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Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2

Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2 / Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Konami Corporation


Konami Corporation


Unlike Sparkster for the Super Nintendo, Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2 is a direct sequel to the original Rocket Knight Adventures that appeared on the Sega Genesis. It was released under the name Sparkster in the US, which further adds to the confusion when referring to both versions.


The kingdom of Zephyrus is once again under attack, this time from King Gedol of the Gedol Empire. Like déjà vu, Sparkster's rival Axel Gear is dispatched once again, this time kidnapping Princess Cherry, whom is Princess Sherry's cousin. Rocket back into action, rescue Cherry from the clutched of King Gedol, and liberate the Kingdom of Zephyrus once again.


Sparkster's gameplay is not unlike it's predecessor. Attack, Jump, and fly through one of the many 2D side-scrolling stages filled with enemies, hidden/alternate routes, platforms and the like.

Version Differences

In addition to being a direct story continuation of the original game, Rocket Knight Adventures 2 brings along with it evolved mechanics. The biggest change being the way you charge your rocket pack. In the original game (and Super Nintendo's Sparkster), you must charge your pack by holding down the attack button, then release when the bar is full for maximum propulsion. In Genesis Sparkster there is a dedicated boost button, and the pack charges automatically without holding it down. Because it charges while you're performing other actions, and is much faster, you can sustain flight in one of the games large free-roaming stages.

To obtain the True Ending of the game, Sparkster must collect 6 secret swords hidden within the levels, which will unlock Gold Sparkster. During the final encounter of the game, you will become Gold Sparkster in the same vain as Super Sonic from the Sonic The Hedgehog series...with the exception that you can sustain damage during this gold period. Failure to obtain the swords results in the bad ending of the game, simply telling you to "try again.".

As this is a continuation of the original game with different mechanics and goals in stages, the stages them self are also completely different from the Super Nintendo incarnation; making this an entirely fresh gameplay experience.