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Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect / PlayStation 4
editor score 6.4
user score 6.4
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Airtight Games


Square Enix


In the story of Murdered: Soul Suspect, Ronan O’Connor, an ex-detective, is murdered by an unknown enemy. Now as a ghost, O'Connor must use his supernatural abilities to solve his own murder and finally bring his soul peace.

The game was revealed via a cryptic ARG, leading recipients of certain PR e-mails to a teaser site that required the entry of the password "Roman" which lead to a download of a first teaser screenshot showing the scene and victim of a murder. The teaser site revealed PS3, Xbox 360 and PC as the targeted platforms. In February 2014, Square Enix announced PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game as well as a planned release for June 2014.

Salem Witch Trials?

A week after the initial tease the official Twitter for the game tweeted "Evidence: Salem MA USA". When entering the password "salemmausa" into the teaser website, a MP3 file playing the sound of glass breaking followed by a loud thump could be heard. The sound file lined up with the initial teaser image of a person lying, presumably, dead next to broken pieces of glass.

In 1692, Salem Massachusetts went through a witch hunt known widely as the Salem Witch Trials. It's speculated that the game will take place in that time period, or at least in or around Salem.

First Teaser Trailer

On February 19th 2013 the first teaser trailer for the game was shown, ending with the tagline 'The hardest murder to solve is your own'. It featured a narrator with a gritty voice, presenting a scene where a man draws a gun while falling through broken glass (a window?). A shadowy, hooded figure is also seen pointing a gun. The game also hints paranormal activity, which is presented with a ghost-like figure walking straight through the narrator / protagonist.

No release date was revealed in the teaser.

Shortly after the trailer was released Square Enix announced that the game is scheduled for release in 'early 2014'. Planned platforms are PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, and Square Enix have not commented on plans for a next-gen release.