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Killzone: Shadow Fall

Killzone: Shadow Fall / PlayStation 4
editor score 8
user score 7.5
Release Date



First-Person Shooter




Guerrilla Games


Sony Computer Entertainment America

  1. Kengofu


    on 11/1/14
    Score 7.0

    High octane shooter that demonstrates the PlayStation 4's graphical prowess and the DualShock4's touchpad value. Though it is a pretty game, control is clunky, it's unapologetic in difficulty, the campaign just appears to be a random mess devoid of any real storytelling, and the over-all end product feels rushed. However, its design oversights, no matter how vast, cannot take away from it's true area of dominance: multiplayer.

  2. L.J.Blaze


    on 14/2/14
    Score 6.9

    Killzone SF is a decent shooter for a launch title. The graphics are great, the multiplayer is good but the story is just ok.

  3. Dahak


    on 22/2/14
    Score 2.3

    It really clear this title was rushed for the ps4's release date because it missed a critical component like voice chat that they are just now implementing.They basically said take our half finished game and enjoy.I really made a mistake choosing this over battlefield 4.

    Online is boring because every match turns in a spawn trapping mess it apparent the online part is dead because of the numbers you sell millions of copies but only have a couple hundred of people online.

  4. Dgunz


    on 20/3/14
    Score 8.2

    to me its fresh away from c.o.d well balance and the graphic little better then the last one

  5. Brokengamezhd


    on 27/5/14
    Score 7.0

    Great Multiplayer. Story is average. Beautiful Graphics

  6. nurfhurder


    on 20/2/15
    Score 7.0

    i had a pretty good time with this game. the game play was much better than i remember past killzones being and the graphics and absolutely gorgeous. i thought the story was good and found the ending to be both surprising and quite satisfying. it actually left me looking for to a sequel. i hope they do the campaign more along the lines of killzone mercenary which i am enjoying quite a bit more than this one. still, if you have a ps4 and are looking for something to justify the purchase, you could do worse than this.