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The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang

The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang / Super Nintendo Entertainment System
editor score 7.2
user score 7.2
Release Date









Red Entertainment Corporation


Bullet-Proof Software, Inc.


Spike McFang is a linear adventure RPG For the SNES. Spike travels through the different cartoon-like isles of Vladamasco, using his cape , his hat (which can be upgraded) , and a deck of cards to save his world. Most of the game is spent in battle, collecting coins and experience, but there are a few moments in towns where you can upgrade your hat and buy new cards. There are few different hats to buy, and the cards are only nominally useful, with a few exceptions. Once you leave one section of the game, you can never return to it, but there is very little exploration to be done.

Weapons of Mass ... Weapons.*sigh*

You have two physical attacks which Include

Don't Get Dizzy!

The Cape Spin - Basic Attack in the game causing damage to enemies near you the more you press the attack button the more the character will spin, try not to spin too much or Spike will get dizzy.

Dude, Throwing Hats

Hat Throw - which allows you to cause your hat to float and soar towards the enemy dealing damage according to how many times the weapon hits the enemy when you buy a new hat the offense remains exactly the same as the old one but the way the hat is thrown changes. While your first hat you boomerang attack, the final hat in the game is a path clearing homing missile of pain that still makes me smile. By the way, the only method of increasing your offense and defense is to level up, but unlike most games, doing this doubles your stats instead of the usual three or four point bonus.

Cards: Spike can also use cards that he will receive from NPCs that run stores in the game, these cards differ from restoring life in the form of Tomatoes as well as cans of tomato juice to Quake cards that rain stone fish from the sky and shaking the ground.

Japanese Version

Twisted Tales of Spike Mcfang is known as "Chou Makai Taisen! Dorabochan" (Super Deveil Wars! Dorabochan)

The Difference in versions are small, the most notable would be the scaling of difficulty, the game gets harder as Spike gains levels and his health does not regenerate. Another striking difference is that in order for the game to sell in North America the game was made more family friendly replacing Spikes hunger for the hearts of his enemies by turning them into adorable garlic clovers and giving spike a thirst for tomatoes and tomato juice.