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Iron Storm

Iron Storm / Sega Saturn
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World War II


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General Information:

Iron Storm was a game developed by Working Designs for the Sega Saturn and was released in 1996. The game allows the player to take command of a specific army (be it Allied or Axis) and compete against an AI or human component. In addition, there is a campaign mode where the player can compete against the AI in major battles that took place during WWII. However, if the player chooses either Germany or Japan and succeeds then a fictional path can be taken. For example, if the player chooses Germany and wins the Battle of Britain, then the player can eventually invade the United States.

Iron Storm is, for the most part, historically accurate. The units of each faction are accurate, however, if the player succeeds with factions that historically lost strategic battles in WWII, then the game takes a fictitious path.


Iron Storm is a real time strategy game that makes use of a hexagon-grid in order to track player progression during matches. The map itself is static, but the player can choose whether he or she wishes to view a 3-dimensional animation of each skirmish between units. Different units can travel different distances over select terrain. Tanks and other land-based vehicles are limited to land, while troops can traverse both land and rivers. Unlike land-based units, planes can traverse the map with no hindrance from water or land, however, bad weather (such as rain or foggy weather) prevents planes from flying large distances and also prevents bombers from dropping bombs on specified targets. All vehicles are limited by fuel. They can replenish their fuel reserves by calling a supply truck or by returning to a base.