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In the Hunt

In the Hunt / Sega Saturn
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Shoot 'Em Up


Irem Corp.


Kokopeli Digital Studios

First developed for arcades, and then ported to the Sega Saturn, Sony Playstation and Windows PC, In the Hunt follows the story of a rebel force, piloting newly developed submarines, trying to strike back at the Dark Anarchy Society for the destruction of the planet using a doomsday weapon which melted the polar ice caps, thus flooding most of the world.


Gameplay consisted mainly of 2 elements:

  • Air combat
  • Water combat (level combat & enemies lower/higher than the player ie underwater mines)

Air combat involved the player heading to the surface and launching 1 of three projectiles, machine gun fire, homing missiles, or the default missiles. Aircombat did not exclusivly consist of destroying enemies in the air but enemies that were on the ground such as trains and bulldozers. It was often necessary of the player to destroy targets preparing to come into the water such as amphibious mechs in order to avoid having to tackle the challenge underwater where space is more confined.

Water combat invovled the player shooting torpedoes at enemies at the same level as the player. This normally consisted of bosses or other submarines. There were also enemies that were placed under the player such as underwater SAM sites and

mines. In order to dispose of such enemies, depth charges could be launched that were slow but highly effective. Lastly, if the player happened to be under an enemy, they could chose to either go to the level of the enemy or launch explosive balloons.

Power Ups and Items

Treasure ball: Collect around 100 of these to obtain a extra sub.

Large Treasure: These will give 5 stars instead of one and they will always be floating beneath the surface.

Item Carriers: As their name slightly implys they will have new weapons for the player to obtain if blow up. They will have the items as listed below

  1. Special: Only in PlayStation mode will this item show up. It gives a force field that'll let the submarine get by without a scratch.
  2. Missile: It will cycle from A to M. (from floating mine to missile to floating mine. "M" at water surface equals a tracking missile. "M" in the water equals a normal missile "A" at the water surface equals a machine gun. "A" in the water equals a floating mine.
  3. Torpedo: When it appears it cycles between green, blue, and red. Green= Hyper Torpedo Blue =Supersonic Torpedo Red= Cracker

Enemy vessels

Fighter Plane: Flies at high speeds and drops bombs on a submarine.

Small Helicopter: Flies just as fast as the Fighter plane and even has a Vulcan gun.

Underwater Scout: It's only purpose is to fire torpedo's at a submarine.

Walker: Prepare to be bombarded with a ton of missiles when this robot appears.

Underwater Artillery battery: If you get close it'll fire on the sub with no mercy.

Submarine: Standard underwater attack sub and it's armed with torpedoes ready to fire.

Guided Mine: Will lock on quickly to a sub and it will chase the submarine down.

Mooring Mine: If a enemy barely gets to close it will blow them up and whoever else might be nearby.

Ice Beam: Will freeze all within range.

Mission Stages

The South Pole: Begin a journey beneath the cold waters of the south pole. Be prepared for the counter offensive of the D.A.S. submarine fleet.

The Channel: After taking out the submarine defenders our brave heroes make their way into the enemy dockyard. Get past them all to take out their ability to manufacture and deliver armaments.

Sealed Ruins: They are getting close but a mad guardian awaits within these waters. At least that is what the rumors say but no matter what they can handle this mission easily.

Sunken Town: Once you make it out of the ruins our heroes see our glorious city in ruins. Not much is left but this is apparently the testing ground of the latest attack submarines so be careful.

Deep Dark Sea: The final line of defense is not man made. A natural disaster in the form of a underwater inferno shall stop you at every turn. Be brave and push onward for final victory.

Enemy Base: What awaits in the enemy base shall forever haunt them. Test your skills in this final assault to save the world. Good Luck!