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Stealth Inc: Ultimate Edition

Stealth Inc: Ultimate Edition / PlayStation 4
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Action & Adventure


Curve Digital


Curve Digital

Stealth Inc is a fast-paced stealth platformer featuring brutal hazards, ruthless enemies, fiendish puzzles and red pixels galore. Jump, sneak, and be chunked through 120 unique levels.


This Ultimate Edition of the game includes the eighty levels from the original game and forty additional levels from The Teleporter Chambers and The Lost Clones expansions. The new levels are designed to challenge even the smartest, quickest clones and come with their own unique trophies.


Armed with only your wits and a pair of top of the range Stealthing Goggles, it's your job to sneak your way through a deadly facility. With no weapons and no armour, being seen means instant death.


Stay out of the light to avoid the attention of deadly security robots! Leap like a lusty salmon to avoid those zap-happy lasers! Once you've defeated these deadly chambers (or they've defeated you), create your own fiendish death-rooms in Stealth Inc's fully-featured level editor!