match. Power Plays last for 60 seconds or until they are rallied, that is, the losing team has caught up in points.

  • Marked Man - A random member of the winning team is marked; their player marker is visible to the losing team. Each time marked man be killed, the losing team receives 3 points.
  • Exposed - The entire winning team is revealed to the losing team. Their player markers are visible at any distance.
  • Double Damage - The losing team deals double damage.


  • Free For All - Standard everyman for himself mode. Marked as FFA.
  • Team Deathmatch - The traditional team game which pits five players on each side (heroes/villains) who are to kill each other until the time expires, or the set amount of team points are attained.
  • Three Team Deathmatch - Similar to team deathmatch, this mixes things up with setting up three teams of two, each to whom must fight against the other opposing two teams.
  • Plunder - The Uncharted series take on Capture the Flag, a golden idol is spawned randomly across the map, with the two teams vying for it to try and return to their base.
  • Team Objective - This meshes together multiple competitive modes, including: Deathmatch, King of The Hill, Turf War, Chain Reaction and Hold The Treasure - which tasks players to keep a hold of a golden idol for as long as they can. The overarching goal of the match is to try and win three of the alternating trials over your opponents.
  • Hardcore - Hardcore is a team deathmatch gametype that strips down the basics of the gametype -- No boosters, no powerplays, no weapon MODS and no medal kickbacks - just skill. Player health is also increased.
  • Elimination - Returning from Uncharted 2 via the 1.10 patch, Elimination plays out much like an ordinary TDM, only each player has but the one life. Because of the generally quick match times for this mode, there are three rounds with the victor going towards who wins the most. Though because of this, matches ending on a Tie are also possible if the score reaches a stalemate.
  • The Lab - Also brought in with the 1.10 patch update, The Lab is a mode made up of a specific set of variables selected by Naughty Dog that will persist until they eventually update it with a different set at a later time. Such basic examples of Lab variants is the Lone Wolf scenario, where everyone who joins the mode can only do so on their own, not within a group. Because of The Lab's function for ''putting fun first'', players K/D and leaderboard scores earned within The Lab do not carry over.

Default Maps

  • Airstrip - When played in the traditional Team Deathmatch mode, The Airstrip plays across two stages: the first stage places the two factions warring to stay on-board a plane on the runway, almost at the ready for taking off. The Heroes already start off within the plane, while the villains are attacking via a series of trucks, which they use to leap across and eventually board the plane. The second stage--which is initiated after a set amount of time during the first stage--then brings the two factions to the main section of the map, which is a moderately sized airport with hangers, a gas station and a couple of turret towers for players to take advantage of. Every so often a siren will sound, alerting players that an incoming hostile plane is preparing to soar across and attempt to kill anyone it can catch within its crosshair. This was one of three maps that was given out during the beta.
  • The Chateau - Even when played in the traditional Team Deathmatch, there only persists a single stage to this map. The Chateau on its own is rather large, however, with plenty of sniping positions situated within a slowly crumbling chateau building, turrets and two outside areas filled with debris for potential use as cover. Because of the chateau's poor state, a part of the upper floor will fall apart after so long, which could potentially kill any player unlucky enough to be underneath when it collapses. This was the second of three maps that was given out during the beta.
  • Yemen - Yemen is a map based in the Arabian desert. Yemen is seen to have lots of traversal areas to climb and is rather enclosed. Sniping towers can be found littered across the map map allowing for a wide survey on all of the surrounding areas on the map. On the ground side of things, pillars give cover from snipers and also give forth some protection when needing to regenerate health. Much of the map is suited for stealth kills because of the myriad of corridors to ambush enemy players from. Yemen was three of three in the maps that were given out during the beta
  • The Highrise - Originally one of the DLC maps for Uncharted 2, it has now been ported for Uncharted 3 as amongst the default cast of maps. The Highrise covers across the rooftops of Nepal, with scattered debris and broken down buildings to allow plenty of maneuverability and flanking opportunities. There are multiple sniping positions, and because of the height of the map accidental deaths from falling between the buildings are easy to succumb to. Every so often a siren will sound, alerting players that an incoming attack helicopter is on its way. It will periodically shoot down parts of the environment, opening up different passages to travel across, and for extra weapons to spawn. For Uncharted 3, Highrise will be set in night time instead of day like it was in Uncharted 2, and will include newly introduced ziplines and treasure chests.
  • Dry Docks - Set around a dock out in the sea, Dry Docks will be unique for introducing swimming within the multiplayer. Parts of the Dock will lower into the sea for a brief period, forcing players to swim. Though players in the water aren't completely defenseless and can still shoot while in the water, and melee attack other players in the water, too.
  • Desert Village - The Desert Village is a much more claustrophobic and quartered map than most, filled with crumbling buildings of old; it has many narrow corridors that all assemble towards the centre of the Village - which itself is also fairly confined. After so long during a match, a sandstorm is triggered to sweep across the entire map, severely blurring all of the players vision. It doesn't last very long, but can occur multiple times should a match go on for long enough or into overtime.
  • Molten Ruins - Like Highrise, Molten Ruins is a map imported over from Uncharted 2's (originally called Flooded Ruins) multiplayer component, however for Uncharted 3 the map is stylised with a volcano aesthetic, hence the change in title. The original map goes back even further to Uncharted: Drakes Fortune as apart of the single-player campaign as Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher are attempting to lose Eddy Raja's pirate gang; it was later adapted into a multiplayer map and released as DLC for Uncharted 2. The map consists of a lot of busted down structures amidst a courtyard, with a temple suffering a large gaping hole in its ceiling, residing in the middle. Because of the face-high rubble scattered about, it leaves plenty of opportunities for ambushes and stealth kills - and at the very least a substantial amount of cover for getting around. The Temple offers sniping positions to counter the large sea of ground-combat the rest of the map indefinitely erupts. For Uncharted 3, zip-lines and treasure chests are introduced much like The Highrise, and the time of day has been changed from night time (as it was during Uncharted 2) to noon.
  • Museum - Much like Molten Ruins and Highrise, The Museum was also originally a DLC map for Uncharted 2. The Museum is easily the largest map out of the entire cast, almost resembling a labyrinthine with its many corridors, halls and rooftops to traverse across. Because of its large size, The Museum is a haven for snipers, offering plenty of cover and opportunities for a stealthier approach. For Uncharted 3, the time of day has been switched from night to day, with some treasures boxes naturally implemented in specific spots as well.
  • Facility - Yet another Uncharted 2 DLC map, The Facility was originally taken and adapted from an Uncharted: Drake's Fortune set-piece. This time it is set around the time as Nathan Drake is not only contesting against both Gabriel and Atoq Navarro's mercenaries, but also Spanish zombie-like creatures who were cursed by the evil of El Dorado, The Golden Man. The Facility itself is rather worn down, covered in rust with plenty of loose pipes for players to take advantage with their traversal abilities. The Facility is also fairly large, though not quite as large as The Museum. It features a chasm of hallways, all separated by a German U-boat. For Uncharted 3, a great deal of the map has frozen over, giving a display of ice particles, with the U-boat in particular and its lower section completely encased in ice.
  • Syria - Syria is similar in scope to the Desert Village, only it allows a lot more verticality. There are multiple levels of terrain, all with at least one small hut to take some slight refuge, if only for a couple of seconds, from the otherwise prevalent open areas across the rest of the map. Syria could also be said to be much more traditional, with a tower at each end of the map for each faction, with the penultimate battleground based within the middle. The map is generally structured so it almost appears to be symmetrical.
  • London Underground - Another two-part map, the London Underground first begins on a couple of runaway underground trains, each faction spawning to their own. Multiple cars allow access, though many more require players to climb up to the roof and do battle there. Eventually, the players find themselves at a London Train Station. Segments of the underground are still accessible, though the ground floor is now privy to the bulk of the battles. A train will periodically arrive, after alerting players to its presence with the train horn, and storm its through way the ground-floor station tracks potentially killing any unlucky players who didn't escape in time.
  • City of Brass - Set within the famed Atlantis of The Sands itself, the City of Brass is of an abstract design, made with multiple platforms all attached via thin walkways surrounded by the open air. There are plenty of sniping spots aswell as close quarters combat arenas all spread across a perfectly symmetrical map. The many platforms house peril, and merely attempting to travel through the map can prove fatal because of the many opportunities for accidentally falling to one's death.

DLC Maps

  • The Cave - What was once a cave drowning in snow in Uncharted 2 is now lush with greenery and brightly lit by the bearing sun. The Cave resembles a small labyrinth complete with multiple pathways, separating the two spawn points at each end, and plenty of flanking opportunities. There are primarily three pathways: one of which leads underground, while the other two circle around the underground arena, eventually reaching the opposing spawn point. There also exist a minor few situated perches for snipers, two for each side, though they're so exposed and easily overwhelmed that they're often not recommended.
  • The Fort - This is an environment that was adapted from an Indonesian jungle during Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. It's design is mostly situated as a kind of gauntlet, with each faction spawning on each end of the map with plenty of cover in between; this particular set-up is most agreeable for campers and snipers--especially since G-Mal assault rifles spawn alongside the players at each side of the map. There is also an underground, and a couple of side passages, though the main frontier is easily summarised to the ground floor action. For Uncharted 3, a heavy rain has hit and along with the environment overall sports a much greyer and more dreary style.
  • The Sanctuary - Similar in scope to The Plaza, The Sanctuary is a rather large map, though it differs in being more enclosed. Much like The Cave and Train Wreck, The Sanctuary has now turned in its chilling atmosphere for a dose of greenery and vegetation. This map too separates the main-battleground with two opposing towers, both offering substantial cover and opportunities to make sniper-perches. The entire map is fairly elaborate, offering up multiple routes to go from point A to point B; the middle ground being the most straight-forward, with an underground passage accessible via four different passageways culminating into the map's circular core. In the middle is also a bridge, separating two more towers adjacent to one another, with four corner towers surrounding the entire middle. Plenty of high-ground to take advantage of, leaving the middle-ground sometimes an absolute death-zone.
  • Lost City - This is an adapted environment taken from the Shambhala chapters during Uncharted 2's single player. However, much like how it was one of the only lush environments for Uncharted 2's multiplayer, in Uncharted 3 it is now encased in a light coat of snow. It is largely symmetrical with a small tower situated in the middle, offering a fair game for both factions. Besides the small balconies on each side and the tower in the middle, there exists a small underground tunnel that stretches beneath near enough the entire map; it offers a somewhat more secluded means of travel, but such a prospectus opportunity creates a wild juxtaposition as players sometimes swarm within.
  • Temple - Trading in the outdoor environments, The Temple is predictably situated within a large temple. It is designed fairly similarly all the same, with two opposing symmetrical entrances for the factions, but this time with two centred battlegrounds. One on a lower level, the other higher, they are both attached to the hallways that each faction gains access to as the match begins and gives the player the choice for which battleground they will storm first. There also small segues to possibly hide in, and the remains of what looks like an upper-balcony residing in the middle of both battlegrounds, giving a solid survey over most of the map.
  • Train Wreck - Much like The Cave, the Train Wreck was once almost entirely encased in snow, only now is it stricken by the heat and encompassing sand of a desert. The map is mostly played on a single level, but is littered with derelict trains that make good use for hiding. There are bits and pieces of small cover littered all over, however The Train Wreck is second to The Plaza for being the most open map of the lot. Because of the stark change in weather, there is no longer a blizzard here to cover up the player's vision.
  • The Village - Another that has carried on from Uncharted 2, the village is still one of smallest maps of the lot. Encompassing Tenzin's own village, it is shown is disarray as it was sieged by Zoran Lazarevic during Uncharted 2. The map itself features a small number of enclosed huts, with their low-height rooftops accessible to players for some higher ground. Most of the fighting will be fought on equal ground as the map is fairly flat overall; a lot of close-quarters gun-play and flanking to be had. After so long, a tank will eventually barge out of a wall outside of the map and storm its way through the map, attacking anyone its heavy machine-gun can catch. It cannot be destroyed and should be avoided at all costs as it makes its route. However, in Uncharted 3 there is no prize RPG to be claimed from the wall it crashes through.
  • Plaza - Another that originated from Uncharted 2, The Plaza still stands as one the most open of all the available maps. Now set during the day rather than night, it features a huge open battleground based within the middle, separated by a symmetrical make-shift base-of-sorts for both factions with a busted tower in the middle featuring a ruptured floor for players to potentially hide. Broken down buildings offer up plenty of sniping opportunities and the large open-space that permeates the map offers up a non-stop stream of gun-battles.
  • Old Quarter -
  • London Streets -
  • Oasis -
  • Graveyard -

Character Skins


  • Nathan Drake
  • Subway Drake (Nathan Drake but with his outfit matching the colours of the Subway logo; could only be attained via a Subway code during the October Subway Beta)
  • Suited Drake
  • Desert Drake
  • Doughnut Drake
  • Victor Sullivan
  • Suited Sullivan
  • Young Sullivan
  • Chloe Frazer
  • Charlie Cutter
  • Elena Fisher
  • Salim
  • Marco Polo (skeleton)
  • Francis Drake (skeleton)
  • Custom Hero (A generic NPC that can be customised considerably more than the character skins)


  • Katherine Marlowe
  • Suited Marlowe
  • Young Marlowe
  • Talbot
  • Desert Talbot
  • Donut Talbot (acquired after reaching Legacy rank 3)
  • Ramses
  • Dead Agent
  • Skelzor (skeleton)
  • Genghis Khan (skeleton)
  • Custom Villain (A generic NPC that can be customised considerably more than the character skins)

DLC Heroes:

  • Uncharted 2 Drake
  • Uncharted: Drakes Fortune Drake
  • Winter Drake
  • Wetsuit Drake
  • Donut Sullivan
  • Doughnut Cutter
  • Doughnut Salim
  • Uncharted 2 Elena
  • Uncharted: Drakes Fortune Elena
  • Winter Elena
  • Uncharted 2 Chloe
  • Winter Chloe
  • Cameraman Jeff
  • Tenzin
  • Karl Schaefer
  • Ali
  • Farraj
  • Daud

DLC Villains:

  • Harry Flynn
  • Gabriel Roman
  • Atoq Navarro
  • Eddy Raja
  • Doughnut Eddy
  • Zoran Lazarevic
  • Doughnut Lazarevic
  • Doughnut Ramses
  • Lieutenant Draza
  • Dragan
  • Prakoso
  • Sark
  • Tetram
  • Vodnik
  • Lovak
  • Agent 13
  • Agent 44
  • Agent 99
  • Tommy
  • Ron
  • Mickey
  • Winston
  • Remi
  • Desert Agent 14
  • Desert Agent 44
  • Desert Agent 99
  • Undead Explorer

Competitive Weapon Load Outs and MODS

Continuing it's growing trend of customization, Uncharted 3 also allows the player to head in with the choice across a small selection of weapons. You are allowed up to four load outs, which you can customize with an assortment of weapons, weapon MODS, your specified Boosters & Kickbacks and can even rename. Like Uncharted 2, you are only allowed to carry two weapons at a time; a primary weapon and a sidearm.

Primary Weapons (Long guns)


Fully automatic.


  • Call Out (Targeting an enemy player will make their name tag visible to your team)
  • Increased Reload Speed
  • Increased Scope Zoom
  • Increased Maximum Ammo
  • Increased Clip Size
  • Increased Blindfire Accuracy
  • Increased Accuracy


Three-round burst.


  • Increased Blindfire Accuracy
  • Increased Reload Speed
  • Call Out
  • Increased Maximum Ammo
  • Increased Clip Size
  • Increased Accuracy

Dragon Sniper

Sniper Rifle.


  • Call Out
  • Increased Reload Speed
  • Increased Maximum Ammo
  • Increased Clip Size


Fully automatic.


  • Call Out
  • Increased Scope Zoom
  • Increased Maximum Ammo
  • Increased Reload Speed
  • Increased Clip Size
  • Increased Blindfire Accuracy
  • Increased Rate of Fire


Fully Automatic.


  • Call Out
  • Increased Scope Zoom
  • Increased Maximum Ammo
  • Increased Reload Speed
  • Increased Clip Size
  • Increased Blindfire Accuracy
  • Increased Rate of Fire



  • Call Out
  • Increased Reload Speed
  • Increased Blindfire Accuracy
  • Increased Clip Size
  • Increased Maximum Ammo
  • Increased Accuracy

Secondary Weapons (Pistols)

Para 9


  • Increased Clip Size
  • Increased Reload Speed
  • Increased Blindfire Accuracy
  • Increased Accuracy

Arm Micro Pistol


  • Decreased Reload Speed
  • Increased Clip Size
  • Increased Blindfire Accuracy
  • Increased Rate of Fire

Raffica Pistol


  • Increased Reload Speed
  • Increased Blindfire Accuracy
  • Increased Clip Size
  • Increased Accuracy

Tau Sniper


  • Increased Reload Speed
  • Call Out
  • Increased Rate of Fire

Unique Weapons

Players can unlock unique, character-branded weapons by collecting a complete treasure set. Certain treasures can only be found in specific multiplayer modes. Unique weapons have 2 to 3 weapon MODs assigned to them.

Unique Primary Weapons

Jade AK

Unlock requirement: purchasable at Rank 65


  • Increased Blindfire Accuracy
  • Increased Maximum Ammo

Eddy's AK

Unlock requirement: Complete the Alexandria Treasure set (found in Hardcore mode)


  • Increased Clip Size
  • Increased Scope Zoom
  • Call Out

Drake's AK

Unlock requirement: Complete the End of Death Treasure set (found in Three Team Deathmatch) or via Subway Code


  • Increased Accuracy
  • Increased Reload Speed

Navarro's AK

Unlock requirement: Complete Mortician's Curse Treasure set (found in Free-for-all mode)


  • Increased Reload Speed
  • Increased Maximum Ammo

Pirate AK

Unlock requirement: Collector's Edition Voucher

  • Increased Clip Size
  • Increased Maximum Ammo

Jade M9

Unlock requirement: Purchasable at Rank 75


  • Increased Clip Size
  • Increased Reload Speed

Marlowe's M9

Unlock requirement: Complete Philosopher's Memory Treasure set (found in Team Deathmatch mode)


  • Increased Reload Speed.
  • Increased Maximum Ammunition.

Flynn's M9

Unlock requirement: Complete Priceless Incan Figurines Treasure set (found in Plunder mode)


  • Increased Reload Speed
  • Increased Maximum Ammo

Chloe's M9

Unlock requirement: Complete Priceless Beads Treasure set (found in Free-for-all)


  • Increased Scope Zoom
  • Increased Reload Speed
  • Call Out

Roman's G-MAL

Unlock requirement: Complete Priceless Incan Treasure set (found in Hardcore mode)


  • Call Out
  • Increased Reload Speed

Elena's G-MAL

Unlock requirement: Complete Lord of Obstacles Treasure set (found in Team Objective mode)


  • Increased Clip Size
  • Increased Reload Speed
  • Increased Accuracy

Flynn's G-MAL

Unlock requirement: Complete Eerie Ritual Treasure set (found in Three Team Deathmatch mode)


  • Increased Clip Size
  • Increased Maximum Ammunition

Draza's Dragon

Unlock requirement: Complete Gold Death Treasure set (found in Three Team Deathmatch mode)


  • Increased Clip Size
  • Increased Reload Speed

Sully's Dragon

Unlock requirement: Complete Lost Sanxingdui Treasure set (found in Plunder mode)


  • Increased Maximum Ammo
  • Call Out

Lazarevic's KAL-7

Unlock requirement: Complete Supreme Wrath treasure set (found in Plunder mode)


  • Increased Blindfire Accuracy
  • Increased Maximum Ammo

Rameses' KAL-7

Unlock requirement: Complete Hunting Pack Treasure set (found in Team Deathmatch mode)


  • Increased Clip Size
  • Increased Reload Speed

Cutter's KAL-7

Unlock requirement: Complete Jade Sanxingdui Treasure set (found in Team Objective mode)


  • Increased Scope Zoom
  • Increased Reload Speed
  • Call Out

Eddy's FAL-SS

Unlock requirement: Complete Delicate Pendants Treasure set (found in Free-for-all mode)


  • Increased Clip Size
  • Increased Maximum Ammo

Talbot's FAL-SS

Unlock requirement: Complete Mythology Treasure set (found in Hardcore mode)


  • Increased Clip Size
  • Increased Maximum Ammo

Lazarevic's FAL-SS

Unlock requirement: Complete Jade Mothers Treasure set (found in Team Deathmatch mode)


  • Increased Blindfire Accuracy
  • Increased Reload Speed

Unique Secondary Weapon

Jade Para 9

Unlock requirement: Purchasable at Rank 56


  • Increased Blindfire Accuracy
  • Increased Reload Speed

Drake's Para 9

Unlock requirement: Complete Gold Weapons Treasure set (found in Team Deathmatch mode)


  • Increased Clip Size
  • Increased Reload Speed

Marlowe's Para 9

Unlock requirement: Complete Aristocrat's Vice Treasure set (found in Hardcore mode)


  • Increased Clip Size
  • Call Out

Talbot's Arm Micro

Unlock requirement: Complete Lapis Lazuli Sanxingdui Treasure set (found in Team Objective mode)


  • Increased Clip Size
  • Increased Reload Speed

Sully's Arm Micro

Unlock requirement: Complete Spanish Coins treasure set (found in Three Team Deathmatch mode)


  • Call Out
  • Increased Reload Speed

Rameses' Raffica

Unlock requirement: Complete Gold Earrings Treasure set (found in Plunder mode)


  • Increased Clip Size
  • Increased Reload Speed

Elena's Raffica

Unlock requirement: Complete Gold Rings Treasure set (found in Free-for-all mode)


  • Increased Blindfire Accuracy
  • Increased Reload Speed

Chloe's Tau Sniper

Unlock requirement: Complete Nine Jewel Treasure set (found in Team Objective mode)


  • Increased Reload Speed
  • Call Out

Power Weapons

These extremely powerful weapons are scattered throughout the multiplayer maps. They periodically respawn. To balance their killing potential, power weapons have very limited ammunition or slow the player's movement speed. Some are obtainable using medal kickbacks.

Mag 5

Powerful, accurate magnum pistol.


Double-barrel pistol-handgun. Can fire it's 2 shells in rapid succession for an up-close instant kill.


Heavy, fully automatic machine gun with a huge clip. The PAK-80 slows player movement speed while equipped and players cannot climb.

T-Bolt Sniper

Very long range, one-hit kill sniper rifle. Bolt-action, so there is a long reload time between each shot.


Powerful shotgun. At close range, a single shot is fatal.

Sawed-Off Shotgun

Double-barrel shotgun. Shoot dudes in the face.


Kills those very close to the explosion. Enemies around the rocket explosion may be stunned.

M-32 Hammer

Direct hits or splash damage will stun enemies. A second shot will finish anyone off.

Competitive Multiplayer Boosters & Kickbacks

Creepy Crawler Kickback in action
Creepy Crawler Kickback in action

First introduced in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Multiplayer, Boosters are essentially the Perks of the Uncharted universe featured in the multiplayer package. They supplement a large variable of bonuses for all kinds of elements of the multiplayer, be it accuracy, becoming harder to detect, lessening the time it takes to respawn and so on. Only two can be equipped at a time, and boosters are separated between those two slots with some exclusive to one slot and some to the other. There are also two unique booster menus, one for competitive and the other for cooperative; most of the boosters are duplicates from one type to the other, though there do persist a few exclusives. If the player also purchases a booster in competitive, and it is found to be available in cooperative, the player must still purchase it again to use it in cooperative.

The amount of boosters increases as players go up the ranks, with more lucrative and helpful boosters residing behind the highest of ranks. Most boosters can be leveled to a maximum level 3, or Gold status, increasing their overall effects and/or adding others by earning Medals. Medals are awarded to players for many specific actions during matches, such as killing a certain amount of enemies, kill streaks, staying in cover for a period of time, surviving grenade explosions and so on.

Kickbacks are special abilities that are made available when a certain amount of medals have been attained within the match. The amount of medals required varies with the more effective and colorful abilities requiring the most. Like the boosters, there are separate Kickbacks per competitive and cooperative, and purchasing a specific Kickback in one type won't unlock it in the other. Only one Kickback can be equipped at a time.

Competitive Boosters Slot One

Booster Title


Medals Required to Level Up

Come Here
  • Level 1: See the enemy who killed you if their within a short distance until they die
  • Level 2: Increases the sight distance
  • Level 3: Increases the sight distance significantly
Retaliation - Kill the last player that killed you.
Let Me See
  • Level 1: After 2 consecutive deaths you see all opponents for a short time
  • Level 2: Increased sight duration
  • Level 3: Significantly increased sight duration
Avenger - Kill an enemy that just killed a teammate.
Fleet Foot
  • Level 1: Move faster while aiming.
  • Level 2: Increased move speed while aiming
  • Level 3: Significantly increased move speed while aiming
Commando - Kill three enemies by using any long gun or long guns in a single competitive game.
  • Level 1: Decrease sprint recovery time
  • Level 2: Level 1 + and increased sprint duration
  • Level 3: Level 2 + and sprint recovery time is decreased further
Sunday Stroll - Run more than a thousand meters during a competitive match.
  • Level 1: Opponents will not see your player arrow and you are harder to hear.
  • Level 2: You become even more difficult to hear.
  • Level 3: You make no sound while moving and also become immune to disruption (medal kickback)
Assassin - Kill three enemies using stealth.
Weapon Expert
  • Level 1: Add one additional MOD slot to all pistols.
  • Level 2: Level 1 + quickly swap between pistol and long gun
  • Level 3: Level 2 + add one addition MOD slot to all long guns
Gunslinger - Kill three enemies using any pistol or pistols in a single competitive game.
Explosive Expert
  • Level 1: Start every match with an additional grenade slot.
  • Level 2: Level 1 + spawn with an additional grenade when killed by one.
  • Level 3: Level 2 + Start every match with two additional grenade slots.
Frag 'em - Get 3 kills with grenades.
Booty Buddy
  • Share what is found in chests with your buddy.
Sugar Buddy
  • Receive a quarter of the cash your buddy does.
Thanks Buddy
  • Get a medal for every 3 your buddy does.
Explosive Shell Expert
  • Level 1: Increase M32-Hammer ammo by one.
  • Level 2: Level 1 + Increased RPG-7 ammo by 1
  • Level 3: Level 2 + amount of additional M32-Hammer ammo increased to 2
  • Level 1: Recover from wounds faster.
  • Level 2: Recovery speed is increased.
  • Level 3: Recovery speed is increased significantly.
Lucky - Survive and fully heal from 2 grenade explosions.
Beast Mode
  • Level 1: Move faster with heavy objects.
  • Level 2: Increased move speed with heavy objects.Level 3: Significantly increased move speed with heavy objects.
Captured - Your team captures the idol.
Scoped in
  • Level 1: Reduced pain wobble while scoped in.
  • Level 2: Pain wobble is reduced further.
  • Level 3: No pain wobble when scoped in.
The Long Ranger - Kill three enemies from at least seventy meters away.

Competitive Boosters Slot Two

Booster Title

DescriptionMedals Required to Level Up
Power Hunter
  • Level 1: See the location of power weapons within a short distance.
  • Level 2: Increased sight distance.
  • Level 3: Significantly increased sight distance.
Power Killer - Get three kills with power weapons.
  • Level 1: Taunt over an opponents body to receive a clip of ammo.
  • Level 2: Level 1 + you also receive a grenade.
  • Level 3: Level 2 + the amount of ammo you receive is increased to 2
In Your Face - Taunt five enemies that you killed.
Back in The Saddle
  • Level 1: Respawn time reduced by 2 seconds.
  • Level 2: Respawn time is reduced by 3 seconds.
  • Level 3: Respawn time is reduced by 4 seconds.
Three Medal Pickup - Open a treasure chest.
  • Level 1: Reduce medal kickback cost by 1.
  • Level 2: Level 1 + always show the color gold when activated a kickback.
  • Level 3: Level 2 + decrease medal kickback cost by 2
Three Kickback King - Activiate a Medal Kickback 3 times.
  • Level 1: You receive more money from medals.
  • Level 2: The money received is increased.
  • Level 3: The money received is increased significantly.
Expansionist - Capture five territories.
Treasure Hunter
  • Level 1: You have a better chance to receive treasures from chests.
  • Level 2: The chance to receive a treasure is increased.
  • Level 3: The chance to receive a treasure is increased significantly.
Acquisitions - Retrieve 3 treasures in a match.
Ammo Award
  • Level 1: Receive additional ammunition for every Commando (get 3 long gun kills) or Gunslinger (3 pistol kills) medal.
  • Level 2: The ammo you receive is increased.
  • Level 3: The ammo you receive is increased significantly.
Streak - Kill five enemies without being killed.
Team Safe
  • Level 1: Explosives do not knock you down and teammates only receive 1/2 damage from your explosives.
  • Level 2: Level 1 + Teammates receive no damage from your explosives.
  • Level 3: Level 2 + Teammates do not get knocked down by your explosives.
High Five - High five a teammate who you assisted or assisted you with a kill
Kickback Endurance
  • Level 1: Increase medal kickback duration by a short length of time.
  • Level 2: The amount of time added is increased.
  • Level 3: The amount of time added is increased significantly.
Three Kickback King - Use three medal kickbacks in game.
  • Level 1: Drop live grenade upon death if you have one available.
  • Level 2: Always drop a live grenade upon death.
  • Level 3: Level 2 + drop an active Medal Kickback grenade if one is available.
Afterlife - Kill an opponent after you yourself have been killed.
Monkey Man
  • Level 1: Move faster while climbing.
  • Level 2: Climb speed is increased.
  • Level 3: Climb speed is increased significantly.
Pull Down - Pull en enemy of a ledge.
Explosive Buddy
  • Receive a grenade for each of your buddy's explosive kills.
For My Buddy
  • See the location of the player that killed your partner until they die.
Stealth Buddy
  • Fill your medal kickback when your buddy gets a stealth kill.

Competitive Secret Third Boosters

The developers at Naughty Dog added in a special-secret Third Booster that can only be unlocked by using a combination of a story hero and villain with their specialty character weapons. Using this combination gives a benefit of a third booster. There is no sign that these boosters have been active, but at the beginning of a com