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Firewatch / PlayStation 4
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Campo Santo




Firewatch is the debut title from the independent studio Campo Santo. It officially began development in January of 2014 and is released on PC, Mac, Linux and Playstation 4 in February 2016. The game is a story-based first-person exploration title.


Firewatch takes place in the summer following the Yellowstone fires of 1988. The player character is a middle-aged man named Henry, who has taken a job as a fire lookout in Shoshone National Forest in Wyoming. He is assigned to the Two Forks watchtower for the whole summer, away from most of human civilisation. His wife Julia is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, and it is implied that Henry took the job to escape the difficulties of maintaining his relationship with her.

Henry's only point of contact is a walkie-talkie to his supervisor Delilah, who is assigned to another nearby watchtower. She is a veteran fire lookout who coordinates the other lookouts in the area. She is the one who trains and gives tasks for Henry throughout the game. She has a somewhat cavalier attitude towards professionalism, as is demonstrated in her drunk self-introduction to Henry in the middle of the night as he arrives to his tower. Through conversations over the walkie-talkie, Henry and Delilah develops an unlikely friendship that grew surprisingly naturally.

As the summer progresses, Henry slowly learns of the dangers and mysteries of the wilderness. Tales of other lookouts and forest visitors surface, as he carries out his day-to-day tasks and enjoys outdoor diversions. Despite taking the job to get away from human civilisation, he also finds out that he is not alone in the forest after all. Someone has been following him ever since he got to his tower, and he is the only person who can uncover the mystery.